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Self Forgiveness/Self Acceptance and Releasing Toxic Secrets 3-Part Online Program
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Self Forgiveness/Self Acceptance and Releasing Toxic Secrets 3-Part Online Program

Are you the kind of person who is prone to self criticism, guilt, making yourself wrong, feeling bad about yourself and generally beating yourself up?

Well, you are not alone! Many people feel this way about themselves. But we have the answer, right here, right now: two new and exciting online programs

  • Radical Self-Forgiveness
  • Radical Self-Acceptance

These two programs are quite unlike anything you might have experienced before, or even thought about. For a start, they not based on traditional ideas of forgiveness, and, unlike most programs that are; these two do NOT just comprise a bunch of lengthy, "airy-fairy" meditations and a string of affirmations. No, these programs really work!

That's because they are based on a very different, but well-proven, technology called Radical Forgiveness.

The technology is quick, easy to use and extremely effective. You will experience it as a simple, safe, and gentle, step-by-step process that will lead you towards finding a new level of self-acceptance you never knew was possible.

The program makes NO demands that you change - or even "try" to be different. The changes simply happen automatically as you go through the programs.

Neither is it about self-discipline or self-control. All you have to do is trust the process. The rest is automatic.

For the longest time, people have been asking me to follow up my first book, Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle, with another on Self- Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance.

I certainly thought it was a good idea. I could see the need and knew the great benefits that would come through doing that. But for some reason I held back. Now I realize exactly why I did hold back. I was waiting for a vehicle to come along with which to do it - better than a book.

The perfect vehicle has now arrived - internet/web-based, experiential learning programs technology. In brief, Online Courses.

The Experience
What you have right in front of you now, just one click away, is the perfect opportunity to actually experience Radical SELF-Forgiveness and/or Radical Self-Acceptance. Not just to read about it - but to fully experience it in a way that will dramatically change how you feel about yourself - without, I might add, exposing yourself to other people in the process, as you would normally be required to do in a workshop.

To enjoy the incredible benefits of this program, you don't have to go out and order a book; or look up the schedule to find out when we are doing our next workshop; make travel arrangements; re-arrange your own schedule, and ask others to fit in around your need to be away for three or four days. Neither do you have to come up with a $375 workshop fee.

No, you can do this in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in complete privacy. And, for no more than the cost of a reasonably decent meal!

The Choice is Yours:
There are actually two courses offered here. One deals more with guilt, while the other helps you deal with shame (guilt is the remorse we feel about what we have or have not DONE - shame is the remorse that we feel about who and what we ARE).

Course 1 - Radical Self-Forgiveness:
If your issues are more related to guilt about some things you may have done in the past, or are doing still, and you wish to release yourself from the prison of that nagging guilt, forgive yourself and move on, then most likely it is the Radical Self-Forgiveness course that you need to take.

Course 2 - Radical Self-Acceptance:
If you have a tendency towards constant self-criticism and judgment about yourself, or if you habitually beat yourself up for not being enough, never measuring up or being how you would like to be, and you have low self-esteem, Radical Self-Acceptance is the course to take.

No matter which course you decide to do, there is no question that shame and guilt are closely related and can feed each other. So the two courses are definitely complementary. For that reason, we make it very easy for you to do both at a much-reduced price.

The Benefits
The benefits are obvious:
• Who likes being ultra self-critical or self-judging?
• Who likes carrying around dark secrets and the burden of guilt over something they did - or didn't do, but should have?
• Who likes being chastised by oneself all the time, or being told relentlessly, 24/7, that one is a failure; a no-good, worthless and undeserving piece of garbage, or that you are too fat, too thin, stupid, unlovable, and so on?

You could add many of your own to this list, I'm sure, because you know what it feels like to listen to that voice in your head that never stops putting you down or making you feel guilty and responsible. Many of us are being "should upon" all day long from within, and we need relief. Could this be you?

I have found it to be almost universally true that people are able to forgive others much more easily than they can forgive themselves. They cut everyone else slack, but just won't let themselves off the hook! Could this be you?

