A Right Kind of War

love parisIn the aftermath of such terrible, gut-wrenching events as we witnessed in Paris last Friday, I am, as always in such situations, somewhat loathe to weigh in with a Radical Forgiveness viewpoint lest people see it as an attempt to minimize or gloss over what was obviously a cowardly and thoroughly despicable act.

Barbaric, perverted and cruel the perpetrators may well be, as well as misguided, misled and manipulated into believing in, and fighting for, a way of life dictated by an extremist and anarchic interpretation of a time-honored religion, we still cannot strip them of their humanness. Uncomfortable as it might seem, they are still our brothers and sisters.

Neither should anyone who professes to see beyond the visible, false human ego to the pure spiritual being that resides within, be too quick to judge the situation without first entertaining the possibility that some higher purpose is being served here in some way.

Not just in this event but in every situation where mass cruelty and barbaric forms of behavior have become the norm. Many other countries are suffering in this way, too, but without the same kind of publicity and support as France. Let’s not forget them.

Neither should we who are open to such a spiritual interpretation shirk our responsibility to do all we can to transform such situations, both at the human level, – through financial, political or activist support if that seems appropriate – and at the spiritual level through energetic healing, prayer, and forgiveness – i.e. Radical Forgiveness.

As spiritual warriors, our intent should be to shift the energy away from fear and rage that such vicious acts justifiably provoke, to that which is a million times more powerful – Love.

The truth is that Love is the ONLY antidote to the kind of madness we see out there in the world for which millions have died in the past, and continue to be killed in the name of religion or some other equally divisive belief system.

Not surprisingly, ever since Friday’s events, there has been a lot of talk about war. We may well see many countries, including Russia, coalescing around the idea of joint military action against ISIS. Yet, everyone knows, and history shows, war is never the solution.

Spiritually speaking, we all know deep down that the root cause of war is separation – separation from each other, separation from our own true selves and separation from the Source from which we all arise.

The only thing that would count as a true victory for humanity as a whole, therefore, would be in healing the myth of separation, remembering who we are and returning to a state of Oneness.

However, such a war on separation needs an army. Boots on the ground, as they say. Foot-soldiers, like you and me, who believe that Oneness is the only solution.

But wars require weaponry. Well, we have all the weaponry we need, here, right now. Our arsenal is loaded with tools that belong to the Radical Forgiveness technology. And they really do work. Ask anyone who has used them to heal their own life.

For big world conflicts like the one festering at this time, we have a special Radical Living Strategy called Radical Transformation. It’s function is to provide a way to inject healing energy into a disturbing world event in such a way as to dissolve the underlying energies of fear and anger that drive it and keep us all separate.

If enough people embrace it as their weapon of choice in the war against separation, it can literally transform the current situation in the Middle East as well as bring peace to the people of France in their moment of grief. (Again, don’t forget the other places where death and destruction are taking place, including Africa, Syria, and Iraq.)

The Radical Forgiveness process includes a worksheet to fill out, the purpose of which is to take you from anger and despair through to a feeling of peace. Just doing that raises your own vibration. This, in turn, affects the whole situation in a positive way.

I felt the need to do one of these worksheets on that Friday. I am willing to share it (unformatted) with you here as an example of how it can be used by anyone with an intention to shift the energy of an event in a positive manner.

(To download your own copy from our website so you can fill one out in your own way, click here.)



A Radical Transformation Worksheet
Applying the Strategy of Radical Forgiveness to World Events

  1. What is happening in the world now that disturbs me is:

The terrible, inexcusable, unforgivable, brutal and barbaric, cold-blooded execution of hundreds of innocent people just out to enjoy themselves on a Friday night, by a groups of insane, psychopathic religious maniacs, bent on destroying the way of life we enjoy, and have fought for down the centuries, based on freedom and respect for individual liberty, they having the intention to replace it with a total regressive way of life-based on violence, repression, and domination of women, using a perversion of Islam as their justification, a religion which, far from advocating violence as a way of life preaches that we live in peace and harmony. This is a declaration of war against France and us, and worse yet, include amongst their ranks, brothers, and sisters from our own countries who, having enjoyed the fruits of a decent upbringing and a supportive culture, have turned against us and are out to kill us and destroy all that we stand for.

