I have had to work really hard on my worthiness issues and my willingness to receive.

Much of what I want to say I shared on Facebook Live last Thursday at the usual time of 4:30. However, I know many people don’t look at Facebook much, so I want to repeat it here, if only because I want to make sure everyone knows how grateful we are for all your kind and loving comments in response to the rather lengthy email we sent out about a week ago sharing some possible scenarios for our future.

If you were one of them, please forgive me for not responding back to you personally for there were just too many for that to be possible. And how could I respond to one and not all? JoAnn and I read them all and felt incredibly loved and supported.

But then, as if that wasn’t enough, something else wonderful happened. After I sent that email, Shari let it be known that in order to fly to England as soon as possible, so as to begin the CellSonic treatment which holds terrific promise of an immediate healing for my cancer, I really needed to get an upgrade to business class, so I could lie flat for the duration. My very recent surgery precluded me sitting upright in a cabin class seat for 8+ hours. As my business partner she is very aware that having had to cancel all our events these last two years, money was tight. So she floated the idea that people might help us out by donating a little money to cover the cost of an upgrade, not just for me but for Joann as well, since Shari knew I would not be able to stand the idea of her sitting back there in the main cabin while I luxuriated in business class.

Well, the response was incredible and beyond our wildest dreams. It was more than sufficient to cover the cost of us both being able to upgrade to business class. And at this time of year, that is not cheap. 

I must admit that the response was so amazing that I have had to work really hard on my worthiness issues and my willingness to receive. In fact, I couldn’t help feeling embarrassed and even a bit guilty about having been blessed so abundantly by so many people for what might seem a non-emergency situation.

What made it easier though, was reading the messages that accompanied every donation. It became clear that it wasn’t about the money per se, or even whether it was an emergency or not. It was really about people taking the opportunity to express their love and appreciation for JoAnn and I and how we have made a difference in their life. It was a big, big THANK YOU. And that we can accept with humility and thankfulness for having had the chance to contribute to your life in some way.

As I read through the messages that came with each of the donations, I felt the truth in the principle that giving and receiving are the same and for me to feel guilty or embarrassed about receiving the money was to deny people the pleasure it has given them to respond in this way. It’s up to me to receive with an open heart and gratitude knowing that it was an expression of the love they felt for us and for us to bathe in that love without reservation.

It’s funny how things come full circle. When JoAnn and I were doing the cancer retreats back in the 90s, it was hard to get people to come. One of the reasons was that people had spent all their money on doctors and hospital treatments so had little or nothing with which to pay for the 5-day retreat.

I then would say, that is not a problem. Ask someone or a few people to donate money to you to pay for the retreat. I made the point that when you have cancer, people really want to help and always feel shy about offering, but give them the chance to pay for the cost of your retreat, and they would jump at the opportunity. It would make them feel so good. People would love to support you in this way. They all said, “Oh, I could never ask for money.” My response to them was, “Then keep your cancer. Because that’s why you have it. You don’t love yourself enough.”

So that’s it. On Facebook Live I went on to talk about self-love in relation to being able to receive and promptly lost it. That is the core issue for most of us, isn’t it? Thank you for pushing that button for me, guys. I will be working on loving myself more now.

Anyway, that said, we have booked our tickets and leave on July 11th. I had hoped it would be sooner than that, but that was the earliest flight we could get once I had permission from my surgeon that I could fly. But I will be doing a lot of healing work between now and then so I will be 100% receptive to the treatment the moment we arrive, plus it will give my son some time to get really familiar with the machine. 

I will keep you posted on the progress. Stay tuned.

And once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.



30 thoughts on “I have had to work really hard on my worthiness issues and my willingness to receive.


    Thank you for loving and telling your path. Knowing you are good enough is a beginning of self love. Is this good for me. I am learning thru you what self love looks like stating is acknowledging. How to learn aND feel self live. Excited for you.

    1. Ted Brunell

      Worthiness is a powerful concept we use with our Prison Ministry program and Forgiveness is a tool we find to be the hardest to allow for ourself. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with allowing genuine Worthiness into your experience.

  2. Alma

    Colin, I am so grateful to you for sharing this email. As usual, I wake up and pray and ask my higher self, what would you like to tell me this morning. I heard the words….we love you very much. We love you just the way you are. So, when you shared about worthiness and self love, it resonated with me. God be with you and your family as you continue on your journey. With love and gratitude, Alma Peabody

  3. Peggy Smith

    God bless you and your family, will be praying for your recovery, so happy to hear that things have worked out for you ?, God does answer our prayers.

