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Radical Weight Loss Online Program
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The ‘Tipping Method’ Weight Loss Program Online
A Simple 5-Step Approach to Radical Weight Loss

1. Discover why the fat is there
2. Recognize your body’s need to hold onto it
3. Forgive whoever created your need to hold the weight
4. Let go of the weight now no longer serving a purpose
5. Love yourself and your new body

1. Why is It There?

Our bodies reflect our emotional health. Repressed emotional baggage can literally show up as physical baggage - excess body fat. No amount of dieting will get rid of excess body fat if it is serving an emotional function. The most common function it performs is protection. This can be protection from generalized hurt and rejection, but most frequently it is used to protect from imagined or real sexual attack.

2. The Body’s Need for Protection

The sexual abuse of children by their parents, grandparents, step-parents, mother’s boyfriends, siblings, baby-sitters and others is rampant in our society. It is estimated that one in five adults were sexually molested in their childhood years.

The only way a powerless child can deal with this is through the mechanisms of denial, repression and disassociation. However, such attacks leave a powerful energetic imprint on the body, generated and sustained by a potent mixture of repressed fear and guilt. (They nearly always think of it as their fault). This is frequently made much worse by their own mothers refusing to believe them if and when they have summoned enough courage to tell, and ending up being blamed and punished even more.

The Body Remembers

Even if the mind blocks it out, the cellular structure of the body remembers only too well. So it seeks to protect itself by piling on the fat in those regions previously most affected and thought to be most vulnerable. This not only provides a wall of physical protection against attack, but psychic protection also. The mind figures that being physically attractive is a risky proposition so the best way to ward off physical advances is by making oneself decidedly unattractive. What better way to become sexually unattractive than to be obese.


The body can also put on excess weight as a way to reinforce feelings of inadequacy and of being unloved. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy that feeds on itself. The worse I feel about myself, the fatter I become. The fatter I become, the worse I feel about myself. And so it goes on.

It is difficult to know for sure, but I would be willing to hazard a guess that well over half of those who are significantly overweight are that way because they have deeply buried unconscious emotional pain that they are not aware of or won’t deal with.

3 & 4. The Solution

The simple answer is Radical Forgiveness. You forgive the person(s) who first created the fear within you, causing you to put on the weight as protection. As soon as you do that, the weight should begin to fall away since it will no longer be serving a purpose.

We should point out, though, that this is a program for people who are carrying a significant amount of excess weight and is not really designed for people just wanting to lose that extra 10 pounds in preparation for ‘bikini season.’ But for people who have used weight as a means of protection and haven?t been able to release it, this program will be a godsend.

30-Day Money Back Guaranteee. If, after having inspected the content of the program and seen what it entails in the way of commitment, you feel this program is not for you, send us an e-mail to and we will return your money minus a 6% bank fee, no questions asked.

5. The Outcome

Letting go of the weight is most certainly the goal, but the real aim is for you to feel happy and secure within yourself and loving your body just the way it is, however it is. That’s exactly what is likely to happen once you have completed the program and that is my wish for you too.

Program Content

There are no rules about how you allocate your time but the program is designed to be done smoothly over a period of six months.  Whereas you are responsible for time management, the program itself is very structured in how you progress.  It will only let you proceed module by module.  The exceptions are the majority of the worksheets and audio tools.  They will be available as soon as you have opened the first module of that section.  

Each of the worksheets comes with a set of detailed instructions on how to use them.  As you progress through the modules below, these worksheets will be available to you to utilize as issues and revelations are revealed. The worksheets need to be used frequently to be really effective, so get into the habit of using them regularly.

The meditations are important and one in particular needs some practical preparation before you listen to it.  To be effective they will need to be used regularly throughout the 6 months.

Most of the modules are augmented by audios or videos made by Colin.  They are mostly informational but It is one way he came be in personal contact with you and be supportive.  He does understand how much of a challenge this work can be.


Section 1 – Preparation

1. Introduction to  the Tipping Method Process

2. Instructions that guide you step-by-step through the Program

3. Your Personal Covenant to Yourself.

4. My Tipping Method Weight Loss Journal—to be used daily

5. E-Book: Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle.
This book gives you the basic conceptual framework for the Tipping Method and Radical Forgiveness. It shows you how to heal the wounds of the past which may be responsible for your weight, and quickly resolve everyday hurts and emotional issues you might otherwise hold onto for a very long time. You will discover how to transform emotions like anger, fear and resentment into unconditional love, gratitude and peace quickly and easily.

6. E-Book: Radical Manifestation, the Fine Art of Creating the Life You Want.
This book explains the paradigm we must embrace if we are to be able to manifest what we want and teaches us how to use Spiritual Intelligence to bypass the mind in creating what we want.  There is a special chapter on the weight issue at the back of the book.

7. Creating the Shift – The 5 Stages.  All the worksheets follow a common pattern whereby we are taken through basically five stages that activate our own Spiritual Intelligence. 

Section 2 – The Tipping Method and Radical Forgiveness

8. The Weight Issues Worksheet & Instructions

9. Two Weight Loss Meditations you use regularly to re-program your body to its natural shape and set-point

10. Resonance Checklist—to see what issues apply to you.

11. Making a Forgiveness List—to find out who to forgive.

12. Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest—Information and discussion.

13. Radical Forgiveness Worksheet & Instructions

14. Radical Forgiveness 13 Step Process for regular use.

Section 3 – Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance

15. What I Already Think I Know About Myself

16. Things I Haven’t Forgiven Myself For

17. What I Get Out of Being Overweight

18. Things I May Not Have Given Myself Permission to Fully Grieve

19. Self-Forgiveness Weight Loss Worksheet & Instructions

20. Self-Acceptance Weight Loss Worksheet & Instructions

21. Radical Weight Loss 13 Step Process

What’s Next?

Additional Support

Radical Forgiveness Coaching

Support Groups & Community

Weight Loss Testimonials

“After the workshop I was open to a miracle. Yes, I have lost 15 lbs already and improved my relationship with my daughter but I was looking for more.   Yesterday, a client of mine came in for a session so I decided to take her through the 13 Steps and, because she was shy about doing it, I said I would do it with her simultaneously on an issue of my own. Words fail to describe the impact on us both, but I can say that for me it was the most awesome spiritual experience of my life. I literally experienced the old vibration shatter and a new peaceful energy take over. We were both so overawed at the impact of the process that neither of us spoke for about 7 or 8 minutes. It was like my whole life purpose showed up in those moments and I just know that the issue my client was dealing with is healed forever. Thank you for the gift of Radical Forgiveness.”
H. McCrarren, Psychotherapist

“I have been angry most of my life about one thing or another. Six months ago my doctor told me I had to drop the weight otherwise I was headed for a heart attack or stroke.  I was literally dying from all the hate within me.  I believe that with the influence of your book and the on-line worksheet, I have had the courage to move forward in a positive effort to change my life.  I have lost 32 lbs so far and feel better about ‘me’ every day.  Every time I feel the need to dump something, I do your on-line worksheet and it never fails to show me what I need to change in myself. Thank you so much.”
Ron Vandom,
Boise, Idaho

"All I can say is that this work is beyond words. While not new to this kind of thinking, this is the first tool that I have found to be useful in actually changing energy patterns which is something I have prayed for. (I tried to bully them (patterns,) "knowing" they're not real, but that hasn't worked) !!!"

"Anyway, my world -- inner and outer -- is changing ... not that that always "feels" good, but at least now when I allow myself to feel some of those young "scary" places, there is a way to bring them to resolution and release."
KB in California

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