I Hate Stupid British People

access deniedNothing makes you feel like a perfect victim more than when you get punished by “The Authorities” for doing precisely what you thought was the right thing to do, even though you didn’t have to.  JoAnn and I have to do some heavy-duty Radical Forgiveness on the British Government right now because they have made an arbitrary decision not to allow her entry into the UK with me this year.  Can you believe that? 

I’m mad as hell about it and have to admit that I am ashamed of my own country for what they (or some moron in the British Consulate in New York) have done to JoAnn for absolutely stupid reasons. 

(As you can tell, I am still in the ‘telling the story’ and ‘feeling the feelings’ stage of the Radical Forgiveness process.)

The ‘story’ is that in July last year, we were returning to the UK from a trip to Switzerland and the immigration official noticed that her return date to the U.S. was close to the allowed limit of 6 months for a visitor. He suggested she might, for future flexibility, apply for a visa when she got home to the U.S. that would give her three extra months on future visits.

So she went ahead and spent hours filling in forms online, going to Atlanta to have the biometrics done and paying 460 pounds to make the application and sent it off.  Back comes a stupid letter saying ENTRY REFUSED.  That means she can’t now even come as a visitor, even though she is married to me – a British citizen.  And I am now having to pay at least $2,000 for a lawyer in the UK to intercede on her behalf, but even then with no certainty of success since it said in the letter – decision final, no appeal allowed. 

So our whole trip to Europe this year is now plunged into uncertainty.  I have commitments from May right up to the end of November, so I have to go, no matter what.  This means JoAnn and I may be living in two different parts of the world for all that time, which really sucks.

This coming Thursday, I am taking part in a preview event for the “Nourished Soul Symposium” which is happening the weekend of April 12th – 14th. (BTW I still have some coupons for $100 off if you wish to attend as a guest of mine – Click here for more details.)

I am one of several speakers who will be on a panel talking about Spirituality in the Workplace, which is the main theme of the actual symposium.  For us,  it couldn’t be more timely, since this story is a ‘workplace’ situation that cries out for Radical Forgiveness to be used. 

By that time, I will have completed stages one and two of Radical Forgiveness and, hopefully, will be in a frame of mind to contemplate a reframe.  I will share this story with the audience and speak of how we are ready to be open to the idea that either JoAnn or I, or both, created this situation for a reason and are ready to accept whatever needs to be for our highest and best.  I will probably use this opportunity to show how the Emerge-n-See 4-Step Radical Forgiveness process can be used to good effect in the workplace — or, as in our case — with organizations like the British Consulate.  If you don’t know the steps, they are:

  1. Look what I (We) created!
  2. I (We) notice my judgments but love myself anyway
  3. I (We) am ready to see the perfection in the situation
  4. I (We) choose peace

If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to come to the preview on Thursday (see details below), for your own benefit and to support JoAnn in getting this resolved in the right and perfect way, we would love to have you there and would be very grateful for your support.  If you cannot be there, we would love it if you would send JoAnn love and light and see her perfectly guided to be wherever she needs to be.  Thank you and may you be blessed.

Thursday, March 28, 2013
7:00 PM
Muse for Life
Community Inspiration Center
205 Hilderbrand Drive
Sandy Springs, Ga. 30328

40 thoughts on “I Hate Stupid British People

  1. Rev Rio

    You are Amazing Colin! Love the fact that even YOU still have the need to do the work, AND (here’s the Big part) you Admit it! You don’t hide, and you let everyone know this works for the ones who work it. Yes, it sucks that JoAnn cannot ‘yet’ gain entry to the UK, even being married to a Brit, however you and I both know that in God/Love, ALL is Possible. Happy Reframing!

  2. Christine Hug

    I am sure that with all your love and forgiveness the miracle will be possible!
    I wish you all love and trust.
    And I thank you for all that you do to support us worldwide to improve to more light and peace and love.
    yours Christine

  3. Renée Hoogreef

    I wish you all the best anyway, but specifically in this situation.
    I think it’s a good excample for a lot of people!
    Lots of love,
    Renée Hoogreef – NL

