My Ass is No Longer on the Line

Ass_On_The_LineMy Ass is No Longer on the Line

I had a meeting with the surgeon Tuesday, the 2nd. Things look pretty good. As you know if you read my last e-mail, the big worry was that the tumor was too near the anal sphincter muscle. It was, therefore, likely they would have to take that away and give me a colostomy bag. No thank you!

Well, they measured it and felt confident that they can do it without having to do the colostomy. My colonoscopy report said it was 5cm away. However, Tuesday it became clear that it was a good 8.5 cm away, which he says gives him plenty of space to cut and splice without threatening that valuable part of my anatomy. So that is a big relief. And, they are absolutely certain that the cancer is curable.  

However, the question in my mind now, was that just an error in measurement at the beginning? Or, did you guys cause the tumor to shift out of harm’s way through the combined energy force of your healing thoughts and loving energy? I believe it was the latter. It is so absolutely possible. We know that. So, please do keep up the good work.

I am having an MRI on Friday, and that will give us the stage. If it is a Stage1, then they will simply do the surgery. If it is a 2 or 3, then they will have to do some chemo and radiation beforehand to shrink it down.  

Given the time it takes to go through all of that, we are looking at a year from beginning to end. If it’s a stage 1, then it would be over in 2 or 3 months. So keep the energy coming before Friday if you can, and know that it is a Stage 1 or not even there at all. Bless you.

I had an extremely powerful healing session today with my friend and most trusted expert healer, George Poirier, one of the guys in my men’s group featured in our Wounded Healers book. As many of you know, because I asked for energy to be sent at this precise time, we commenced the process at exactly 12:20 Eastern time. That was the moment at which the moon was at its fullest. If you knew my astrological chart, you would understand why this was the best possible time to do it. There were many ways in which this timing was so right. 

Thank you to all those (over 100 of you) who e-mailed me back to say they would. I am sure there were many others of you who did it too, even though you did not email me to say you would. Thank you, too.

I was on the table for an hour and 15 mins, doing Satori breathwork and having George and JoAnn giving me the energy, pushing important meridian points, doing polarity therapy and cranial-sacral work on me. It was quite a journey. 

I have never experienced a breathwork session like this in all the years I have been doing it. My whole body was vibrating with the energy coming into me from all of you and all those angels and spirit guides who were there too. I’m thinking it is highly possible that with all that energy coming to me at least shrank the tumor from a 2 to a 1. We’ll see when we get the results of the MRI most likely on Monday.

It’s not my intention to keep going on and on about this, boring you with all the details. However, since so many of you have sent loving messages, I do feel it is important that I give you information at least up to the date when the way forward is clear. That will probably be next Tuesday. Then I’ll shut up about it.



P.S. As I had stated in my first post about this, I would ask that you not inundate me with all sorts of suggested healing strategies, recipes, diets, regimens, stories of miraculous cures, and so on.

There are so many things out there that I am sure are very good, but the choice is overwhelming. In any case, I have my own ideas of what to do, and I trust Spirit to lead me in the right direction. I am perfectly taken care of in that area, so I hope you will honor my request.

If you would like to send me light and love, you can by clicking this link to the comments section of this blog. It is not possible for me to answer everyone, but please know that I read them all.

187 thoughts on “My Ass is No Longer on the Line

  1. Heidy

    Dear Colin and Jo An,
    this are serious good news!
    I wish you could be this time in Switzerland. Yesterday I went at Wilerbad to the Yogaclasses. From the balcony I tought of you! The viuw over the lake with all this flowers in the eary summer is breath taking! So I sending you love from a polace who you know very well!

  2. Thomas

    All the best Colin, thank you for all the updates, I trust you will guided to take the right choices for your cure and that you believe in “your inner pilot” more than in any diagnosis ! Lots of Love !

  3. Bailey

    Your positive attitude and positive outcomes are an inspiration to us all, a type of healing for us as we offer you our love and beautiful how this works!

  4. Joan

    Holding you in love and light. All is in perfect and divine order. Thank you for Radical Forgiveness.

