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"Breaking Free" - 21 Day Online Program for Forgiving Your Parents
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All Parents Are Imperfect; But That Doesn’t Mean Your Life Has to Suck!
Forgive Your Parents Now — Easily and Quickly — and
Find the Happiness and Success You Deserve

Start the 21-Day Online Program Today and Break Out of the
Cycle of Unhappiness and Limitation!

Our promise to you is, if you forgive your parents for whatever you feel they did to you, your life will improve immediately and immeasurably. You will feel lighter, happier, more at peace with yourself and your life will simply zooooom forward!

You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Pain —
And Your Parents Gain As Well

Nothing keeps us stuck in our lives as much as an unhealed childhood wound. Such wounds can range from severe physical or sexual abuse, to that of simply feeling unloved, abandoned or unappreciated by one’s parents.

If left unhealed, these wounds become the touchstones for our sense of who we are, beliefs about what our worth is, what we deserve and how successful we will be in our lives. They affect every aspect of our lives and all our relationships.

A Wound Becomes a Repeating Pattern

We subconsciously act out these wounds over and over again, enfolding them into a subtle, but deadly, pattern of repetition. Each replay creates still more pain — until we say “enough is enough!”

“Well, Enough is Enough NOW”

Assuming they are still alive, the chances are good that your relationship with your parents will improve dramatically, as well. “Breaking Free” is not only for you; they feel the benefits, too. Their energy changes in line with yours. It can make a dramatic difference to the whole family dynamic. You will be amazed.

RADICAL Forgiveness is the Key

If you’ve ever tried to forgive anyone, let alone your parents, you will have discovered how difficult it is. Not so with Radical Forgiveness, which is totally different. At the end of the 21 days, it will have been achieved and it will have been easy and simple — a matter of devoting about one hour per day, doing the assignment we send you each day of the 21 days. It couldn’t be easier, quicker or more reliable. With traditional forgiveness, it would take years.


If you are new to this kind of thing, please don’t worry. After you have registered, you fill in a questionnaire. From what we learn from that, we design a program that fits your needs and speaks your language.

The Program in Two Parts

This part of the program consists of a number of modules giving you information about how Radical Forgiveness works. You can take as long as you like going through these modules.



Part Two
When you are ready to start Part Two, 21 days of assignments, you simply click a button and off you go.

You will have to make sure that you are going to be available to receive those e-mailed assignments, so pick your start time carefully.


If you find yourself needing emotional support, at any time during the process, we have Radical Forgiveness coaches who are specifically trained to give help to people, like yourself, going through the program. This service is at additional cost to the program because it is optional. Alternatively, you might prefer to have a friend or a ‘buddy’ support you.

Look What Others Have Said

“When I talk to my mom there is a generous softness to our conversion now. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. It really is like a pebble in the pond. It affects more just your relationship with your parents.”
Amy P., Georgia

"I can't begin to tell you how doing the "Breaking Free - Forgiving Your Parents" online workshop has improved and enhanced my life. It took a week or so after completion for me to notice how my attitude had changed towards my father. I can now speak to him on the phone without anxiety and, amazingly, he has not tried to push any of my buttons. We seem to be relating in a new, calmer and more loving manner. This is truly a blessing for me. Thank you so much!"
Barb B., Missouri

“After I started the program, I realized that pattern had to do with a perceived abandonment issue I had beginning when I was 5 years old.  I am thankful for being able to do this program and for the amazing results I have achieved.”
Heather D., Georgia

“My time I am spending with my mother in conversation and personally is more gentle and I am peaceful and look at her with love that is not cluttered up with all the demands.  My head knows I love my mother, now my heart is feeling the love.”
Kathryne M., California

“I was blessed enough to do the 21 days to forgiving your parents online program. I was thrilled but still skeptical. Believing that nothing would work on her. That she was beyond help and these circumstances would never change. Within three days I was seeing big shifts of energy. I have had some amazing epiphanies.

“Each day things change. Not always in big ways but certainly significantly. I no longer fear her. I no longer fear each and every move I make is wrong. Guilt has lifted from my shoulders in such a way that I am making huge strides in my life. Weekends here used to be a nightmare. Today is peaceful. Her face looks like it has shed twenty years of pain and suffering. I have changed so much since the beginning of this program.”
Tammy D., New Hampshire

Your Investment in Your Happiness

We have priced this program very competitively so that thousands of people all around the world can have this extraordinary opportunity. At a cost of just $97.00, you will be getting extraordinary value from this program.

At the end of the 21 days, you will feel totally different and, from that time on, your life is certain to improve. Why? Because the energy you have expended holding onto the pain of the past will now be available to you as manifestation energy.

You cannot be a powerful creator in your life if you have so much of your energy tied up in the past. Once you have done this program you will have so much more energy and that means you have the energy to create more of what you want in your life – more abundance, better relationships and so on.

If that isn’t worth $97.00, I don’t know what is!

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