  1. The feelings I am experiencing about this situation include:

Fear; anger; helplessness; apathy; panic; anxiety; aloneness; hopelessness, abandonment; betrayal; despondency; other feelings: Vengefulness and hate

  1. I am noticing my automatic ‘knee-jerk’ reactions to this situation, such as:

Lay blame; punish those responsible; get something done about it; change something; complain; be right, (I told you so!); scream; go fix it myself; demonstrate; declare war; get revenge.

Write here about the ones you just checked and any others that have come to mind.
I blame Tony Blair and George Bush for stupidly going to war on very dubious, disastrous and self-serving grounds in the Middle East because it created the ideal conditions for Isis to birth itself and flourish as a force for evil.

As soon as I heard about what those maniacs had done, I noticed my mind saying things like, drop a nuclear bomb on the whole lot of them. That soon passed on the grounds that it would hurt a lot more people and cause a further conflagration, but I still entertained a lot of thoughts about revenge, reprisal, severe punishment, even torture. Death was too good for them for it gave them martyrdom. When the President of France said it was war, and revenge would be swift and merciless, I felt a sense of my own righteousness in wanting the same.

  1. If I had infinite power and authority over the situation, I would . . . (Fantasize as much as you like and don’t censor your thoughts. If you think people are to blame, include any dark, negative thoughts that might be running through your mind.) ban ALL religions. While a lot of religious people do good things, on the whole it appears to me that organized religions, without exception, have been a force, if not for evil, then certainly for the creation and maintenance of separation while providing bad people a quasi-moral case for doing vile things to people in the name of their God. This is a fantasy, of course. But that’s how I feel at this moment.

What I would do if I were in the French President’s shoes and had infinite power over the rest of the world, I would declare a halt to all hostilities, give everyone two weeks’ vacation to heal and think about the alternative to war. I would then convene an international convention the subject of which would be Radical Forgiveness. I would bring together all the leaders of the world, lock them in a room with only bread and water, and keep them there until such time as they came to a consensus on the creation of a charter that was based purely on equal rights for everyone, non-violent means of communication, the eradication of poverty and the reversal of global warming. And that just for starters.

  1. In spite of my initial feelings of: Fear, anger, betrayal, vengefulness and hate

(Pull from 2). And my initial knee-jerk reactions to: (Pull from 3) Lay blame, Punish, Get revenge and Declare War

The actions I can take that might make a practical difference is to . . .(e.g. send money; go help; write a letter; volunteer; become a whistle-blower; protest; etc. Note: It may well be nothing.) The one thing I can do which will make a difference is to write a blog and encourage people to assist me in shifting the energy and raising the vibration of the entire situation and to bring peace and healing to the people of France, by doing their own Radical Transformation Worksheet.

  1. However, what I know I can do, in addition to the above—even if it’s nothing, that will make a big difference energetically, is to read out loud the Radical Forgiveness Invocation plus the proclamations that follow

The Radical Forgiveness Invocation

May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are
now, have always been, and forever will be in divine order, unfolding
according to a divine plan.

And may we truly surrender to this truth whether we understand it or not.

May we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection
with the divine part of us, with everyone and with everything,
so we can truly say and feel — we are ONE.

  1. Having read the above Radical Forgiveness Invocation, I now realize that what is occurring ‘out there’ is perfect just the way it is and all part of the divine plan. Agreed
  2. In being willing to see it this way, I am opening the way for myself and others to awaken to the truth, and that by holding the vision of a ‘healed’ world, I am making a huge contribution to facilitating a shift in consciousness where such situations as in Box 1, have no further need to occur. Agreed
  3. I hereby declare that I am willing to hold this higher vibration and to resist all temptation in the future to react to events with fear and despondency. Whenever I feel myself slipping back into fear, I am taking six deep breaths in order to bring myself back to my center and maintain my vibration. Willing
  4. I realize now, too, that what was happening ‘out there’ was a reflection of something that needs, or needed, to be healed in me. What it may be mirroring for me is – or was: My own need to be right and to defend my beliefs by attacking people who think differently to me.
  5. In forgiving the situation in Box 1, I have automatically forgiven myself. I am grateful for the healing. Agreed
  6. I am centered now and have released the need to continue feeling what I was feeling in #2 above and

I choose peace. YES!

Signed: Colin Tipping                  Date: November 16th, 2015

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