  4. Michele

    I’m thankful for your entire team, and the treatment you’ll get in the UK. The lull between now and then, will be filled with anticipation, healing and more love than you can imagine- as we all are sending you and your family pure intention.
    For anyone “new” reading, I highly suggest the RF coach training and the chakra training! It was life changing for myself & my clients.

  5. pat marrone

    So happy to hear your good news and more good yet to come. You are so right, we are always giving and we must learn to receive so others get to give. It is a constant practice and I am so glad for you and family. I have a saying I use frequently….Trust in the Holy One and relax………Blessings, Pat Marrone

  6. Gay Purpura

    Colin, you have demonstrated courage and humility. And I want you to know about all the people who express their gratitude to me for how Radical Forgiveness has transformed their lives. So what you have given is way more than you know about.
    I was sorry I could not contribute dollars (I had someone steal over $65,000 from me in a fraudulent property transfer) It traumatized me but I am getting back to work now.
    I hope to speak at a Unity Church in your honor. Members are engaging in hatred of the minister.
    All the best to you.
    Much love
    Gay Purpura

  7. L.Lucky Guerra

    Dearest Colin, I have sent positive and healing thoughts your way since I received your previous email and then the message from Shari. I had wanted to donate miles we have with Delta. Unfortunately, I lost the email and being busy left me frustrated but hopeful that our collective would supply. I one of those who are indebted to you and your teachings. As we face undaunting challenges in our new business I have sought healing through the many teachers I have met before Jesus, our master teacher, St. Francis, many of the mystics in the Christian, Jewish ans Hindu faiths, as well as Butterworth, Edwienne Gains, Pastor Joel Osteen and then you!!!! You have been very practical and clear. I have loved your work for it focuses on forgiveness, and radical, so we can return to peace and ultimately LOVE. Thank you a million times. Please receive my love and that of my family who have also benefited from my own healing about money and abundance.

  8. Patti Zachery

    I think you hit the nail on the head……receiving is as necessary and powerful as giving. Religion emphasizes it’s better to give than to receive but without being able to receive…..we block the energy of Love which is circular. Perhaps much of the devastation that’s happening in the world is to bring people back to a new beginning and in a place of needing to ask for help. Thank you for leading the way through example. We teach what we most need to learn……..

    1. robert

      Beautifully said! The Course in Miracles says; giving and receiving is the same, just in opposite directions! I have a humble site called daytradingwiththelight.com, what ever trading courses that are bought, I would like to donate a portion of each sale. I welcome all to come and take a look, it is spiritually themed, I urge all to check out the tab “VIDEO WISDOM” these videos can, encourage, inspire, and offer hope! It has NOTHING to do with ANY PRODUCT…Thank you and God BLESS EVERYONE!!!

  9. Efi

    Collin, please forgive me for any mistakes in my English. I want you to know that in hard times of my life your book for radical forgiveness gave me peace and knowing and really had transformed my life. Thank you so much that you shared with us your knowledge and your love for humanity. Love yourself because you are much more than you ever imagined. God has your back and remember that everything always work out for you!!! I wish you two the very best!

  10. Deb Flaherty

    Congrats and May God speed a swift recovery for you….Praying now for you…Would you share a little more about the Cellsonic treatment, where to go in England to receive it? etc, ? My Dad has localized prostate cancer and is interested…. He is not a candidate for chemo, surgery or radiation….. looking forward to hearing back from you… Sincerely, Deb Flaherty

  11. Seppo

    Dearest Colin! I am so happy to hear that you can go to England for the treatment by a new machine. The new technology is amazing, and I trust that you get the best available help for healing the disease. Receiving is sometimes very difficult; I have experienced the same response in my own life so many times. The negative beliefs about ourselves are so deep in our unconscious mind. I appreciate very much that you keeps us informed about your healing experience. We can apply that knowledge into our own processes, too. You are worthy of all the support we can ever send you, and the whole humankind will be gratefull for the work you have done for us. You will be allways in our minds.

    A lot of love and blessings,

  12. Leslie Laird

    Wow. Your words touched the very core of my Being. You spoke the truth and It is always calling to Itself, which is why reading what you wrote felt so good inside of my mind. What an amazing turn of events that you are now faced with the disease you helped SO many cope with, and now you know, to forgive. Thank you for your sharing and being the symbol to show is giving and receiving are one in the same. It pretty much all comes down to our sense of worthiness which is a reflection of who we think we are…better reflected when we KNOW Who we really are. Peace be with you Collin, and to JoAnn and all others in your universe.

