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"Moving Forward" - 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Partner(s)
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It never fails to shock and amaze me how cruel and nasty partners can be toward each other and how quickly love can turn to hate. I have seen so much spousal abuse of every kind, the worst kinds of betrayals, horrible fights over child custody, partners being cheated out of huge sums of money and property -- that it's easy to conclude that there's no limit to how mean people can be to those they once loved and cherished.

The only explanation for it is to be found in the basic philosophy underlying Radical Forgiveness, which is that all relationships are for healing something within ourselves. All the seemingly terrible scenarios that occur between partners are opportunities for both parties to learn and grow at a very deep level and there is nothing accidental about them. They are self-created at the soul level and each partner is doing a dance in service to the other.

The problem is that when you have an emotionally charged issue with a partner, either now or in the past, it is very difficult to think this way. Well, with this program you don't have to. If you just go through the program with a small amount of willingness to think that it might just be possible, then it will work for you. It's virtually guaranteed.

I urge you to try it. If you are holding onto pain, resentment, hurt, grief, anger or any other emotional of that kind, you need to do something because energy of that kind is highly toxic. Wouldn't you rather be happy and healthy than right?

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