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The Balancing Humenergy Downloadable Worksheet
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As we head out the door to work each day, how often does it occur to us that we are taking our entire self with us – our private as well as our professional self? The weekends and our off time have been packed with personal activities and chores. Sometimes those personal activities involve a sports activity, cleaning the house, going on the monthly trip to Costco and getting caught up with bill paying.

The question that arises is how easy is it to flip a switch when we move from work to home and back again? Once the work week begins again, we look at anywhere from 32 to 50 plus hours of interaction with our coworkers and the big bosses. The personal relationships and issues from the weekend and after hours carry into the work place. Conversely, the conflicts and energy in those long hours at work get taken home. We don’t often see how they tangle our emotions and bring unrelated energy to a situation that is far from its source.

Radical Forgiveness author Colin Tipping has coined the term “humenergy,” which describes a subtle human energy brought to the workplace by everyone in the company. It originates in the subconscious mind and when it goes unrecognized, can create absolute chaos within a company. The five stages of Radical Forgiveness can be used within a corporate structure to minimize the influence of unrelated energy:

1) Explaining the situation and the upset
2) Feeling the feelings associated with it
3) Collapsing the energy field around it
4) Reframing the situation
5) Integrating the new perception of the situation

The “Balancing Humenergy” worksheet can take you through a professional situation that wakes you up in the middle of the night just as the Radical Forgiveness worksheet does in an upset with your child or your spouse. Breaking the energy, taking what you are responsible for into account is where the power of this work begins.

When looking at a workplace that has hot spots, a tool in conjunction with the stages is having a “buddy.” Finding someone at work who will assist you in recognizing work-related issues will give you an opportunity to move forward.

When someone around you is showering you with negative energy, applying the stages of Radical Forgiveness allows you to not take it personally. With calmness you can listen to their venting and not take on that negative energy. You can reframe the situation, seeing the bigger picture for everyone involved.

The key is bringing in Spiritual Intelligence to assist in seeing that what is happening at home is not separate from what is happening at work. The bottom line is that when life is out of balance, that imbalance affects everything! By making this reorganization and jumping into a solution, major shifts take place and the life you want begins to unfold. Take the time to identify where the work can be done and see how all aspects of your life experience can improve.

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