Lighthouses, Shipwrecks and Luminaries

shipAs the captain of a large tall sailing ship that’s being tossed around on a very stormy sea on a dark night, imagine how happy you would be to catch sight of a light piercing the darkness knowing that it’s source is a single lighthouse. 

You would know it to be a warning of impending danger and of rocks that could sink your ship in minutes if you struck them. How grateful you would feel for that light and how thankful you would be towards the keeper of the lighthouse.

The human race is navigating very stormy seas right now. We are in great peril of a shipwreck of major proportions. We could be sunk without a trace if, as seems likely, we flounder upon some very jagged rocks, many of which are largely of our own making.

The need, therefore, for a large number of lighthouses (luminaries) to show us light sufficient to wake us up to the dangers ahead, while leading us to much calmer waters, has become extremely urgent and desired by many who are already awake.

That said, and in the same vein as that which I began last week on the theme of “NEW,” we shall, in the future, lay greater emphasis on how Radical Forgiveness can be expanded upon. With consistent use, it can raise one’s vibration and level of consciousness to the point where one becomes a luminary.

So what is a luminary, and how does one become such a person who can shine a light on our current low level of consciousness, raise us up and save the world? 

A luminary is someone who embodies an inner light and is able to use that light to show others the way to a higher level of spiritual awareness. 

That light comes from their having raised their consciousness to the point where they are connected to the Source from which that light emanates, and it shines through them.

A luminary is a person who has seen beyond this current three-dimensional world of separation and duality based on fear. And, has begun to operate with the consciousness that is of the fifth dimension.

I will explain more next week about these dimensions and how Radical Forgiveness can help us get to the fifth dimension, through the fourth.  But for now, it suffices it to say that the fifth dimension is based on love, harmony and oneness.

I have to admit, that until recently, we may have given the (false) impression that Radical Forgiveness was simply about healing a particular grievance or issue based in the past and that once that was accomplished that was all there was to it. 

This is a misperception. It does, of course, help us heal our personal lives, giving us more peace about the past, and happiness on a daily basis. 

However, this way of thinking about Radical Forgiveness vastly understates its potential as a vehicle for developing ourselves to where we become luminaries operating from the consciousness of the fifth dimension.

This is why we are developing a course of study that will enable someone who wishes to advance to that level of spiritual development to begin that journey. Some of you may be there already but might wish to go deeper into it and perhaps show others how they can become a luminary too.

It’s not that being a luminary necessarily means doing anything other than living in a way that others perceive to be a desirable way of being. You will simply be someone nice to be around and a person to emulate. Just by being the light, you can be a way-shower.

On the other hand, besides demonstrating this way of being, you might wish to show others in a more active way, how to reach that level of spiritual awareness and way of living. And, by so doing, save humanity from experiencing  one hell of a big shipwreck.

I will be saying more about the workshops and programs we are developing along these lines in due course. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Lighthouses, Shipwrecks and Luminaries

  1. Ed Mowrey

    Be a luminary? That is exciting, and, as you say, it’s not been touted as one of the “normal” outcomes of Radical Forgiveness work, so, yes, it’s new and exciting. I find it fascinating how ideas flow in cycles and show up when we create them. This is a high vibe extension of RF that I’m ready for! Thanks, Colin.

  2. Jan Brodie


    I knew you back in the Arnold Patent days, and have enjoyed and admired your work over the years. Kudos for sharing yourself with the World! This “lighthouse” piece is absolutely brilliant. I have passed it along to my daughter (a pretty enlightened cranio-sacral therapist). I look forward to seeing what follows….
    All Best,

  3. Darcy

    Loved this article and sums it up perfectly – Radical Forgiveness is such a powerful process to be a sharer of the light. Thank you so much for providing us with a way to take this to the next level and clarifying that this process is not just to heal a particular grievance or issue but a way to shift to the 5th dimension!

  4. emma

    I love using Radical Forgiveness for grievances & hurts both big & small. I know how powerful Radical Forgiveness is & I look forward to hearing how to use it to spread light to the world.

  5. Christina

    Forgiveness, indeed radical forgiveness, is as essential on a daily basis, as drawing breath…yet not something that perhaps we ever think of in quite the same vein. There’s part of me that has a problem with being a ‘Coach’ , coming as I do from an era when giving of oneself to another in as loving and compassionate a way as I/you/we could muster was always free. …I have a problem with the concept perhaps that captains of ships or luminaries require payment. Something to ponder? Or something perhaps I could do with receiving a little help with? Thank you Colin for you. Love & blessings.

  6. Faustine Judd

    Thank you for all you share on the ever expanding thoughts of Radical Forgiveness. Becoming a luminary – isn’t that the underlying goal/purpose of us all? … Just not recognized or acknowledged by many of us beings of light who hide our light under “a bushel”. 🙂

  7. bev

    Your insight is remarkable and inspires me to continue seeking to be that luminary. It is so refreshing to have you guide us and instill hope. Thank you!

  8. Janet

    Love this newsletter. I know I am already on that ship. Your work has helped me in so many ways and I so agree about the Collective Conscousiness work to get to the fifth dimension. I was in Traditional Forgiveness for many years and turned to the holistic way of looking at my life and the journey has been filled with many lessons. Thank you for being you.

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