  5. Dawn

    Love, wholeness, joy, harmony, & abundance to you and your loved ones. Thank you for sharing this turmultuous journey and the example of positive focous with us!

  6. Angeline

    Thank you for giving us this loving opportunity to unite as strangers strengthened by love. It has been inspiring for me, and thrilling to get this update. Never before did 3 cm represent such a huge leap. Fabulous.

  7. Marta Drozdowska

    Sending healing love, light, endless gratitude and blessings to You.
    Thank you so much for Radical Forgivness and “saving my life”! Your method is the best thing which has happened to me and I thank for every ispiration, thought, person, situation and every breath of yours which led you to contribute so greatly to people’s trasformations. I say “thank you” for your health every single day and for more of your valuable work.
    “Face towards the perfect image of every organ, and the shadows of disease will never touch you”. (Robert Collier)

  8. Shelley

    May the Angels, Spirit Guides, and All who dwell within White Light, continue to sustain you, Colin! Blessed Be!

  9. Paula Martin

    I join with our many, many companions in sending the healing energy of love to you. Your healing is our healing. Thank you for your “work”, and for sharing you journey with such humor and enthusiasm. Much appreciated.

  10. Vikki

    Dear Colin,

    I’m so glad about the good news that the surgery will now be much less invasive.

    Love and Blessings,

    Vicki L. Johnson

  11. Cheryl from Australia

    Dear Colin, Thank you for sharing your heartening news. I have been part of your symphony of love and light since you sent out your request and continue to hold you in light and my prayers. Thank you for all your work and the healing opportunities you have offered us around the world. In love and light and deep respect and gratitude, Cheryl from Australia

  12. Dean Monroe


  13. Veronica

    Good news on shrinking! Knowing you are absolutely perfect, while and complete. The perfection of God is flowing through you and every single cell of your being is radiating with the Divine Blueprint of perfect health and healing.

    Blessings of love and light


  14. Sherry

    Dearest Colin, Sending you lots of LOVE and MEGA HUGS!!!! Love Always, Sherry Blades/Memphis

  15. Terri Metin

    May God Bless you and heal you from inside you and throughout your mind body and soul. May you feel His healing to each and every cell allowing you to experience relief and invite hope to your own being. May your thoughts prayers and intentions envelope you and generate the healing vibrations for you and those around you to keep you strong focused calm and radiating in positive healthy light. God Bless you!!

  16. Anne

    Well done Colin and long may the good news continue…..lots of love and blessings guaranteed xxxxx

  17. Gina

    … LOVE …
    “And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.”
    “Your faith hath made thee whole.”
    … You are Love(d) …

  18. Maria del Pilar Gómez Vallejo

    Hope everything will be ok. You are in my prays and relaxation energy sessions.
    The universe bless you and allow you recovery your health.

  19. Linda Simons

    I had no idea that you had cancer, but I did just send you a wave of Reiki healing. Hope it helps and that your prognosis continues to be positive.

  20. Patrizia

    I had a situation similar to yours in november 2014, I took it as a lesson from life and all treatment went well. I will pray for you and include you in my thoughts. I would say that this a blessing from life and god!

  21. Ayana Mishelle Hendricks

    You have my prayers and affirmative love for your healing already done. Please give Joanna a hug for me.
    your Spiritual daughter,

  22. Rosalie

    I am sure that you will overcome your cancer. It is very good that you are going to have a healing session with a healer. I am sure that it will benefit you greatly.
    I have enjoyed all your emails on radical forgiveness & at present I am reading your book on radical self-forgiveness.
    You are an inspiration. Keep up your great work. GOD BLESS YOU & wishing you 100% percent healing so you can keep up your important work. -Love & Peace, Rosalie

  23. Joyce Olive

    Aloha dwar Colin – gotta LOVE the way the Universe sings its song through us! May the Love & Light that poured through you today continue to flow.. thanks for letting me join in the HEALING.. Namaste’ dear Friends Joyous mostly a lover..

