Las Vegas Shooting

JoAnn and I are much saddened to hear about the carnage in Las Vegas, and our hearts go out to those who have lost friends and loved ones, to those who are fighting for their lives in hospital and to those who were traumatized by what happened and had their lives changed forever in an instant.

At the same time, it is heart-warming to see the massive outpouring of love and countless selfless acts of support coming from everyone around.

We are also saddened by what we hear on the news from Trump and other leaders calling the shooter ‘a despicable human being,’ or the ‘epitome of evil,’ and other crowd-pleasing, ugly epithets when they know nothing about him, have no idea what mental state he was in at the time or what kind of pain he was suffering.

Sane people don’t do the kind of things he did.

Though what he did was despicable, he was not evil or a despicable human being. He was a poor deranged human being who was out of his mind. It happens.

Unfortunately, in this case, as in several others that people have not forgotten but prefer to ignore, he had plenty of guns and ammunition at his disposal to make it happen in a spectacular way.

It is clear that American culture has decided it is worth sacrificing thousands of lives taken by gunfire every year in exchange for having it be really easy for anyone who wants to express their pain in that way to buy any type of gun they want at any time they want.

It’s their right to make that choice, and this latest mass shooting won’t change anything in that regard, so get over it. They love their guns. Period.

While the police look for clues as to his motives and have found none so far, it surely will be obvious to people who understand how emotional pain is transferred at a very subconscious level from one generation to the next, that it is highly likely that if he is not himself a psychopath like his father, then he was almost certainly acting out his father’s pain and anger having taken it on as his own.

In a perverted sort of way, maybe he even thought he was doing this as a way to heal his father.

I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but in our work with Radical Forgiveness, we have seen some extraordinary examples of people subconsciously doing some pretty weird things as a way of healing generational pain, in some cases from many generations past. It’s not at all unusual. Are you acting out someone else’s pain? Think about it.

We may have missed it, being on the other side of the pond, but we have not heard, either, anyone expressing compassion for his family and having empathy for what pain they will have to bear for the rest of their lives because of what he did.

What does it do to their minds to hear the President of the United States call their brother and son the epitome of evil and a despicable human being? Trump of all people! The mirror speaks loudly. To you as well, of course. Me too.

For all that, we still weep for those who were the losers in this event. JoAnn and I have done a Radical Transformation Worksheet in order to send healing energy from afar, in order to keep trusting that the hand of God was in there somewhere and that everything was and is in Divine order.

From the other side of the pond,

Colin and JoAnn

46 thoughts on “Las Vegas Shooting

  1. Diana Kerwin

    Thank you for your letter. Very thoughtful and addressed many areas of human suffering that are not being discussed. Thank you for reaching out to try to help the healing.

    1. Jessica Hopen

      Colin, as others have stated, your perspective on this event is very welcomed, and for me, therapeutic. Attempting to view this tragedy from a radical forgiveness lense invites room for empathy, empathy for the family of the shooter, and even the young man himself. I am also grateful for the conversation on Trump, how his judgment and condemnation of the individual does little to nothing to help the problem, only aggravate a situation rife with hostility. Indeed, our liberal gun policies are problematic. With NAMI and other organization, however, we are improving awareness and decreasing the stigma of mental illness. I work as a drug and alcohol counselor, many of our clients, indeed, are victims of generational trauma. We all need support. Thank you for the genuinely helpful insight to this bewildering event. I pray we work harder as a nation to build and strengthen our communities, not weaken them with more walls. I am further inspired to take action individually, work on finding more compassion in my heart, so others rely on me to feel safe expressing pain and internal suffering. Unlike the way Trump is responding, with divisive hatred, it is imperative we embrace one another, learn to accept and love one another, not after a tragedy, but do so proactively. Thank you Colin for your inspiring words of wisdom, and instilling a desire to further promote change with positivity and hope.

      1. ilse

        Thanks for your beautiful comments and feedback. Could have not said it any better. Grateful for Colin’s work and have been able to support many clients better as well as my self, trough sharing Colin’s books and resources. I continue to use them frequently and very succes fully. Love to you all from Byron Bay Australia. Happily and intelligently gun free…

    2. Carol

      Thanks for this sane and thoughtful post. I too, know that all parties involved in this tragedy are suffering, including the shooter (now dead) and his family. May the light of Divine Energy heal all of us NOW so that no more gun dramas occur.

    3. Lynne Lees

      Thank you both for your wonderful work Colin, this is the first calmness I’ve felt about the shooting up here in Canada.

