Mr. Radical Forgiveness Faces Jail Time in England

jailAs if doing umpteen worksheets on the British Government over JoAnn’s visa debacle wasn’t enough, now I have to do many more over them threatening me and the other presenters with jail time if we continue with the upcoming workshop on Sunday June 30th, about alternative and complementary treatments for cancer. 

They are citing the Cancer Act of 1939 which states that it is a crime, punishable by fines, confiscation of materials and jail time, to advertise or talk in public about any form of alternative treatments for cancer.  (As if research in psychoneuroimmunology hasn’t advanced since 1939.)  Somebody blew the whistle, so the Government had to act.  Cancer is a multi-billion pound/dollar industry.  Need I say more?

Last Monday the ticket agency was so spooked they stopped selling tickets for the event and demanded that those people who had paid the money to attend, (180 reservations up to the point they stopped taking bookings), should be told the event was cancelled and that their money would be returned forthwith. 

Our first reaction was to fight them and those who were behind it and provoke a showdown by carrying on with the workshop.  I was prepared to go to jail if necessary.  But the person doing the organizing and making a movie about this topic had more to lose than I, so we decided we had no choice but to cancel the event. 

However, after speaking with an attorney, the ticket agency agreed yesterday to withdraw their objection so long as any reference to cancer in the advertising was removed and, to be compliant with the Cancer Act, the word cancer was never mentioned in the workshop.  They said it was very likely that government agents would be hiding amongst the participants and would be ready to pounce if we pushed that boundary. 

We thought we were back on track at that point having changed the language on the website, but no.  Yesterday the hotel where the event was to be held cancelled the contract and refused to have the event there.  They had been knobbled too!   Fear tactics work!

However, not to be defeated, the organizer has this morning found a new venue for it, so the workshop is once again back on.  It is some miles north of where it was originally to be held – a few stops on the Tube only.  Those who have booked tickets are being contacted with that information and it will, no doubt, be posted on the website. If you are in the London area, the event is taking place at

St Luke’s Community Centre
90 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ

Tickets can be obtained at

Participants will be advised of the 1939 Cancer Act and will be told that the workshop is no longer about cancer.  They won’t hear that word mentioned.  The workshop is now about healing oneself from some of the more serious “immune system related diseases” that tend to kill people.

I will let you know how it goes.  There still could be some drama at the venue.  I can’t imagine the government agents not making some moves to close it down, so I could be writing my next blog post from jail.  Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Mr. Radical Forgiveness Faces Jail Time in England

  1. Pamela Skeen

    Keep the faith Colin, maybe you are the first to straddle the saddle here, spelling out – advertising – the truth! As you also recognise how millions is spent on chemotherapy “saving the lives” of cancer “victims!!!” They have yet to recognise realise and acknowledge how we have to save our selves. This threatens phamaceuticals enormously – keep the faith. You have God on your side!

  2. Kathie Lumberg

    Sorry to hear this, Colin, however we know you were “chosen” only because you are the right man to handle this successfully with reasonable ease and grace. I also sadly recognize that a traditional cure for cancer is totally available. I say sadly because I doubt that it will be seen in my lifetime. Bless you on this gut wrenching journey.

  3. Joy

    It takes a single candle to begin lighting a darkened room.
    It is wonderful that you can be the flame for so many.
    This is an exciting journey to the light that you are embarking on!
    May it be blessed with faith, goodwill and trust.

  4. Susan Zapata

    Hold strong Colin, roll with it, you can do it!

    You’re like Glenda the good witch, say: “you have no power here”

    Rock on Colin!

  5. Shelly Smith

    Hi Colin, I first read our book in Germany at the Arcadia clinic. I cme home to Spith Afica nd bought my wn copy. I found the clinic after meeting Marcus Freudenmann in Australia. I live in Souh Africa and was visiting a friend there. Imagine my surprise and amusement when I heard that you, Marcus and Henning were doing a workshop . Gladys Hll who is in the movie told me about it. She was at the Lincoln with me. Sh herd about the Linux from Marcus at. Lunch in London. So you can see the synchronicity at work in ou lives. I am so grateful and excited by becoming enlightened. Yo put it well hen you say we very slowly start to remember. So go well, onwards and upwards towards the TIPPING POINT ha ha h. Lots of love Shelly Smith.

    1. Shelly Smith

      Oops, should have read that before I posted it. My iPad has predictive spelling. The Lincoln and the Linux above were supposed to be……clinic. And a few more whoppers like herd instead of heard and yo instead of you. Shockers he he”

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