  24. Gudrun Paulus

    Dear Colin …and JoAnn,

    just want to let you know …. like many thousands …. I join in the moon healing meditation …. it was very powerfull ….
    I let the candles shine through the night …. and guess what …. in the morning I recgnized some dark … black little crumbles on the window sill ….inside …. no idea where it came from ….
    my first thought … it desolved … into the light…. ;-))

    love and light to you botrh
    from Gudrun in Germany

  25. Jean-Marie Falcone

    We met in Milton Keynes in July last year.

    Gillian, my partner, and myself, are praying for you.

    Peace be with you,

    Jean-Marie Falcone and Gillian Turnham

  26. Tom Stephens

    Colin: my wife of 30 years died of cancer in 2012, after a 13 month battle. After her death, I spent many hours in “automatic writing” sessions with her, and in one startling revelation, in response to my thanking her for her courage to take on the cancer challenge during this life, she said – “I did it as much for you as for myself”. Needless to say, it was a perspective that I had not even considered, but so very relevant.

    Stay positive.

  27. Miera Robin Gans

    its ahhhmazing how often you come and go into my awareness and I consciously send energy your way each and every time ….and I am blessed each time <3 as it reminds me of being in my 20's and meeting you for the fist time with the CENTER FOR NEW BEGINNINGS…which just seem to remind me of all the beginnings from then til now….BLESS YOU and your willingness to SHARE THE LOVE

  28. Ivonne Teoh

    Please tell Colin that I was thinking about him and sending him love.
    He is a good man and we need him!

  29. Katherine T Owen

    You are not boring us in the slightest. Please let us know how it goes.
    I will continue the slightly unusual – for me – practice of sending loving thoughts to your ass
    Here’s to a great result.

  30. Christine H.

    I am happy for your update that your healing is going in the right direction. I am sending love and light to your ancestors that they relieve you of the burden of any emotional resonance you carry on their behalf.
    My greatest wish is for you to have the shortest and most painless recovery possible.

    Love, Light and Gratitude

  31. Cynthia Kersey

    So happy to hear this news!!! Seeing you perfectly whole, healthy and with everything in tact. 🙂

    Missing you!

  32. Rev Rio

    Such wonderful news Colin! Happy to hear they can do the surgery for you without a colostomy.
    I just had an EGD myself on Monday and they took polyps and are doing biopsy on them for cancer, so I understand, and what I do know is that the power of prayer and the power of Angels heals! Both for you, and for me.
    Oh, I am also on my third go around of 21 days to forgiving my partner. Only a little bit of residual stuff left, so I am sure that that will also help! Your work is powerful and I am so grateful for you!
    Much love and light and still continuing the healing prayers in your direction!

  33. Candace

    Dearest Colin, Knowing the Divine Intelligence and Love within is guiding and healing this body temple in full revelation of perfection.
    Love and Gratitude.

  34. Céline

    Love and support from Québec Cananda! Prayers and healing thoughts. Warm embrace. Céline

  35. Marilyn mileham

    Good to hear this Colin❤️ I did some surrogate
    “Ask&Receive”technique. We are all one. With our planet
    Being inundated from Fukashemia, many of us are encapsulating
    Toxins in the form of tumors and skin cancers. I have had several
    Removed recently. May the force we with us! Love to you and your beloved

  36. Jane Milligan

    Your ‘going on and on’, is instructive as well as providing valuable feedback for our role in your healing. Initially when my friends and I sent healing to this person and that person and heard about the positive results, I was skeptical with a ‘yea right’ response. Now I am expectant with a ‘Yea Right!’ response. Keep up the good work everyone.
    Love Jane

  37. Terra Smith

    I set my alarm for 12:20, and prayed for the best possible outcome! I prayed for you and your family, and for all those involved to have had a good night’s eep so they were rested and clear-headed, and that they had a loving morning so they could be playing their A game while treating you. I continue to pray that this Strawberry full moon, as it wanes, takes the rest of your tumor along with it! Love from Branford, CT, USA!