      The exasperation I feel along with many others about gun reform never seeming to happen after each incident. The sadness and outpouring of empathy, or my spiritual beliefs feeling tested. This email I received this morning was most welcome.

      Much Love for you and Joann 💕💗💞

  2. Sharon Showalter

    Good morning, Colin. Love and light to you. Serendipitously, this morning, while watching television and hearing other’s harsh remarks, I was filled with love and compassion. Thank you for planting the seed of radical forgiveness in me so many years ago. May you continue to share your message with the world

  3. Truth Freemyn

    Thank you as well. I always fine comfort, insight, and direction in what you and Joann offer. I will share your thoughts with many. In love ❤ -Truth

  4. Yassir Islam

    Colin, thank you again for opening eyes from the other side of the Atlantic to the deeper compassion and healing we can find here both for the killer and his victims. May your own healing also be complete. Peace and blessings, Yassir

  5. Donna Ferrantello

    President Trump gave a heartfelt and caring response in which he called upon
    people to seek God in their lives and come together as one family under God.
    He gave a remarkable speech and many have testified to the positive impact
    of his words as our leader.
    To use this situation to bash our President is inappropriate and unkind.
    To use this situation to bash our constitution and the freedoms that make our
    nation exemplary is ignorant.
    To quibble about the words referring to the mass shooter’s situation is unconscionable.

    As Americans, we unite around coming together in love and unity. May all
    model living for the sake of others as well as respect for all those who are
    trying to help this situation through kind words, loving prayer and tears for
    the victims.

    1. PJ Salameh

      Donna, Thank you, I was going to write something similar. What happened in Las Vegas was PURE EVIL and to use a forum like this to BASH our President Donald Trump in my eyes despicable. People, especially spiritual people should see EVERYONE through the eyes of God, not their EGO!

    2. Philip Christie

      By its fruits is it known. It cannot be that a voice calling for understanding of the gunman is not the voice of love. All the ‘kind words’ mean nothing if they do not result in action. What can God do if we are unwilling to put down our arms. It is our will that is done, not God’s. What is a prayer for peace when a gun is held in a hand except deception? We don’t need any more fancy words and prayers, – we need action. People of America, so much a model to the world, lay down your arms and demonstrate peace that the world may follow your lead.

  6. Christine Boylan

    Thank for your comments and the worksheet. I am hesitant to use it with my congregation. Saying that what has happened is part of a Divine Plan is a bit misleading. I’m concerned that people may think that God is responsible for what happened. Naturally we know that God is in every situation and so every situation can be used for good. However there is not just one response, one action, one way that all of this could have played out – this is just the way it did. Now how do we use it for good.

  7. Dinny Evans

    Wow Colin thank you so much for your post. When this happened my first thought was to reach out to you, but I knew you had a lot on your personal plate so I refrained. Once again for me, working with a Radical Forgiveness is the way to find some solutions or at least a path to a better understanding of “life”. I so appreciate you and your ability to so beautifully communicate the work.

  8. Eileen Knoud

    At the very heart of Radical Forgiveness is the idea that every person is acting out his or her emotional journey from pain to completion. How we choose to act out that journey is up to us. Therein lies freedom of choice. However, the journey does not end with death. Even the person who did the shooting will continue on his journey until he finds peace. Those whose journey paths crossed his in Las Vegas have now moved to another segment of their journeys. Those left behind have a choice – to see the event as an opportunity to practice forgiveness and healing, or to take it on as one more source for emotional pain. It sounds so cold when I put it like that, but in fact it is extremely freeing. As I learned in ACIM, “special” relationships are unnatural and not in accordance with God’s plan. I can neither hold the perpetrator (or Donald Trump, for that matter) in a special hate relationship, nor the victims in a special love relationship. All are of God, and all are loved. At times like this, I need to remember that death is not a punishment but part of the natural order of things. “Untimely” death is only untimely to those left behind who have not let go. May you find joy in all your journeys.

  9. Philip Christie

    Thank you Colin and JoAnn for your care and your work. The world is so much better for your willingness to speak the truth.

  10. arlette

    totally with all you said,, lets radiate more love more light and more peace
    in our universe
    blessings all round,
    love arlette

  11. Jackie Holt

    Thank you for this commentary. With all the insane comments on social media, this is refreshing. One thing that stood out was your addressing our acting out our ansestors pain. It brought back a memory I had 20 plus years ago. I remember when I realized I was not as angry as I was acting. It was my mother’s anger and distain for men, not mine. As I crouched in the shower that day crying and telling my mother this was not my pain and I wasn’t carrying any longer. My mother had already passed but I was freed that moment.

