Is Kim Jong Un a Healing Angel for the NRA?

gun controlAs individuals we are always having our projections mirrored back to us by other people.  It’s how we serve one another and heal each other.  What we usually see reflected back is our own self-hatred and the parts of our shadow that we have denied about ourselves and repressed.  It gives us a chance to see them, acknowledge them and heal them.

Interestingly, though, countries do the same thing.  North Korea is currently a case in point.  The crazies in North Korea have an utter conviction that they need a nuclear weapon for no other reason than the paranoid belief that America is bent on destroying them at any moment. They are reflecting back to us, in a very big way, our underlying paranoia about the very same thing: that the biggest threat to the “American” way of life is America itself.

The least discussed but most worrying idea put forward by the anti-gun-control lobby is that everyone in this country should be able to freely own virtually any kind of gun we wish, including military style weapons — in order to defend ourselves against the American Government.  If that isn’t paranoia, I don’t know what is.  It also seems to me to be profoundly unpatriotic.

Now, I can certainly understand how the Government poses threats of the more insidious kind; for instance, being in league with the likes of Monsanto and the other big corporations who seek to limit our freedoms and rip us off.  I am an enthusiastic gun owner and I love to hunt, but for the life of me I cannot envisage any kind of scenario where having a gun of any kind at my front porch would require its use against my own government.  Not in this country, surely.

Why would they be coming for me personally? Who would I be shooting?  Am I likely to gun down some government official with a clipboard coming down my path heading for my front door?  Am I to imagine myself mowing down one or more soldiers fully armed and trained to kill, perhaps?  Would I and my really nice Spanish over & under 12g shotgun gun be a match for anything the Government would throw at me if it ever came to a showdown or shootout?  Of course not.  Not even if it was an AK47— something I have no use for or interest in owning.  But if it’s your cuppa tea, that’s OK by me so long as it doesn’t feed your paranoia and make you crazy like Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un may seem totally out of his mind, but looking at it from a Radical Forgiveness perspective he is a healing angel who is giving us an amazing opportunity to look at our deepest trust issues — most likely left over from the wounds created by, I’ll admit, the greed of the 18th century British government.  If we as a people cannot trust our government to the extent that we worry about them shooting us down at our own doorstep, something is terribly wrong with our view of the world as it is now and our faith in our fellow Americans.

RIBack in 2003 I wrote a book called A Radical Incarnation.  It featured a story about two souls who were to incarnate, become leaders of their respective countries, and then set about mirroring the shadow stuff each country had denied and buried and needed to heal.  One would become the President of the United States and the other the Dictator of a country in the Middle East.  They would slug it out until they realized they were healing angels for each other and then awaken and heal.

When it was written it was just a story – a spiritual fantasy.  But a couple years later it proved quite prophetic.  Bush and Saddam really got into it and mirrored a great deal for each other, but they didn’t get what was really happening and just did what people who are oblivious of what is really happening always do.  They created a war.  They simply enacted the classic attack and defense cycle that heals nothing.  It was a lost opportunity.  I doubt this one will be any different.

18 thoughts on “Is Kim Jong Un a Healing Angel for the NRA?

  1. Hardy Hasenfuss

    Colin, you are sooooooooo right!
    I guess it’s up to each of us now to spread the word to anyone in government, Monsanto etal.

    Continue spreading this message. You do it so eloquently!
    Your friend and admirer

    1. Suzy Reed

      Thanks so much for the reminder that we are always having our projections mirrored back to us by other people. I get so aggravated when people post hateful comments on social media, and this has helped me to forgive, and see the lesson in it for me!

  2. Brenda Van Scoy

    It’s interesting to me to listen to the emotional, fear based arguments on both sides of the gun-control issue. Guns are a symbol of our problem, not the cause. Most murders by gun in the US are committed with handguns. I don’t own a gun, (in fact, when my husband died a year ago, I gave his small arsenal away,) and don’t want to own one. Instead of focusing on whether or not to have more gun control laws, we need to look at how we, as individuals and as a society, can replace fear with love.

  3. Barbara Segal

    An instructive, spiritual approach to the ills of our country and world, Colin. Thank you.

  4. John Meehan

    Two of my favorite Libertarian conservatives are Professors Walter E. Williams and Thomas Sowell. They make the point in a jocular manner that the government has guns and will use them to enforce their collective will. I believe that Colin sees the idea of private citizens having the means of self defense against their own government as impractical. He may be correct about that; however, we have a greater need to limit government power than to disarm the citizenry. Consider the cases of Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidians at Waco. Each of these is an example of government overreach. Bubba could have knocked on the door of the Davidian complex and served the necessary papers. Instead ATF agents dressed as commandoes stormed the complex and began a siege that ended in the incineration of seven dozen human beings. Colin grew up in a country that has a different temperament from the USA. He’s a student of human nature and I don’t reject his comments, but they don’t frame the entire issue. It is still an open question.

