Is Radical Forgiveness Just a Load of BS?

I think this a fair question? Well, it is patently true if we interpret BS as “Belief system.” But it might equally be accurately described as BS where that infers, rather impolitely and in questionable taste perhaps, that there is no truth to it whatsoever.

I agree with both interpretations. When I model Radical Forgiveness diagrammatically in terms of Our Soul’s Journey, I always describe it as a myth I have made up simply to give the idea of Radical Forgiveness a cognitive framework around which discussion can take place. I never say that it is true.

And yet, whenever I present it to people, it invariably strikes a chord. They nearly all say, “Yes, but it feels right.” And when they apply it as a way to reduce their pain, and subsequently to forgive those who caused it, it seems to work. Amazing!

People who experience the change are tempted to call it a miracle. It does appear to warrant that description in that just by being open to the idea that everything happens for a reason and there is nothing to forgive, our pain is relieved immediately. Furthermore, no belief is required.

But it is not a miracle. What I think is happening is that when people experience Radical Forgiveness, they are actually tapping into ancient wisdom that has always been and always will be representative of the fundamental truth about ourselves and the spiritual realm. In this sense, there is nothing really new about Radical Forgiveness, but it does seem to be a gateway into a divine reality that for centuries has remained hidden from us.

I was reminded of this while listening to our friend and colleague, Tricia McCannon, speak about the ancient wisdom that came out of the Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Most of it has been suppressed and hidden by the church, but in fact, has great relevance to us and our lives today.

As JoAnn and I listened, we heard echoes of Radical Forgiveness in much of what she was telling us about the hidden teachings of those who taught in the great Mystery Schools of Egypt and the great teachers of that age. It was wonderful to feel that deep connection as we went further into it.

Tricia has done a great service to us all in bringing forth this ancient wisdom not only in several extraordinarily well researched books, but now in three wonderful online classes, put out by Sacred Stories Media whose Online University (called Sacred U) offers a very easy way of presenting classes rich in knowledge and opportunities for transformation.

I have a feeling that many of you might enjoy going through these courses yourself. You can watch the first module of any of her three courses for free, so you get a feel for the material. JoAnn particularly loved learning more about the Discovery of the Sacred Feminine and the life of Mary Magdalene and all the Goddesses. I am fascinated to learn about the 30 Lost Years and Secret Teachings of Jesus.

Sacred U makes it easy to learn. Not only can you watch the first class for free, but once you register for the class, you have immediate access to the course so that you can begin your journey whenever you want. Plus they offer separate audio transcripts of all videos for ease in on-the-go listening, and allow all materials to be downloaded whenever you want,

If you like the free preview and decide to do the whole course, you will get over ten hours of visually stunning videos and over 1000 illustrations, paintings and maps in a journey to discover the gods, temples, and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt.

Her three courses are:

  1. The Lost Years and Secret Teachings of Jesus
  2. Mary Magdalene & the Discovery of the Sacred Feminine,
  3. The Hidden Wisdom of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian Mysteries.

You will learn about the Mysteries of Isis, Osiris, Ra, and Thoth as well as other great teachers of wisdom. You’ll discover the importance of Hermetic symbolism and how you can decode these hidden secrets for yourself. You’ll embark on the search for the Philosopher’s Stone, the mysterious rites of initiation within the Great Pyramid, learn about the gods and goddesses, the alignments of the pyramid complexes, and the reasons why the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt have remained one of the most powerful subjects for over 5000 years! We also find out about The Emerald Tablets, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Seven Principles of Hermetic Law, and the Soul’s journey into the heavenly realms.

I think you will get from that description of the content that Tricia McCannon is an acclaimed expert in this field with several books and over 30 DVDs to her credit. She teaches classes that continually bridge the gap between traditional history, hidden history, science, metaphysics, and spirituality.

I know very well personally and remain an avid admirer of her work and her teaching ability, so I am happy to tell you about her class. I feel sure you will see in the teachings that she uncovers the underpinnings of Radical Forgiveness as we did.  It’s in there.

Watch the first module of any of her three courses for free, and then take the journey into a deeper understanding of yourself and the Universe!”

Click here to access the courses.

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