  38. Loana Shields

    Glad to hear things are going well and praying they will continue to do so. I truly do believe in miracles.

  39. Marilyn mileham

    PS I will be gazing with Braco June 5th on the free live stream from Russia and thinking of you. We are enjoying cooking at home with organic veg & fruit . Realized that our “foodie” life style of eating out, gives us no guarantee of safety from roundup, antibiotics, hormones and sewage. Just used our beautiful new red ceramic Dutch oven by Lodge. This breathing healing you describe is incredible! I just learned how to do trigger point therapy on myself and my husband and we erase our pain in seconds!
    It is like we have these magic buttons all over our bodies! I am so grateful to all who share their great wisdom, like yourself❤️ To be in nature, we got yearly memberships to the living desert to see the animals and gardens, and the Palm Springs tram up the mountain to be in the cool and hike, and the San Diego botanical gardens to enjoy the beauty .
    Consequently we are having fun and prioritizing time as we heal from car accident injuries and surgeries. Happy to be alive ! I even wrote a song this week !❤️

  40. Elaine Bungay

    I am in the process of reading your book (and also in a class as well) and have found
    Radical Forgiveness has opened my eyes, but most of all, my heart. Thank you for
    your gift to me and so many others. Stay healthy, Elaine

  41. Darcy Richardson

    Dear Colin,
    I want to know how you are doing you have helped me heal from so many things and I want to send you light and love in return. It is an honor. I am keeping you in my hear and prayers!!

  42. Alex Beliakou

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    The dose for healthy people is 2 packs a month (2 pouches a day) and for people with cancer the dose is about 3-6 packs a month (3-6 pouches a day) depending on the severity of illness.
    The prescribing info is here =>
    If you decide to take it I can give you instructions on how to mix it and administrate.
    I wish you good luck !

  43. Katia Condos

    You and your ass are awsome!!!
    Love Love and more Love to you
    And JoaAnn
    Muss’s friend.

  44. Lisette Ranga

    My name is Lisette and I wanted to send positive thoughts
    to you. I found out about you because I was telling
    My dentist about my experience with breast cancer early
    this year. I had just found out and she recommended your
    Book. What a blessing! I read it and it really helped me to
    Start the radical process.

    The best part was what happened after with my relationships.
    I shared with my mom and an ex-boyfriend that happened to pop back into
    My life. Both were amazed and the process really helped them to see
    The blessing to their pain. Both different stories but same result…they realized they
    We’re not victims !! If it was not for cancer, I would have never read your book or seen that side of my mom or my ex. My peace with them has gotten better as well.
    So thank you !!

    Your experience with cancer is precious. You have helped
    To transform many people and now it’s even deeper for me
    Because you are showing me how you stay alive and positive
    Thru this experience. Good luck and I pray for the best outcome. The earliest stage!
    For me that was stage 0! I found out from my first Mammogram after turning 40 and lucky! Even thought it was a early stage the stress was crazy and that
    Is hard to control. So I am happy to read Your’s a reminder to be

    You inspire me to I hope I get to meet you one day and a BIG
    Thank you for your humor. Yes!!! We do need to laugh 😉
    I look forward to hearing more about your journey. It reminds
    Me to look at my cancer as a gift!

    Warm Regards

  45. Ellice

    I’m happy to hear this positive report! Sending love and light for your healing journey✨✨

  46. Alice Ryan

    Please keep the updates coming and I will keep the love and light coming. Blessings!

  47. Patricia Davis

    You’ve helped me so much with your books that I wanted to wish you the best possible outcome in your surgery/treatment. I’m a breast cancer survivor and know a bit of what you’re facing now–the apprehension/worry/stresses of not knowing for sure what you’re in for until the surgery. I wish for you the results I got–clean margins and an early stage, followed by a swift recovery.

  48. Susan

    Thank you Collin for again showing us, what is possible – we are much more than our body. Send you light and love just right from my heart.

  49. Brenda Taylor

    Dearest Colin,
    Much light and love coming your way! You will be either Stage 1 or it will be gone completely. Please keep us informed.