  13. Sally Pain

    Thank you for your updates Colin, even though we have never met I feel I know you from your openness, and I am very grateful for your RF sheets and course I am doing. I am sure you are learning a lot on this journey. Much love x

  14. Pat Hanson

    Colin I read and didn’t respond to your first email about what you should pursue and then the money inquiry one forgive me I would have but I was dealing with my own lower back pain from a fall
    you and Joanne need to paint and hang out with one another on this borrowed time that this new treatment will bring you
    What better to do than to love beautifully as you’ve modeled for us all

  15. Katherine Raybould

    Thank you so very much Colin for what you do and now for sharing this journey with us so we can learn from your journey. Love and light to you and Joann in your treatment and in your travels.

  16. Diane Payne

    Sending love and prayers for both you and JoAnn. I am so happy that you can fly in relative comfort to get this promising treatment, and I will continue to beam good thoughts your way while you are in England.

  17. Anne

    How ironic really that after all the teachings of radical self forgiveness and worthiness we all still have to work so hard to accept that we are worth it and deserve it. Isn’t there a saying that you teach best what you most need to learn? Of course you are worthy of it and deserve it Colin and how can anyone give if no one is willing to receive? People are just giving back to you some part of what you gave to them . Best wishes fr your new journey and healing.

  18. Carol

    Jesus Christ said the greatest commandment was to love God the Father and one another with all your heart, mind, and body. Self-love is important because without self-love, it’s difficult to love others. Narcissism is another deal altogether which is a self-centered love accompanied by vanity and insecurity and the constant need for attention. When we feel loved by God and when we love God and others, we gain blessings of healing. I suggest looking on youtube for deliverance healing by Mark Hemans.

  19. PamelaB

    As I said Saturday eve, you’re in my top 10. Even if you weren’t, I just love you and JoAnn(er). What a great gift that your son is instrumental in his father’s healing. You guys have a playful flight, take care of that cute butt, and we’ll see you in a few months. Love, love, love.

  20. Isabelle Dussault

    As most people in the healing field, I exposed myself to many tools. Life goes on and we put aside some of them, we forget them. Then someone or something reminds us of their existence. In my case, I just got reconnected with Ho’oponopono.
    We ask our inner Divinity to reconnect with the part of us that has created the situation such in your case cancer and just state the prayer I am sorry, please forgive me, I thank you and I love you, and send the prayer to that part of you.
    There is a lot of info on the web about it, you can go to youtube and listen to the prayer. Some people had remarkable recovery using this clearing tool. Best of luck in England. Ho’oponopono is free, you can listen to the message/music with the prayer while doing something else.

  21. Analeise Parchen

    Colin, you are the real deal. Forgiveness is going to save the planet — but beyond that – has already saved me. I just started to write, “has already saved a wretch like me,” because it is at the start of all endeavor that the dross of heart and soul be cleaned out – and that dross is captured in the word “wretched”. You have taught that our belief in wretchedness is at the heart of these distances and separations between ourselves and others — and I am intrigued/touched/inspired that Radical Forgiveness has led you to the radical awareness of loving yourself. Love on, my friend. You’ve already given much to the planet — now you give in leading us again.

  22. Magdalena

    Colin thank u for sharing so openly all this journey u are expiriencing now…Sending lots of LOVE form Poland :-*

  23. Darcy Richardson

    Colin and JoAnn, What a gift to enjoy receiving, I have worked on that too. You both have taught me how to go on through many tragedies with forgiveness and peace. My heart is delighted to give you something in return. Prayers for your healing and much love to you and JoAnn.

  24. Rose Boulton

    Dear Colin, my heart is full as I write this brief note. Too many years have passed since I had the pleasure of working with you and spending time with you and Joanne. Often I have thought to pick up the phone and call but felt too embarrassed for my silence. Dumb, I know. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, that I am well and happy and living a full life with my beautiful family. Life is good and I feel blessed to have known you and your work. Thanks for all you give, for all your love, and for being you.
    In friendship and gratitude,
    Rose (Topp) Boulton

  25. Miriam del Castillo

    Dear Colin, I have read your book “Perdón Radical” in Spanish, it was an ncredible help for me . I am very greatful for it and from La Paz Bolivia S.A. one of the highest cities in the world I send you a powerful healing energy of love for your prompt recovery. Please forgive my por english.

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