  12. pam satterly

    thank you for the reminder . some how Mr trump needs to spread peace not hatred . Vegas is shocking , but the heros and sheros who stop to help the injured and push others to safety are the peacemakers . thank you for the worksheet , I will be using it . God bless The world and America in it’s saddest hours .peace out

  13. Laura Kinney

    Thank you Colin. In my small way, as I speak to friends the last couple of days, I remind myself and others that pouring love and compassion towards the shooter and his family is the only way to transcend the emotions of hate, blame and judgement. He may have acted in a horrible way, but he is whole and perfect in his essence. I send love and compassion to all people that have been effected.

  14. Patti

    I believe this man chose to play this part of the human journey to, once again, bring out the humanity in human beings. How many of these kinds of events or natural disasters is it going to take before we realize it is our humanity that is being called forth? We seem to step up to the plate when events like this happen, or after hurricanes, earthquakes and fires but what about our humanity to our neighbors and those who express their humanness differently than we do through a different religion, different nationality or different color of skin? Did anybody care about any of those things when they were frantically trying to help people in Las Vegas, Texas or Florida? Frankly, I do think that came into play for the help in Porto Rico or the lack of help. We’re being called to live the best versions of ourselves. Are we up for the task?

    1. Pat Marrone

      Thanks for the reminder, Colin. We are ONE and must never forget that . Heartfelt prayers go out for ALL involved. Thanks so very much for keeping us in higher consciousness and awareness…. Blessings, Pat

  15. Mark Ristau

    Thank you, Colin, for your insightful words of deep and profound wisdom. Yours is a perspective that is expressed not nearly enough here in the United States. I just released a novel entitled A HERO DREAMS that explores, through the eyes of a 10-year-old boy, this age-old problem of violence. The story challenges the reader to consider the possibility of peace in the midst of the seemingly fragmented and divisive milieu that surrounds this boy as he journeys toward a mysterious threshold. In Book 2 of the series (not yet published), I will introduce the theme of forgiveness as a path toward healing and inner peace. If you’d like to learn more about A HERO DREAMS and my vision for the future, please email me directly or visit my website:
    With gratitude,

  16. Margot Davis

    Thank you for the clearest & kindest possible explanation of this incident. A similar one is that he may have been on anti-depressants which actually admit in the listed side-effects SUICIDAL TENDANCIES! Also this is one more lower rung in the ladder of where we are in collective consciousness. All my love to what seems so much pain in this country.

  17. Cecilia Rose

    Thank you for your wise comments, Colin and for this page. It is so inspiring to see so many people reiterating the message of radical forgiveness at a practical level. It is so important to come from a place of love and compassion for everyone involved in this tragedy instead of being sucked into the very natural tendency to condemn and hate the perpetrator.

  18. Marie Cherilien

    Wow-What an enlighten way to look at this horrible act in Vegas-looking forward to see life with the eyes of love like you do-#radicalforgivenesscoach

  19. Jasa Johnson

    Thank you Colin. Living in the world today is a challenge for everyone. The constant stream of violence and inhumanity that we are besieged with is causing many to become numb. I am choosing to be peace, to be love and to be possibility for positive change. I am holding a gathering of women in my home tomorrow to connect with and to so that as a group, we can anchor in more focus for the good on our planet and within our people. I will be using the worksheet you so graciously created.

  20. Donna Clawson

    What a gift to open my email and find this beautiful message with the high way of seeing this so challenging act of horror. The opportunity to see the best and the worst, and how magnificent to see the best in so many! Thank you, Colin, for the wonderful email that is such an inspiration to so many of us! Loving Blessings to you and Joanne!
    Donna Clawson

  21. Jon-Paul

    Respect your thoughts and agree sane people don’t behave this way, so clearly he was in dire need of love to balance the fear that had overpowered him, but…

    You’re being judgmental of Americans…again. “Get over it. They love their guns. Period.” Sounds like we all want it this way and there’s no hope left for us…so get over it, right? This isn’t my perspective at all, and 55% of Americans who want stricter gun control agree with me.

    How about another tact? How about “A lesson will be repeated until it is learned.” I could live with the idea we haven’t learnt this lesson yet. But I don’t subscribe that we, as a nation, love our guns. Colin, I love you brother. But I think there’s something in this that awaits your discovery and expansion. I served my country in uniform (the one you live in half the year and like to criticize) for 30 years. While I strongly believe our Shadow Self is revealing itself and is at work, by no means is that a blanket statement for the entire country. It merely says we all have work to do – some more than others. And by “all,” I mean globally as well. We may love our guns, but that doesn’t make us evil enough to stay away. You still come here. The UK still sends tourists by the thousands and conducts trade by the billions. Almost all nations do. Aren’t we all complicit on some level? Don’t we all have some awakening to do? Couldn’t we all approach life with a little more power and a little less force?

