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25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness Audio Book - Click for Pricing
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Better Relationships (3 CD Set) $19.97
Practical Spirituality at Work (2 CD Set) $13.00
Coping with Death & Grief (2 CD Set) $13.00
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Announcing Colin’s New Book is Now Available as a Book on CD
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25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness

Many who have read Colin Tipping’s first book, Radical Forgiveness, have claimed it changed their lives. As with most books in the self-help genre, it can be difficult for readers to translate theory into everyday practices and long-term habits of being.

This book seeks to remedy that by showing how Radical Forgiveness can be used to (dis)solve all manner of problems across the whole spectrum of normal life and human experience. The kind of problems it gives practical solutions to include:

• Health Related Issues
• Family Breakdown Situations
• Domestic Abuse
• Divorce
• Personal and Business Relationship Problems
• Legal Disputes and Court Cases
• Death of a Loved One Including a Pet
• Weight Loss Issues
• Business Not Working As It Should
• Addictions
•Traumas and Post Traumatic Stress
• Raising the Consciousness of the Planet

Totally optimistic in its approach, this powerful handbook is totally realistic in the advice given and solutions offered to you. It is based on Colin’s many years of experience teaching this method to people all around the world.


Set #1 - Better Health
01 Raise Your Vibration and Be Happy
02 Detox Your Body, Reduce Stress and Live Longer
03 Scrub Out Your Chakras
04 A CancerHelp and Prevention Strategy
05 Lose Weight and Love Your Body
06 Control Perfectionism & CFS, and Find Your Inner Slob
07 Overcome Your Addiction with RF as the Next Step
08 Release that Trauma & Let’s Get on with Life

Set #2 - Handling Legal Disputes & Transforming Mass Consciousness
01 Resolve Disputes, Win Lawsuits & Ace Court Cases
02 Surviving and Riding the Shift Trusting the Process
03 Transforming the Illusion of Tragic World Events

Set #3 - Better Relationships
01 Preamble - What are Relationships for Anyway
02 Make Peace with Your Family Origin & Heal
03 How to Survive the Slings and Arrows of Parenting
04 Revive a Failing Relationship - Make It or Break It
05 How to Negotiate for a Win-Win Reconciliation
06 Find Love and Acceptance for Yourself, Just the Way You Are
07 Find Love for the Other Guy Even If He Is a Jerk
08 Survive Divorce and Move On to What’s Next

Set #4 - Spirituality at Work
01 Optimize Success in Business with Radical Forgiveness
02 How to Rescue a Dysfunctional Family Business
03 Shift Your Money Consciousness

Set #5 - Coping With Death and Grief
01 Making Your Radical Forgiveness Bucket List
02 Grieving the Loss of A Loved One with Less Pain
03 Making Sense of Abortion

Included with each set the Introductory Chapters and Resources

01 Introduction
02 Preparing the Ground
03 Digging into the Subsoil
04 Ditching Victim Consciousness
5-8 Appendices 1-4

At the end of each application certain applicable resources are suggested, some of which are common to most, like the Radical Forgiveness worksheet, while others are quite specific.

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