  50. Ayana Mishelle Hendricks

    I would love to see you and Jo An . Your work is not yet done here on this side. You both walked me through and were instruments in my healings. Jo An worked with my granddaughter who will turn 12 on June 6th. I have a gift for you. Please contact me so that we can meet. Sending you tons and tons of love in the meantime, will see you soon. Loving you with all my heart. Stay encouraged.

  51. Rev. Donna Michael

    Yes, indeed that healing energy has been coming your way from Nashville (and now NC as I’m here with my mom for a few days). Also, the Centers for Spiritual Living ministers (as a group) got your initial email (forwarded by one of our ministers) and so many of them were also doing positive prayer work. You are surrounded by light and healing energy, supported in love, all of us knowing the highest and best for you and seeing you as the whole, complete and perfect being that you already are! Hugs, love and blessings, Donna

  52. Carrie Pace

    So happy to hear this good news. My daughter and I were among those holding you in Healing Light and Love during your healing session, and indeed since I first learned of your challenge. I continue to see you completely free of any cancer cells; Whole and Holy!

  53. Connie Jo Pace

    8:36 AM CDT
    Colin: I’m inspired by your open sharing. I have ILC, right breast. I am slated for surgery June 25th. But before then, I’m going to find the best possible time, connect with a breath worker, and trust healing for myself as well. I’ve changed my diet to mostly alkaline which I’m told gives no environment for cancerous cells to flourish. I’m following your progress, and sending healing energies to you. Connie Jo Pace, MA, Kansas CUA ordained minister.

  54. Daniela

    Dear Colin, great news!!! Thanks for the update. Sending you blessings, light and love.♡

  55. Christine Bronson

    Dear Colin,
    May Divine Love shower your body with abundant health and strength.
    Every day, I express my gratitude to you for the amazing gift of R F that totally changed my life, and those of my clients.
    Radical Forgiveness is simply genious! – The heart of all healing! THANK YOU!
    I hold you in the space of perfect health! :))

  56. Giselle Galleno

    Im very happy to hear this good news, here in Lima Peru we are doing every day a meditation singing a healing mantra and seeing you surrounded by light! I send you all my love!

  57. Tatyana

    Dear Colin,
    I send my thoughts, love, and prayers your way. I am sure God will help you get better very soon. So many people need you that you simply cannot allow yourself to be sick :).
    I wish you health and happiness. I’ll be at the church tonight and I’ll say a prayer and light a candle for you.
    Lots of love.

  58. ilene cauffman

    Sending you lots of love and positive energy!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with all of us.

  59. Natalie A.

    Nothing to change, nothing to fix. All is well. Sending love, light and healing. And thank you for the update.

  60. Diane

    so very happy to hear this good news! It is awesome to know that our collective directed energy is having a very positive effect! I am continuing to send you and JoAnn an abundance of love and light, and I know the news will continue to be good. You are not boring us with your updates — we want to know how things are going. You are so important to us!

  61. Lynn

    I had also sent you healing energy and blessings, and will do again. I was in a MAJOR car accident in which I had severe internal injuries including a smashed and severed right kidney.
    I did healing meditations and had people pray for me. In 3 months time, it completely grew back which the doctor said was a miracle! Glad you had/are having yours!

  62. Brenda Story

    Sending you love, light, prayers and healing energy. The true blessing in this is your willingness and openness to receive the love that is surrounding you.

  63. Mary Ann

    Blessings and light surround you, nurture you and stream through bringing you all you need in your inner and outer beings at all times. Thank you for being s shining example of living with grace and love.

  64. Linda Goodman

    You know, Buddy Hackett couldn’t say that 3-letter word! Glad you’re sharing and that all the light and love from all these light workers is Shrinking “the issue”!! I DO hope you’re basking in all the goodness you’ve done with your work, as people as crediting you by their comments. We’ll continue sending Reiki your way!

