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Radical Money Online Program
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Money Program

Are you frustrated with your income level?  Do want to attract more money?

If the idea of quadrupling your income over two years is attractive to you, watch the short video below that explains how The Radical Money Program works. (Note: This is not just another real estate investment strategy or multiple stream of income idea.  This is about raising your subconscious income set-point so you automatically pull more money in.)

Your Investment
Initially, this Radical Money program was presented in a nice portfolio with all the software, books, pen and worksheets carefully arranged within it.  People appreciated its superb quality, but it was very expensive.  So we made a downloadable version which made it less so.  But there was a problem.   It wouldn’t work on Mac computers, tablets or smart phones.  Bummer! So we went back to the drawing board and decided to do it over, but this time putting the complete program online. This meant:

  • No more hardware issues
  • Fully Mac compatible
  • No more downloads
  • Use wherever you happen to be
  • Use it on your smart phone while you shop (virtually and for real)
  • Priced affordable at $297
    (Previous users of the downloadable program can upgrade for free)

One word of caution, however.  Because the price is so low compared to the original price, your subconscious mind might use this to sabotage you and prevent you from even beginning the program.  It will say, “If you don’t actually do the program, it won’t matter because you won’t have lost much money.”  This is an ever-present danger, so beware of it.  It’s all part of your inbuilt resistance to having a lot more money.  This program is designed to remove that resistance, but it can only work if you do it.

There are many elements to the program, including a book, a manual, worksheets, and audio files but at the very heart of it is a piece of proprietary software. It is called the “Prosperity Through Spending Program,” and its sole purpose is to train your subconscious mind to raise its income set-point. This is no mean feat, believe me.

Your income set-point is your subconscious mind’s self-imposed limit on the amount of money you can earn. If you earn more that this amount, your mind registers pain. (The pain arises from the negative beliefs you were taught about money early in life.)

Bear in mind that the subconscious mind does not think rationally. It is a binary system, registering either right or wrong, same or different, pain or pleasure, etc.. Since it obviously prefers pleasure to pain, it will put up incredible resistance to you earning more money than your set point allows. It might do it once, but seldom ever again. This accounts for why people seem to never advance beyond a certain income level, no matter how much they try or, if they do get a lot of money, lose it very quickly and never become rich again. It becomes obvious then that, if you are ever to increase your income in any significant way, it is crucial to find a way to cause that set point to move upwards.

Now, closely tied to your income set-point is your spending set-point. Generally speaking your mind has your spending set-point and income set-point marching in lockstep which means if you change one you automatically change the other.

Your Real Income Begins to Match Your Virtual Income

The idea is that as you get used to seeing those numbers grow and by going through the motions of spending the virtual money in the same proportion, your real income will begin to match it. You will automatically begin to attract more money to you, because your subconscious mind will see these increasing amounts as ‘pleasure’ rather than pain, and will allow it in.

Radical Money Program

As you can see from the graph, your virtual income rises dramatically and drags your spending set point along behind it, albeit with a bit of a lag. Behind that comes your income set-point and then behind that comes your real income, magnetized through the Law of Attraction. By the end of the second year those three should come together and hopefully will have at least quadrupled your income. The whole process is leveraged, of course, by your having done the exercises in the manual and several Radical Manifestation worksheets and Money Consciousness worksheets which are included in the kit.

Supported by the work you do with the worksheets in the manual and the other tools, the sole purpose of the software is to cause your spending set-point to gradually move upwards, thereby dragging your income set-point with it. Then, through the Law of Attraction your real income begins to follow suit and you begin to attract more and more real money.

Don’t worry though. We are not going to have you do it by making you spend real money. No, what the program does is enter into your virtual account ever-creasing amounts of ‘virtual money’ which you must actively go through the process of ‘spending.’ You must zero your account by the end of the month.

The idea is to get you accustomed to joyfully spending lots of virtual money on high ticket items in a number of specific categories including travel, education, gifts, savings, invest-ments, housing and so on. Occasionally you may receive additional money like a bequest or a tax refund and you have to spend that too. This process lasts for an entire year. It is demanding of your time but it will be worth it. And it is fun.

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