  4. Fiona Simpson

    Hey Colin,
    Fiona from Devon, UK here…. RF has undoubtedly changed my life, from reading that first chapter about Jill. I flew to Atlanta, then attended the cruise. 7 years on I am an Energy healer and use RF 13 steps as my first tool for healing stuck negative beliefs. Me and Pollie have also spent hours playing Satori. In knowing what I wanted I had to look at the other end of the stick at what belief held it from coming my way, in shifting that stuck energy then the universe would recalibrate and bring in that desire. Could it be that when you, in moving away from the UK and your family all those years ago rejected all that wasn’t working here including the UK itself? Your rejection of the UK is now having you being rejected? Also I have often wondered why it hasn’t worked so well for you over here, it has felt as though you’ve been wading through treacle to have us Brits embrace RF like other countries and came to the same conclusion…. my words may be clumsy Colin but I am sure you’ll get the general sentiment behind them. Much love Fiona x

  5. Michele Landers

    Dear Colin,
    Bless you! ..for being honest and real. I so appreciate (and I feel confident others do too) your being forthright and allowing others into your world and to know that you can create a powerful and enlightening program such as the “Radical Forgiveness” series and yet still be”human.” And, just how you personally work through your Radical Forgiveness program. Sadly too many “experts” in this field set themselves up as baby gurus or won’t allow too much self disclosure for fear of being judged by others and losing their expert status. For me, nothing can be further from the truth. I will have more trust in the person and in what they create and present who can show their vulnerability. I have created a year long “Living Miraculously” program and I have often referred to and talked about you and the power of your work. Mary Canane had introduced me to your work years ago and have used the radical forgiveness worksheets often. Sending positive energy to you and JoAnn for the perfect outcome. Blessings, Michele

  6. Bobby Punni

    Hi Colin

    I read your article and as a British person like yourself now living in Norway with a Russian partner i truly feel what you have experienced.

    From my humble knowledge and experience in life there are always many colours in this Rainbow to what we see and what our brains tell us to what is right and what is wrong for us.

    A key factor in forgiveness is trying is seeing a bad situation in a positive way. Rules in todays society teach us of what we must change to live in a more human way.

    Fear over the years generated by mans love of war have created Rules which we live by in the present moment so we can survive and life happy.

    Did you know how hard it is for a British person to visit the USA and the challenges we face also?

    Thankyou for your article, your experience which you have gone through has taught you and the people reading what youwe do not like and what we must CHANGE.

  7. Lisa

    Thank you Colin for showing that you are human. I have encountered so many spiritual people that won’t allow themselves the journey of an experience and sit in judgement and criticize those that are in the story and feeling the feelings. What a wonderful example that no matter how long one does the work we are still human and the story and the feelings are there, it more about how we work with them and move through it. Sending positive energy your way that your wife will be able to come with you.

  8. Veronica Hansen

    Dear Colin
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. Sometimes our ego can get caught up
    in the madness of the human condition…this is all just a distraction from your path… there is something greater unfolding for both yourself and JoAnn… all the brain wants is answers and to analyze and rationalize….whilst the soul knows exactly it’s position in all of this…. yes we create all that we attract in our lives and amidst the chaos of non logic, non sensical red tape, our ego wants to control, change the course of the bigger picture and distrust the process…. our Divine self knows of the method in the madness and this is all but yet another test of many…. your ego has already determined an outcome therefore programming your cells a negative energy….. it can all turn around for you both in a heartbeat. A thought is all it takes to reprogramme each of your trillions of cells…. every second you are creating 10.000.000 new cells…. what about programming that JoAnn will be with you no matter what? What about faith, and trusting your knowing? What about the time, energy, effort and negative vibrations spent on fighting different lower level vibrations? It is possible that these lower energies are trying to stop you from doing your good work…. and they do it by pulling at your emotional ties….. knowing that you may have to go about your business being not fully present as your mind is filled with thoughts of your loved one….this is how lower energies function…. like a parasite fuelling off your high energy. Go about your business and as difficult as it may be, try nit to get sucked into others drama as it feeds it, therefore giving it power….. put you energy into knowing all is taken care of… this will change the course of events…. meditate together on what you want… what you resist, persists. Things are never as they seen…. It’s all an illusion. I will meditate for you both. Many blessings to you both… Much live Veronica Hansen ND:)

    1. Pamela Skeen

      Veronica I cannot agree more, whilst I recognise the lower dilemma for both Colin and JoAnn. You Veronica have also answered my prayers. I too have been sucked into the illusion of the govermental “machine” via the secreatary of state for health … enough said as I too will become sucked into the lower vibration of the illusion of physical life. So it is with thanks and gratitiude that I read this and can now turn this around in preparation to let go of the emotional and psychological ties of “being right” that created the anger from the frustartion because I am unheard and …. forgive! THANK YOU Veronica. thank you colin and JoAnn for sharing and thus enabling me. Bless you all.

