Killing People is Fun

Games are supposed to be fun, right?  Video game designers know a thing or two about how kids like to have fun.  Many years ago they figured out that killing people with heavy duty weaponry is what kids love to do, hour after hour, year after year on screen. 

I guess if you watch enough of that kind of thing, somewhere in one’s consciousness it becomes, well, kinda normal.  After all, those kind of weapons are freely available to virtually anyone in the U.S. who wants one.  If zapping people and eliminating people with bazookas and automatics is fun, it is not beyond the realm of reasonable expectation that someone with a screw loose somewhere will make the leap from virtual fun to real fun, killing real people.

By all accounts Holmes’s killing spree looked every bit like the kind of madness which is the standard fare of most video games today. His staging of the massacre while his victims watched a film of a similar nature was masterful, not to mention his clothing and his choice to have not one weapon blazing but three.  Even his victims at first thought he was part of the show and were possibly enthralled for a few seconds prior to him letting loose with everything he had. 

What surprises me is not that this kind of thing happens, but that we are all shocked and surprised when it does.


2 thoughts on “Killing People is Fun

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  2. Kathi

    I read the article about the Denver shooting several times as I was a bit shocked at the comments about giving the victims families satisfaction if Holmes had taken his own life or the police had shot him. I cannot fathom or relate to the concept of “satisfaction” by anyone of another Being’s death for any reason. I do not believe that anyone has the right to take the life of another, and do not condone it in any way. What happened to compassion? Holmes is a human being and obviously one in great pain and conflict. Of course the victims themselves and their families are in anguish. What about Holmes’s family and loved ones? It is a process for everyone involved. These types of events give us all opportunity topause for reflection, and search within us that which we have to forgive in ourselves. I feel this is an opportunity on an individual, as well as global consciousness level to have forgiveness as well as compassion for whatever o occurs in our world. While this event in Colorado is tragic, isn’t up to each and everyone one of us to choose how we act an respond to it? Isn’t is a choice whether or not we I carry the pain of an event or action with us and for how long? There is a process when things like this occur…but I don’t believe we need to be victims of another’s actions…we are the creators of our own destiny and world. We are all connected. Should Holmes be held accountable for his actions/choices..absolutely…shouldn’t we all. I respectfully submit this from my heart with the intention of deep reflection and liberation for us all, with the hope it brings light and expansion into each and everyone of us.

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