You MUST Read This if You Care About America

This 10-minute video recently posted on Facebook needs to be watched by every person in America who cares about the soul of this country.

It is the most authentic, courageous and heartfelt plea for this country to wake the **bleep** up to the truth and get the **bleep** out of our state of denial about the systemic racism that pervades this country at all levels, and our failure to face up to the fact that it resides in the consciousness of every single person in this country.

This is true no matter what the color of their skin, educational level, geographical location, position of power, and so on; from the President right on down.

And, I include myself in this. I have racist thoughts just like everyone else. I notice them come unbidden, but they’re there nevertheless. (We Brits have our own form of radical prejudice given our history, but it’s not that much different.)

If you’ve already seen the video, that’s fine. You need read no further if you don’t want to. I just wanted to make sure you’d had the opportunity to see it.

The Radical Forgiveness philosophy holds to the principle that there is perfection in whatever shows up in our lives because it represents an opportunity to heal something deep within us – both individually and collectively.

But unless we first see what is there in front of our eyes, see it for what it really is in human terms, and be willing to feel the pain of it, the healing cannot begin.

Denial is a psychological defense mechanism, designed to protect us in the short term from an emotional shock which we might not otherwise be able to handle.

But as a long-term strategy for avoiding the reality of what is, denial and the refusal to face reality leads, if not to total insanity, then almost certainly to a systemic breakdown of some sort.

What we have right now in America is both. Insanity and breakdown. And, our collective denial over two centuries is the cause. This is what Savannah is pleading us to recognize and come to terms with.

She’s saying, get real, for God’s sake! Only then will the madness stop. Only then will we begin to heal.

I need to say as well, that it is equally insane to use a spiritual bypass to avoid feeling the pain of it and seeing it for what it is. If we just mouth things like, “It’s all perfect, and all part of the divine plan,” without first feeling the pain of what happens, nothing changes. A spiritual bypass is just another form of denial and is the antithesis of Radical Forgiveness. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. We cannot transform anything into Love if we don’t feel that which is NOT love first.

Our Radical Transformation worksheet, downloadable from our website, is designed to help move us from first feeling the pain of what happens out there in the world and then to an awareness of the love that is hidden beneath the apparent situation.

But given the situation as I view it from the UK, which amounts to only a glimpse, I’m sure it is probably too soon to go there. So, for now, do what Savannah is saying; open your heart, feel the pain, see the truth and accept it for what it is. It’s probably the best we can do right now.

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12 thoughts on “You MUST Read This if You Care About America

  1. sara

    WHilst I agree with what you do and of course we should do our best not to discriminate on any grounds, we are being led to beat ourselves up over the issue of racism by the pwoers that be as if it were the most important issue in our lives today
    Did you know that racism is a new ‘thought crime’ now under EU law and that we can be arrested for this crime by Europol?
    Have you read 1984?
    Did you know that the concept of ‘racism’ was invented and promoted by Trotsky?
    The word “racist” has for a long time been the single most effective fear-word in the leftist and neoconservative arsenal. For decades, they have successfully used it in the political arena to slander traditionalists, shut down debate, and leave opponents running for cover. In the social arena, they have caused even more damage by using it to brainwash impressionable children and young college students, and to teach people to hate their nation, their cultural traditions, and worst of all, themselves.

    What surprisingly remains almost totally undiscussed, even on the hard core traditionalist Right, is the word’s origin. Did it come from a liberal sociologist? A 60’s Marxist college professor? Perhaps a politician in the Democratic Party? No. It turns out that the word was invented by none other than one of the principal architects of the 74-year Soviet nightmare, the founder and first leader of the infamous Red Army, Leon Trotsky.

    Take a look at this document if you would, dear reader:

    This is Leon Trotsky’s 1930 work, “The History of the Russian Revolution”, from which shown above is a passage. The last word in that passage is “PACNCTOB”, whose Latin transliteration is “racistov”, i.e., “racists”. This work here is the first time in history one will ever find that word.

    My more doubtful readers may check the internet, the microfiche and microfilm at the local library, as well as the numerous books arrayed along the shelves there, but they shall never find an earlier usage of the word “racist” than Trotsky’s coinage of the word here.

