My New Book: Why I wrote Expanding into Love

Expanding into Love bookIf you’re new to the blog, you probably haven’t heard about my new book and might want to learn about it here:

If you’re not new and have read some of my work in the past, you may be wondering why I wrote this book and what might be in it that is new.

It’s a fair question because the main thread running through all my books has been Radical Forgiveness—with Radical Manifestation coming along later on.  Even though there is a great deal that is new and exciting in this book, you will recognize a core philosophy that remains largely unchanged, even though I have broadened it out to include other Radical Living strategies besides Radical Forgiveness.  The methodology that makes it work on a practical level, now known as “the Tipping Method,” is also just as relevant and useful as ever, and you will find in this book a great deal of practical wisdom about how to create conscious relationships that work.

But in addition to all that, I wrote it because I was, and still am, very excited about the prospect of the great shift in consciousness, which I believe has begun already, finding its full expression in the very near future.   I wanted to write a book that would assist in its unfolding and would prepare people to be a part of making it happen with ease and grace.  In this book, I explore what kind of Radical Living lifestyle we can develop now where we really begin to live the new paradigm, even before it has reached critical mass.

So, if you have not already ordered your prelaunch copy, and sent in what you want inscribed in the front of the book, go to and order today.

One thought on “My New Book: Why I wrote Expanding into Love

  1. Linda

    Dear Colin,

    I really love your messages and your Radical Forgiveness books.
    Since I read them, life became much easier for me.
    I bought the books (Radical forgiveness and Radical Self forgiveness) and after reading them, I bought more of them to pass them to other people.
    Just like you, I do believe that it can be life- and world changing.

    Because I live in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium (and also for the people from the Netherlands), it would be great if your new book would be translated in Dutch.
    I certainly know there are a lot of people looking forward to it!

    With love,

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