  22. Jay R. Winans

    Thank you Colin & JoAnn, you are ‘Spot On’. It says to me that there are so many other people who have all this hidden stuff that Radical Forgiveness (and/or other therapies) could help heal and so I ask for an increase in awareness about our shadow side. I believe we all have duality (good & bad if you will) and the only way we are going to obtain peace is for each of us to embrace & LOVE both sides. Love you both and thank you both for helping me on my path. Jay

  23. Katherine

    So well said. The worksheet is something to really contemplate on. I thank you for that. It’s tough sometimes to keep our hearts in the right place when so many are hurt. I try to concentrate on the good that happens after every disaster we have. With so much going on lately, I keep thinking the same thing over and over, “We come together and care for each other in every disaster, no matter color, language, country, political preferences, sexual orientation, or anything else, realizing at that moment that we are all the same. Human beings are amazing (almost as amazing as animals) let’s be amazing everyday.”

  24. Sandi

    No matter what, let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. Thank you Colin and Joanne for your thoughts and opinions.

  25. Neli Rogers

    I liked most everything you said but your criticism of Trump places you in a position of non acceptance of another human being. Shouldn’t you withhold judgment of him also? Your criticism of Trump “trumps” your good advice.

  26. susan cummings

    Colin and Joanne, it is a few years since my training with you at Milton Keynes. My student and I came from Canada to do your certification training as RF facilitators. We benefited personally and have brought your method and principles into our work throughout our province.

    Thank-you for your words on this matter. There is no point at which I would disagree and thank-you for articulating this so well. I work as a spiritual director in a tertiary care mental health facility and see the human carnage from the perspective of the lives destroyed as a result of unhealed grief and trauma. RF is a profound step in healing this pain and breaking the chain of generational pain and its resulting destruction. Blessings on you both now and always!

  27. CK

    Dear Colin –

    Thank you for Radical Forgiveness and for the radical awareness and shifts that come with your offerings.

    I have lived through some significant what would be called evil and have learned to look under the surface of what seems to be, similar to how you look under the surface for the invisible contributing factors. In this instance there are many things that don’t make sense in just my initial research of the situation. In my research last year I found that what is being presented in our media is misleading at best, lies at worst. It is my understanding that false flag events and propaganda are now legal on the part of our government. There are videos of things that don’t make sense of this event as it is presented by media. There seems be more than one shooter, lights were turned on the crowd, the man that this event is attributed to didn’t have any military or gun background that would support this, he loved to gamble and apparently had significant wealth with which to do it. So I for one am not taking what we are being offered as the truth, just as I don’t with what happened Sept 11. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Creating shock and overwhelm is a way to take advantage of people/humanity and I wonder what we are being distracted from in the process. Its time for me to read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.
    And yes I agree that if Stephen Paddock did what is attributed to him there is some greater unconscious pain being acted out. Thank you for your wisdom, presence, awareness and focus for living from the love that we are in truth.

  28. Judy Hogan

    It’s an important reminder.
    I am providing Crisis Response in Las Vegas, and those directly affected are able to see the perpetrator was likely altered in his mind with illness – whether mental, emotional or medical.
    If they, the ones directly affected, can see this, how do others feel they have the right to enflame more hatred .?
    We are hopefully bringing some peace to Las Vegas. Out of the disaster, amazing things can flourish.
    Please support Las Vegas and bring live and light to all the people.

  29. Patricia Kingery

    Thank you for this worksheet! I am facilitating a RF workshop this weekend and this is so timely as I feel most in attendance will have this on their minds and hearts. Blessings. ♥️🙏

  30. Judith A Andrew

    Thank you for your insightful words, reminding us that everyone is a human and connected to a family somwhere. I shared your newsletter and worksheet with my FB Community. Blessings and hope you are feeling better as well. Pray for you all the time!

  31. Kami

    I, personally, really needed this. As you are healing… And you are!…. You continue to heal others. Thank you!

  32. Vera

    Beautifully put – again – Colin. Thank you SOOO very much for all the work you do! I wish many more people could read it. Did you post it on Facebook? Many blessings to you & Joann. You are both serving our world so beautifully!

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