  5. Ellen Kratka

    Hi Colin

    I noticed a lot of judgments in your contrary, which goes contrary to your beliefs about what we humans need to do to heal. There are a lot of assumptions about North Korea, for example, that are based on incomplete or downright false information.

    You might want to check into some of that (perhaps seek out some other sources starting with reading the history of the US war against North Korea, and then proceeding to a look at what they have actually tried to do to re-unify with the South and how that has been thwarted by our government). Even the stories about their nuclear missiles themselves have a lot of untruths in them.

    It is very convenient for certain people in the world (including those who ultimately control what happens in the US on a mass level) to to point at “enemies”, so that we don’t look at the man behind the curtain (as in the Wizard of Oz).

    I take to heart your advice to look at our own part in what’s going on, especially the blame we are so quick to place on others. This goes for what is assumed about North Korea as well.

    I hope that what I have written benefits you and, through you, your substantial audience.

    With love,
    Ellen Kratka

    1. admin

      Of course I make judgments. So do you. You made one about me. We are human beings and we can’t heal what we don’t feel. Doing a spiritual bypass is no help at all. Anyway, my point was not about N. Korea. It was about us and our paranoia about our own government being mirrored back to us.


  6. Mary BROGDON

    Yes, I suppose you’re right about that. What strikes me as quite interesting is that two young men from Russia pre-empted the supposed threat from North Korea on April 15. By setting off bombs in Boston, these two boys caused one city to wage war within our own borders. Until I read your blog, I, for one, and I suspect the media to some degree, completely forgot that a crazy young dictator in North Korea was threatening to launch nuclear missiles in our direction, and that it might occur on April 15.
    Now the Islamic communities in this country are said to fear retaliation from enraged citizens of our country who don’t understand their religion and can’t separate extremists actions of a few misguided individuals from the peaceful tenets of a major world religion.
    I wonder if that is even true or is it a question that is being blown out of proportion, sensationalized by the media.

  7. Annelies ter Kuile

    Dearest Colin,
    Thank you for your view on the world happenings. So we all can understand history and try to heal ourselves,

    Thank you again, Annelies.

  8. Virginia Parsekian

    If people are scared about their guns being taken away and nation wide gun control, I say fine have your guns and ammo, but don’t you think someone with a bigger gun will come along and do what they intend? Where will that leave you? When someone knows you have weapons you might be a bigger target. Can you stay hold up in your home for any length of time? Will there be shootouts everywhere, gangs taking over the streets and homes with more gang members and bigger guns? What a scenario, where will it end, how will it end?

  9. Nancy Horner

    When the Nazis invaded France during WWII many French citizens hid their weapons when the government confiscated them thus the french underground was able to help themselves and the allies.
    Our government has continued to take away our freedom in the name of whatever they decide is important. I am a patriotic American who served my country for over 25 years so please do not say that fearing the government is unpatriotic. I love my country but I can also see how this huge government is not obeying the constitution and could very easily decide to enslave all of us because politicians believe they can live our lives better than we can.

    1. admin

      Good point about the French Resistance. But be careful how much energy you give to thoughts about the Government enslaving us. What you focus on expands. We have more to fear from Fox News than the Government with their fear-bases rhetoric.


  10. Michael Warren

    This is disturbing.Its like I’m afraid of the killer in me that wants to kill me and I project this on to others .Self love can cure me .It first requires total self acceptance not of act of killing but of the presence of the thought.

  11. David T

    To kill is wrong. self defence. Fair enough.So you love to hunt Colin? Are you aware of the basic rules for spiritual living? Non-violence to all sentient beings is one of them. I suggest you look at the whole insane killing industries – animal slaughter. arms manufacturing. hunting. blood sports etc etc. Consider the karmic repercussions of all this blind behaviour and you may have some real insights into what underlies the insanity we see daily on our screens. Sarvamangalam!

  12. Rolf S

    David T’s reminder of human kind’s obsessive desire to kill virtually everything that moves is as necessary as is the recognition that the current perspective of radical forgiveness is in many ways little more than lip-service; but at least it is a good start.

    Without a clear understanding of the true origins and history of all humankind (hidden for the most part) on this planet, any form of forgiveness can only be short-sighted, temporary, and of limited affect. Without actively searching for the spiritual origins of any physical events, humankind restricts itself to the never-ending cycle of one-step-forward, two steps-back.

    Going back to the true source of any conflict and disturbance in the human experience requires the abandonment of a vast array of pre-conceived ideas relating to our understanding of what actually governs the physical dimension of our world.

    Every individual human being has a history of participating in the wilful destruction of other living beings. Regardless of whether or not we are aware of this enormous travesty and how this directly influences events today, unless individual human beings make efforts to awaken to this dire situation and offer heart-felt apology, we come face to face with the most difficult question of all: Why should life on this earth, our only physical home, be permitted to continue?

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