  65. Franchesca Davis

    Dear Colin, just as you changed my life with your wonderful books which I took to heart and used to heal so many things, I am glad to be able to thank you by knowing “You are healed by the Love of the Universe and so many people whose life you have touched. All malignant cells are released from your body and you are healthy and whole. And So It Is.” Much love. Franchesca

  66. Tamara Griffith

    Colin, my 12 year old has been in the hospital, so I am just now getting caught up on my e-mails and seeing this! Loving energy and prayers coming your way! Namaste!

  67. Pearl

    Continuing to know with you your Oneness with Spirit and that truth of your being, that you are already perfect, whole and complete, and returning to wholeness now.
    Abundant Blessings.

  68. Kathleen Thompson

    Colin, So happy to hear your progress! Thank you for asking for energy and positive prayers…it gives me a chance to send back to you what you have given to me through your books, audio books and loving work all.
    Keep it up!
    Best, Kathleen

  69. Brenda

    Dear Colin,
    Thank you for letting us be a part of this journey with you and for you being open to receive. What a beautiful example you are as you are living what you teach. Continuing to send love, light, prayers and healing energy. With Gratitude.

  70. Sue McCleary

    As much as I am sorry that this is in your path right now I have to say I have enjoyed your sense of humor through it! Wishing you only the very best health and healing as this is addressed. Positive thoughts and prayers are with you Colin!

  71. Suzette

    Colin, I’m sending you lots of love. I prayed for you at the time you asked . I set my phone alarm to alert me. I will continue praying for you. Your book changed my life and I just recommended it on Facebook to one of my groups. May God continue to bless you! Namaste

  72. Avanell Kirchman

    Dear beautiful soul…Colin,
    I believe you continue to be used by God to show how much you are loved! If you are loved, so are we…with or without cancer! I know your work for others healing has been amazing and needed to show the truth…the power of love and forgiveness. Thank you for all you have done toward helping others to heal.
    It has been an honor to hold you up to the Light! It has been my sacred honor to love, as God does for all us. I believe your cancer is gone! You have more healing work to do for others!

  73. Debbie

    Thank you for giving us your updates. We do want to know how you are doing and I was very happy to hear the good news in this one.

  74. maire-ros O'Rahilly

    So glad to hear this news Colin. Know you are in “the pot” – our meditation group meets once a week and put special intentions for people , seeing them as oozing good health, happy and joyous in every way. Much love from Ireland Maire-Ros xx

  75. Katie

    So happy to hear Colin and it have me goosebumps to hear about your healing session. I set the timer on my phone calendar and sent you energy at 2:20 pm to shrink the tumor and send loving energy for the highest and best outcome. Will continue to send it and I enjoy your posts. We all care about you and want to know what is going on with the process! Love, Katie

  76. Rita Heinz

    Hi Colin,
    Thank you for being so open about your journey. In the New Age community we have sometimes been led to believe that if we have done it all “right,” then cancer wouldn’t show up. You are the second prominent teacher in 2 days who has disclosed a current cancer diagnosis. And, I had colon cancer 8 years ago, did have surgery, radiation and chemo not needed, but did have to have a colostomy, which has not been a big problem. I thank it every day for working well for me! May your outcome be exactly what is your perfect learning for your journey! Thank you for your work. I am a psychotherapist and use it with my clients.

    1. Susan

      Colin I will continue to send you my thoughts and prayers .
      This is just a part of the journey we each hav toward wholeness
      I too had breast cancer and a mastectomy two years ago….. I have come out the other end of the dark place I was in with so much more from the gifts of spirit
      Follow your heart and stillness ……
      Thank you for your own part with releasing radical forgiveness to the public.

  77. Suzanne Grogan

    Love, light, and blessings on you always, and especially as you go through this challenging phase of your life journey.

  78. Philip

    May the love and light and understanding that you have given me in my darkest times be returned a millionfold, Colin and may it penetrate each cancer cell to return them to normal function by Friday. Blessing always.