    So the next logical question is what was Leon Trotsky’s purpose in inventing this word? To find out, let us look at a full English translation of the paragraph we looked at before.

    “Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Mark remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilised slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the ’racists.’”

    The Slavophiles which Trotsky alluded to were historically a group of traditionalist Slavs who valued greatly their native culture and way of life, and wanted to protect it. Trotsky on the other hand saw them and others like them as an impedement to his internationalist communist plans for the world. This man didn’t care one iota about the Slavic Russians whom he supposedly served. To him, Slavophiles, i.e. Slavs that committed the “crime” of loving their own people and trying to protect their traditional ways were simply “backward”, and others like them were simply “racists”.

    The reality of the word’s origin is indeed quite a far cry from the left-liberal version of the story: that the word was coined in bona fides to identify people who were just plain bigoted against certain racial groups, and as a rallying cry for good liberals to protect the racial minorities from the bigots. On the contrary, the actual concept behind the word (even though he hadn’t invented it quite yet) — that ethnocentric “backwardness” must take a back seat to “enlightened” internationalism — was often used by Army-Navy Commissar Trotsky as a rallying cry for good Red Army communists to embark upon murderous rampages against peoples who resisted having their traditional way of life paved over and replaced with an alien system. [1]

    Fast-forwarding to today in 2010, the only changes to the word and its underlying concept from 1930 (besides Marxists having perfected the art of achieving the same thing with less blood but no less misery) are that the word’s targets have expanded from just Slavs who won’t submit to the Marxist internationalist plan to uproot and destroy their culture and traditional way of life, to all white people, Slavic or otherwise, who won’t submit to that same vile Marxist plan. Also, those who arm themselves with the word have expanded from a handful of communists to the entire liberal and neoconservative establishment in nations all across the world.

    Leon Trotsky, after helping Lenin to create the Soviet murder machine in which he and Trotsky killed 1 to 4 million [2] people, was removed from power and expelled from the Soviet Union in the year 1929 after losing a power struggle to become Lenin’s successor to Josef Stalin. However, before fading into the pages of history, Leon Trotsky would do one last thing in 1930 that would arguably cause more damage to the West than Stalin and his successors’entire Soviet nuclear arsenal could ever have done. He would invent a word that would empower literally the most rotten, traitorous weasels within the West to redefine those loyal to their people, their cultural traditions and way of life as the worst evil, and to send the government, the education system, and the mass media on an absolute royal crusade until they themselves and virtually everyone else around them actually believe it. And this unholy creation would be repeated over and over again, bolstered by revisionist history fabricated by more of the same rotten weasels falsely portraying the white man as the sole perpetrator of slavery and genocide in the world, and this would go on and on until the West would submit via demoralization to the entire Trotskyist internationalist agenda without a single shot being fired. We can see the final stages of this playing out right now, with racial double standards having been created here in America (at the expense of American whites, of course), with the creation of “racism” and “hate speech” offenses in Europe (only targeting the indigineous population, of course), with the Canadian and Australian governments having implemented “multiculturalism” as official state policy (at the expense of the pre-existing Canadian and Australian cultures), and most of all, with the huge wave of third-world immigration into the West, supported by all Western governments (otherwise it wouldn’t be happening), which is radically changing the makeup and culture of those countries, and is threatening their original populations with becoming a minority in their own countries within just a few decades.

    Due especially to Trotsky’s hand in the murder of millions of people under the Lenin regime, as well as the ongoing global recession causing many fence sitters to take a side in these affairs, Rightists have a real opportunity to shut the lid on this word once and for all, simply by telling the truth about who invented the word and what its purpose was (and is). It is an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. One can hardly imagine a true Euro-nationalist movement where most of the people in it believe they are “racists” for daring to embark on such a project, as today’s reigning system would have us believe.

