Mirrors Don’t Lie

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank all of you who found the time to leave a comment about my Cancer in the White House blog, including the one that told me to go f__k myself and go live in another country. 

Only 55 people unsubscribed which is less than .002% of my list. I wish them luck and Godspeed. It’s all good.

To be honest, I was expecting more of a pushback than we got. I say this because what I have found over the years is, we don’t like being told that what we find objectionable in another is precisely what we hate in ourselves and that we are simply looking in the mirror. 

The fact is, though, recognizing the person as a healing angel for us and then forgiving him/her puts us on the fast track to self-love and acceptance.  According to many of your comments, it seems you found it to be true for yourself, especially those of you who used the Embracing My Shadow Worksheet. I am very happy about that.

And by the way, wasn’t it interesting that I should send it out on the very same day that the report on Climate Change was released. I had no idea that was imminent. The WH tried to bury it, but people are not dumb. They got it anyway.

If you are following me on my “Colin’s Wellness Journal” Facebook page, I have posted an update since there have been a few developments to share with you. I also want to give a response to a question a number of people have put to me.

Love and Blessings,


17 thoughts on “Mirrors Don’t Lie

  1. Kathy Green

    Thank you for your response to Trump. It was very timely as Sheila was doibgva Radical Forgiveness Reunion the same day and we did a worksheet on him just after I read it.

    I have been struggling ever since the sex offender was put in the Supreme Court. It brought up my issues with my ex husband raping our itoddler daughter. He paid for a report that said somihappened, it wasn’t him. I now realize that I still have tons of anger towards him over the suffering from extreme mental health problems my Daughter’s life became and is. I am beginning 30 days of worksheets to try to shift what feels unforgettable. Thank you for giving me the tools to do that. It’s male privilege I am angry at. So it wil shift my energy with a lot of the world!

    1. Rev Lydia Ruiz

      I just want to thank you for being Obedient and creating for me this awesome body of work. For myself and the many of students and clients i have worked with at some point i use your work.
      so I just simply want to say thank you and may peace, love and abundance of all good things continue to manifest in your life.
      thanks and see you in my prayers
      Rev Lydia
      Faculty at IVISD

    2. Adri Santillan

      Dear Colin,
      I trust you are well today. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas and journey. I am sure you have help many people find peace by radically forgiving someone, but you help me for sure!
      Send you love and blessings.

  2. Lday X

    I belive in free speech but the WH..did not bury the resport but strange how all the unredacted files requested ( FISH REPORT ) that shows all the corruption that’s been going on in the White House Congress on both sides that’s not being addressed. STRANGE how we choose to see what we want. This spirit of delusion that evil is one side is ridiculous. Many scientists have challenge the climate theory but the Rockefeller and the elite have literally destroyed the lives of science and those that challenge this. Everything that we are experiencing is man made. HARP, chemical trails, the cell towers report in the 1970′ said that cell phone will not only affect pollonation…Bee colonies being destroyed but radiation hello cancer. We have an plan thato has been put into place. Documentarit’s like the Gershon Diet etc superseded by mainstream media, we have the highest camera rate in the world and obesity because we do not eat real food… the fires in California are not natural they are being set and started. YouTube fire in California and Lazer testing. I know when people read this they will say oh….one of those nut jobs. But they said that about Jesus too. The devil church is real. There are people secret so cities destroying this world let alone this country. But when someone points it out there labeled. Believe what you want about Trump..but he knows his kind and yes every president is in that circle. We voted for none of them they were picked. Trump is holding back the tide but soon the dam will break and you will see who is who

    1. Lisa

      Thank you for writing this. I was disappointed to see Colin leaving an opportunity for people to blame the current White House and spread hate.
      I have been in the health and wellness field for over 20 years, it’s astonishing what has been going on, and swept under the rug so big pharma can profit, lobbiests and politicians can get ahead.
      Regardless of you political party, have some respect for our country, our president and the rule of law. This country is out of control because of extremists and liberals with their big idea, no agenda hate campaign. It doesn’t work. Creates hysteria. There are a lot of bad things happening in this country like you mentioned, but the press doesn’t cover those issues and congress doesn’t offer solutions. They are taking our money, and killing us slowly. If people would dig a little deeper they find the evidence. I would love to hear people ask, “what can I do for my country”? Instead of the present theme. I love you all, god bless!