  79. Mary Beth Speer

    Continuing to extend light & love and gratitude for ALL the good you have extended into so many lives, including mine. xoxoxoxo

  80. Marilyn Shugart

    You are a witness to and for the power of prayer and vibrational healing. Sending love and light to you. Always. Radical Forgiveness changed my life.

  81. Toni Janes

    Sending continued blessings and healing energy to you, knowing that spirit will always be with you.

  82. Rich Fletcher

    Jon & I are you keeping you close in our thoughts and prayers, Colin, and JoAnn, too. For two people who have given so many opportunities for healing to others, now is the time to receive some of that goodness and love back – we are with you in spirit.
    Love and light,

  83. Deanna Allcorn Smith

    Dear Colin,
    I’m so grateful that your cancer will be easily eliminated! I know what this means in ways I cannot fully convey.
    I am confident that this experience for you is yet another blessed way that Spirit is using you as a conduit for Good, for so many! The world is a better place because of you, and your work, and I give such thanks that you will continue to bless our lives, in ever greater and more glorious ways! Thank you God!
    Always knowing your Highest Good,
    Deanna Smith, RScP
    Reno, Nevada

  84. Elise Cairns

    Sending you love and positive thoughts for a complete healing in your body. You will be in my prayers until I hear you are cured and free of all cancer and disease. You are an angel on earth and the world needs your continued kindness and concern for others in need of your healing words. God bless you, Colin! Big hugs and much love – Elise

  85. Carol Schloegel

    It is an honor and a blessing to be part of this wonderful world community loving and blessing your radiant rectum! Your openness with your journey creates a new experience of love and radical intimacy for us all! THANK YOU FOR THIS AND FOR THE GIFT OF RADICAL FORGIVENESS!

  86. Cynthia

    Thanks for the update. Will continue to send you healing energy for your journey. Thank you for bringing Radical Forgiveness processes to us. Peace

  87. Darlene

    Sending you light, love, energy and blessings. As a cancer survivor/thriver, I very much appreciate you sharing your experience. Thank you.

  88. Mila Vostrova

    Dearest Colin! This is Mila from Moscow! I hope you remember me.) I sent you reguest for coming to Russia with your program in 2012.. It was your first and very succesful program though. We visited with you and JoAn Kerala spa for ayurveda.
    So many time I felt great gratitude to you for your great Job! You literally saved so many lifes and people’s relationship and more and more. I believe strongly that you will overcome this situation. You are well for Spirit is within you!
    I have so many friends who became your students and followers! We all will pray for you!!
    I’ll pray for you and send you Love, Light and Healing Energy of the Divine Mother!!
    Much much love to you!
    With gratitude and faith in God within you!! Mila

  89. Charles

    Dear Colin,
    I am happy and grateful for your recovery and I am delighted that you are modeling the courage, transparency and faith that welcomes healing. You are a bright Light in the world and I enthusiastically send you healing energy and love.

  90. Doris Cipek

    Dear Collin,

    I wish you the best for the coming days, the MRT and the results! I´m sure the outcome will be no more than Stage 1, and you will soon get completely healed.
    Tomorrow I will light a candle for you in the small parish church near to the place where I live in Vienna.
    Cordial greetings and empathic thoughts from good old Europe!
    Doris Cipek
    Vienna, Austria (Europe)

  91. Ethelyn

    God bless you, Colin! I’m praying for you and sending you Light, Love and Energy every day. You’re already healed!

  92. JoAnna

    I have been following your work and blog for many years. Now I am giving back all that I have received, multiplied, in the Spirit of Love, Light and Healing. Thank you for sharing the great results of all of our good vibes in your direction.!!

  93. Eleanor Deck

    Dear Colin,

    Love and blessings from the bottom of my heart.
    You are been in my thoughts and prayers for years since I was at your workshop.
    Love you,
    Eleanor Deck

  94. Eileen

    All love goes to your whole, healthy self. We are one in the Spirit, and there is nothing Love cannot make whole.