As I go around doing workshops on Radical Forgiveness, many, many people will come to me and ask if they can work on themselves. "I really don't have any forgiveness issues with anyone," they say. "But I have a lot to forgive myself for." Could this be you?

In the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony (when people walk the circle silently for things they might have done to others - or have suffered at the hands of others) they discover they are carrying a huge burden of guilt over something. It's seldom for doing something really terrible; rather, it's for committing a number of small transgressions that, when aggregated, weigh heavily upon them. Could this be you?

When people come to my Radical Forgiveness workshops with a lot of anger and resentment, I nearly always find that underneath the anger is shame. It wasn't so much what people did to them that was so wounding as what it made them believe about themselves . . . "I'm not good enough; I'm not OK; I have to be perfect to be loved; no matter how hard I try, it's never enough; I don't deserve; I'm not worthy; I always come second; I don't matter; I am not wanted; I have to be responsible for everyone; If I show up as who I am, no one will love me." We could go on. Could this be you?

If you answered "Yes" - to any one of those questions, you almost certainly need one or both of these programs. Click here to enroll in either or both.

FREE Bonus Program
We will make available to you, at no extra charge, a highly valuable supplemental program in its own right, entitled

  • Releasing Toxic Secrets.

Don't panic! You wouldn't have to tell anything to anyone - unless you choose to, of course. This program simply helps you to release the toxic energy tied up in holding onto secrets, whether they are your own or those that other people have asked you to keep. You will find it offers a great release - without you having to divulge a thing.

So I hear you say, "OK, so the benefits are really obvious — and that's all very well. But how can I actually reach a place of self-forgiveness and self- acceptance? I have spent a lifetime trying to silence those voices in my head, and haven't achieved it yet. What makes you think this program will make any difference in the way I feel about myself?"

The answer to that is simple. Evidence. I have been doing workshops on Radical Forgiveness and Self Forgiveness since 1999 full time, and many more prior to that part-time, and I just know that this technology works.

Money Back Guarantee
I am so confident that it will work for you, I will give a cast-iron, money-back guarantee; If you haven't felt an improvement in your self-esteem, by the fifth day after having done the entire program, (to give it time to take effect), I will return your money, no questions asked.

With nothing to lose and much to gain, why wait?

Yes, it will take a few hours of your time to go through one or both programs, and some honest effort and willingness on your part to fully participate. But the payoff will be incredible.

The cost of these programs is absolutely minimal, and yet they will give you the opportunity to become free of guilt - especially inappropriate guilt - and to begin healing some of your limiting, shame-based, and literally just flat-out wrong, core-negative beliefs.

Each one is a suggested 3-7 day program. If you choose to do them both, we would recommend a break of a few days in between.

Peace of Mind
What is the value of peace of mind? Could you put a price on feeling better about yourself? Which would you choose - a relatively ordinary evening meal out at a restaurant, or a program costing the same amount that would raise your self-esteem permanently and significantly?

You wouldn't think a good meal for two in a nice restaurant for $45 was over the top, would you? Well, you'll be amazed to know that neither one of these courses costs any more than that - and yet they have the potential to change your life. Not only that, they come with a money-back guarantee. Have you ever heard of a restaurant giving a money back guarantee after five days?

I also promised that, because these courses are very complementary and that your issues of guilt and self-esteem are very likely to overlap, we would make it easy for you purchase them as a package. I want to make it possible for you to sign up for both of them, NOW, for much less than that - and get the Bonus Course as well. So I am packaging the three courses together for just $97.

Can you believe you can do something this important, and this life-changing for $97? That's the power of the internet!

Transform your "NO's" into "YES's"
Do an internal check right now! Is there a voice in your head right now saying things like "You can't do that, these things never work for you, and in any case, you don't deserve to spend that much on yourself. There are other more important things to do with that money."?

What will you say to that voice? Don't give in - You DO deserve it! You DO deserve to be free from toxic guilt and shame. You DO deserve to learn the truth of who you really are.

You won't regret it!

Read the Terms & Conditions and the Waiver by clicking each link.

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