  3. Sherri Cousart

    Colin – I thank you for your e-mail re the Shadow and what Trump is mirroring to me/us – all of us! Actually, I asked myself this question prior to receiving your great e-mail with the ‘Shadow Worksheet’ (can’t remember what you called it!). I took that worksheet and filled it out and saw that what Trump is mirroring to me was ‘arrogance’. Then I went deeper with it and saw that my arrogance was a ‘defense’ that I use because I need to put up a shield due to not feeling safe in this world! Anyway, the inner message for me after these realizations is ‘I can release that shield – forgive my Father (the the umpteenth time!) – and be in this world with feeling safe. I can breathe freely through this realization. I THANK YOU for nudging me into looking seriously and healing seriously this arrogance! I send you LOVE, PEACE/HARMONY, GREAT HEALING and will remember you in my prayers for your physical body to heal. Have you heard of the Unknown Angels that Anthony William talks about at the end of his book ‘Medical Medium’? He says these Angels with no names can come to you at night while we sleep and heal you. You just call them in – tell them what you would like for the to assist you with – then thank them for their work on you! Anyway, just thought I’d mention this to you! I thank you again for ALL your WONDERFUL work!! You are a LIGHT filled with LOVE that you share with all of us!!! With Love & Peace, Sherri Cousart

  4. Donna Clawson

    Dear Colin, I cannot believe that there were unkind comments to the Cancer in the White House article. It was one of the finest that I have ever read, and I received a lot of really appreciative feedback from people on my list. Obviously you are very good at not taking things personally. I am sending you and Joanne my loving prayers, and wishes for a Blessed Holiday season and New Year!
    Donna Clawson

  5. Cathy Corn

    Hey Colin, Many thanks for all you’ve done for me in understanding radical forgiveness as a way of life. It explains so much to me and helps me with the big perspective. I regret that I haven’t gotten to meet you and would love to do so. Your work will definitely continue on with those who understand what you have taught us. It sounds like you have had a grand journey this time around and are achieving spiritual mastery. Sending much love, light, and joy to you. And also angels and fairies. Would you like me to send dragons and unicorns, too? I love you so much.

    1. Lynn Sanders

      Thanks for your beautiful comment! I feel exactly the same way about the wonderful Radical Forgiveness work that Colin is doing, and also send him much love, light and healing energy. Big HUGS to you both!

  6. Anne Robertson

    Go f**k yourself? Hardly seems to have absorbed much of your extraordinary teachings. You do what you need to do and get well. Thankyou for all your teaching and I send you much love and good wishes. At least that person was good for a laugh!

  7. georgie

    Thank you for shining your light in the world, regardless of those who disagree with your point of view.
    Because of Radical Self Forgiveness, I haved moved through much darkness and into the light.

  8. Pam Forman

    Colin, a belated thanks for sharing your journey. I send my love and hope for the best outcome for you. Thank you too for addressing this demon in the White House. I will work on the RF worksheet for perspective and peace. I know this will work over time because I found peace with RF with my personal demons. Thank you Colin for all that you do for our souls and hearts. Bless you!

  9. Pauline Berry

    I have been working with the mirror concept for many years and I have to say that there have been many times that I have really disliked that mirror. Having said that I have found that my life has become so much more peaceful and relaxed so thank you.

  10. Liz

    Colin, you’re a hero. I think calling it a ‘Cancer in the Whitehouse’ is putting it mildly. This situation is a threat to the whole world. Those people who unsubscribed to your emails won’t benefit from them anyway, how can people truly forgive if their beliefs are hate-centred (which support of the ‘Cancer in the Whitehouse’ is proof of)?

    Keep doing your wonderful work Colin, it’s fantastic.
    Liz x

  11. bewildered

    I am consistently saddened by how so many otherwise thinking, sensitive people have lost it regarding trump. some time ago you, colin, posted a diatribe against him and at the time I wanted to respond and mention that hatred is not good for healing. particularly when it’s irrational. I didn’t. but now I must. why do you assume that everyone on your list is a progressive anti-trumper, and that anyone who isn’t “doesn’t belong on our list anyway.” seriously.? only if I hate trump can I benefit from your teaching? which I have. and btw, the guy who said you might be happier in another country if you hate trump so much never told you to go f yourself. I guess you added that for effect. trump is a lot of things, including a bully sometimes. (consider that he and his family have been trashed and threatened 24/7 for over two years.) however, he is NOT many of the things you say he is. you didn’t include anti-Semite and Nazi, which is often on people’s list. which just goes to show you. he has been the most supportive president to Israel and jews in a very long time, if ever. I am jewish. I know anti-semites when I see them. it bewilders me to hear you say such wonderful, helpful things about inner work and forgiveness, and at the same time spew such unsubstantiated hatred, I agree that trump was ‘chosen’ from ‘on high’ for a transformative role. I hope he really can fulfill it and, among other things, expose the corruption and continue to improve the quality of living for americans. and I wish you peace and happiness and a life free from pain.

    1. Donna Ferrantello

      One of the best books written on the American situation is Os Guinness’s Last Call For Liberty/How America’s Genius for freedom has become its greatest threat. Guinness was born in China, educated in England and graduated from Oxford. Guinness knows
      American history well and uses a comparison of the French Revolution and American Revolution to discuss Freedoms and Values in America, past, present and future. A stunningly eloquently written text with much knowledge about America for those who are asking questions and need deeper answers.

    2. Jackie Smits

      I’m afraid you missed the whole point. It is all about having the courage to look at your own shadow. The things you dislike about another are the things within yourself that you have denied, suppressed, or projected onto another. If it is Colin that you are judging for being wrong, then look at what you don’t like and own it for yourself. If You Spot It – You Got It.

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