  95. Frieda

    No need to send a thank you. Just want you to know that your health and wholeness is a topic of my prayers. I am seeing this “blip” moving out of your body and out of your aura right now. You are already healed and whole. You continue to bless many, many people with your loving activity and teaching. Thank you. Namaste, Frieda

  96. Mary Huff

    I’ve been praying and am so proud of you for writing about this. Hope it gets others to get a colonoscopy or that new less-invasive version. Love you, Mary

  97. Fiona

    Hi Colin
    Fabulous news.
    Still sending you loving energy. Let’s give that surgeon very little, if anything, to do!
    Fiona x

  98. Rev.Elle Bratland

    I know the One Power for Good is right where you are and anything that would impede your healing is totally released and returns to the “nothingness” fromd which it came. Therefor you are totally healed. It is done in Mind and in faith, I accept that You are whole, complete and perfect. I give great thanks for this magnificent Power of God.
    And so it is!

  99. Lori

    Hello Colin! Good thoughts and well wishes for you my Dear! I listen to your messages on tape in my car everyday…I thank you! You were the start of my awareness journey and you change my life! I suppose this phase for you has brought new awareness too…and sometimes we have to go through these things to get to the next level…I believe in you! sending love, positive energies and a smile to you my friend!


  100. Pam Jones

    You’re a shining light Colin.
    I have been sending you ( and your ass) heaps of clear, loving energy.
    Love to both you and to JoAnn.

  101. Pam Jones

    You’re a shining light Colin.
    I have been sending you ( and your ass) heaps of clear, loving energy.
    Love to both you and to JoAnn. In the nature of a true RF Practioner and after you have received your successful results next week, can you please think about ‘what happened 7 years ago ?’


  102. wendy

    That’s great news Colin! Lots of Love and Light to you and your loved ones from Wendy in Australia. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on I why you think you developed this tumour at this time in your life in a future blog. Kind regards, Wendy.

  103. Mark Thomson

    HI Colin, I like so many others have been senidng you love and light and healing. I hope it works out for you, as I’m sure you have so much to give to the world

  104. Joanne

    I trust you and God to handle this. Sending love and light to you, your family, and friends. You Make A Difference.

  105. Ellen (Newton) Stetson

    Will be sending you and JoAnn Healing Love and Light, know that you are returning NOW to your natural state of health and wellbeing! You are both such a blessing to the Universe, Love, Ellen

  106. Adilia

    Thank you for your loving work!!! You have so much more love to give and from this experience WE will learn so much more about how Radical Forgiveness saves our “asses!” So much love to you and the family and I look forward to hearing all of the updates of your rapid recovery! We re in this together xoxo!

  107. D Berkley

    Thanks for the encouraging update. All will indeed be well. You and yours will continue to remain on my prayer list. P.S. Synchronicity remains alive and well. My intern group was focusing on your RadiCal Forgiveness when I received word of your need for a “tune-up.”

  108. Sergey

    Dear Colin. We clean our own soul and take responsibility for your pain. Thank you very much that you took the courage to show us the pain. We know that the universe will make things right. Your light illumines our way. . My apologies for the mistakes in the translation.

  109. Berrin

    Dear Colin,
    what a confusing surprise for me. I just read the Newsletter from Hina and Thomas today. Oh my Godness! I wish you a lots of light, healing and all other best things you need or what you wish. Hope to see you very well in September in Germany – please – hope that you will be well as soon as possible.
    Our Tipping-Coach Dr. Henning Saupe will contact you too. Do you remember him?
    Big, big, heartly hugs and kisses.

  110. Tanya

    Dear Colin,

    Thank you for being so courageuos and determined to heal. I have been praying for you every day and will keep doing it as long as it’s needed for you to heal. It can take some time for the prayer to bring results, so please keep up your determination and good spirit.
    From Russia with love,

  111. Henning Saupe

    Dear Collin,
    from the bottom of my heart I send you my warmest thoughts and feelings for your getting well again. I am greatful for all I learned from you about this big challenge of mankind called “cancer” and I pray for you to get back waves of healing power beyond limits for your personal healing, of the healing energy that you shared with me in your seminars.

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