    [1] There is an appalling lack of good material available on the internet about the additional tragedy of the repression of regional sovereignty and self-determination movements after the Czar’s collapse in Russia by Trotsky’s Red Army. One of the best things you’ll find on the web about it is the Nina Turmarkin interview which is the last thing I linked on the paragraph demarcated by this footnote, and is located here:
    ( Ms. Turmarkin discusses the optimism that existed after the February Revolution which overthrew the Czar, about villages that declared their independence from the regime and sewed their own flags, etc. She doesn’t go on to say what happened to those villages and such, but if you know the history, you know of course that they were forced back into the fold, an even worse fold than the Czar’s for that matter, at the point of a Red Army bayonet held by a soldier commanded by Trotsky, and those who would not go back into that worse fold were of course killed. Anyhow, I truly would suggest that the interested reader on this subject get hold of book sources for further reading, because unfortunately what is out there on the web is the bottom of the barrel.

    [2] The higher estimate of state murder (4 million) under the Lenin/Trotsky regime is that of political scientist R.J. Rummel in his book Lethal Politics: Soviet Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1917, found here: ( I myself was taught a lower estimate of 1-2 million during my school years. The main factors in the deaths were executions of dissidents, brutal suppressions of the self-determination movements that arose after the fall of the Czar and in reaction to the early Soviet police state, and the Russian famine of 1921. The new Soviet government was certainly responsible for the first two. They were at least somewhat responsible for the third, but exactly how responsible is a matter of debate that is beyond the scope of this article. Either way, 1-2 million, 4 million, or somewhere in between, it is absolutely atrocious what happened under that regime.

  2. Vee

    Saw this video on Youtube this morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts also Colin.
    (my comment on youtube below)

    Thank you Savannah! I STAND WITH YOU!! I pray and encourage EVERYONE to Stand up and say NO MORE!! This is not a message Only for Americans its for the entire World. I am a Canadian and I share the pain and compassion you express in this video for our brother’s and sisters in America. ( For the person below who says: 400 years of the same thing. American people are not going to do better.)……….. I encourage you to change your mind about the way you’re looking at that. That kind of thinking isn’t Supportive to any situation. That is the kind of thinking that keeps us stuck. America is a Country / Americans are People. People think their way through this kind of behavior for generations..This is the result of it (death) Change happens in the mind. Change the way we think about things and it will start to look differently. Everything has a beginning. Let this Video be the beginning for all of us. Individually we have a responsibility in this world to share love with every encounter we have. If we are in progress and healing our own internal wounds, if we can’t be helpful, don’t be hurtful. We cannot hurt anyone without hurting our self in the process. We cannot help someone without helping our self in the process. Each of us have a choice to make. Lets choose to live consciously and not by default. This is a deeper issue. An old outdated program issue that never served us then and certainly not serving us now. Lets join with Savannah and BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD, start with where we are now. On behalf of All Canadians, Sending loads of love out to the world especially our American brothers and sisters. <3 <3 <3

  3. Cordette Grimsey

    I’ve tried three times to view the video, but each time the transmission gets worse: picture and sound both stop and start and never go smoothly. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem? I’m disappointed I couldn’t view it.

  4. olivia

    Thank you for your beautiful words and I agree, we all need to do better because we are one.
    The LIGHT is the same in every person and this is what we should strive to see when we look at one another.


  5. Neikka

    Beautiful and I agree that acceptance is key; however as you so beautifully pointed out, we have to know what it is that we are accepting, we cannot not hide from it anymore and it starts with us ~ holding hands with you sister X

  6. Alicia

    Dear Savannah,
    I can only imagine the courage it took to pour out your heart on this video in these United States of America! As a African American, born in the South decades ago, I’ve always known that this has been a racist nation from day 1. As Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, claiming that all men are created equal, while owning enslaved Africans, the lie of equality became obvious. Yes, we all have racist thoughts at times, but it’s easier not act on them if we acknowledge that they are racist. We must all acknowledge that WE ARE ONE if we are to survive and thrive as a nation, and as human beings! God bless you for your loving heart and courage.

  7. Darcy

    Such a heartfelt, powerful and needed message and I applaud her for her courage to stand up and say what needs to be said. I agree whole-heartedly. Colin, as you and Marianne Williamson have said, we whites need to acknowledge and own our part in this systemic racism and stand in solidarity with our fellow black men/women (and other minority groups, as well).

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