  9. Avtar

    My friend,
    While we work to express the light we have been given, we can forget that the structures we have collectively created in our pain, fear and ignorance are far from begnign.
    Perhaps, you might find this observation informing, and even a little chilling: a person did not make the decision regarding your wife-computer program did. While we are working to heal the human heart and return it to rememberance, we are having to come to terms with the realization that the egoic paradigm has already been entrenched in a sort of back up system; literaly written into the programs that control every facet of our lives!
    Let me explain. I used to work for the government. Once your name was entered into the system, you existed solely within the parameters of the program that now processed you. Even if persons in the government could recognize the inequity of what that program dictated happen to you, there was almost nothing that could be done to “help” you. Only persons at the very highest level could, possibly, overide the automated programs, and these people, people who had been promoted through the system for their proven ability to be self-seeking and “reliable”, were very unlikely to do anything that bring into question the integrity of the programs they had created. A feature of bereaucratic systems that ensures this inaction is that any differance between your action and what spits out of the computer is flagged and an inquiry is generated. A panel is formed to investigate. Your career is damaged and the incident goes on your file. After sticking your neck out once or twice most people understand the danger and futility and harden their hearts.
    The point is that people work for programs and programs are written to reflect the values of the “wisest” class. Question that and you are questioning them. Question them and the full weight of their egoic pride will come crashing down upon you. It gets personal in a wierdly corporate way. Heal the heart; good. But the programs that dictate every aspect of your existance will go on with very little opportunity for remidiation. Reprogram the human heart and you will come face to face with the automated face of what we once created and will have a hell of a time altering now.
    Just thought you might find that interesting.

  10. Amanda Walker

    I am shocked that JoAnn is not allowed into Britain, when they let in all and sundry including Moslems en masse who take advantage of our National Health etc. I will send Reiki to her, in the hope that things are sorted out satisfactorily for you both.

  11. Anne

    Hello Colin,
    That must be infuriating! I really hope you and Jo Ann can shift the energy around the insanity of the administration , both here and in U.S. If you do, please tell us, we’ve been trying for years!! Cheers Anne

  12. Gino Federici

    Dear Colin and JoAnn. My wife and I have been and continue to be great fans of yours.
    You are doing much good for the world.

    Your case reminds me of a similar situation I encountered with a USA Immigration Officer in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1972; a power hungry and pistol-packing dude who, against all laws of the time, refused me to apply for permanent residency when my sponsor (A big hotel chain wanting me to travel their US properties) and I went there to fill the proper documents.

    “Boy, you got two weeks to leave the country or I’ll personally come and haul your ass off on the next plane. You hear? ” I still remember the words!! 🙂

    You can imagine my sponsor’s reaction. I had to leave the country! It had happened in England, the similar way, 12 years prior.

    Now, here’s why I created both.

    When in England to learn English at 18, I had gone there because I always wanted to have at least English and French under my belt before 21, when I felt I could viably become employed with three languages under my belt. I am Italian.

    Two years of study in London made me fluent in English. The problem was that, always wanting to sing, I had begun singing -just for food – in a local coffee house in Soho. When I went to renew my student visa, they thought I wanted to stay to work and they booted me out. Of course, that’s exactly what had to happen in order for me to go to…yes, you guessed it, Paris! Two years later, at 22, I was fluent in French as well, and would get my first job.

    In Anchorage I had forgone a career as a commercial pilot and dove head-first into show business. I had had a spectacular six months run at this major hotel when the chain instructed the manager to sponsor me into the country.

    My dream was to become a successful singer in Las Vegas. The problem was I was making huge money and becoming settled in Anchorage. The Universe had to kick me out…again! Both times, regardless of the law, the Universe found a pompous officer to deal me the blows I needed in order to achieve my dream.

    After a successful run in the Pacific Northwest, I found myself in…yes, you guessed it again… Las Vegas for…23 years!!

    Yes, it is awful such a thing would happen to you and JoAnn, but I am positively sure that one day, in connecting the dots, you will come to realize that, what now seems to be a very challenging event, it had to happen to take you where you really wanted to be in the long run.

    It doesn’t make sense when it happens, but it makes perfectly sense years down the road.

    So, maybe, you must scrutinize your desires. Maybe something you have always wanted to do and have abandoned, for some reason or other. As you know, the Universe does not forget.

    Wishing you both a blessed Easter.

    ~ Gino

    1. Nancy

      Colin and Joanne,
      All the comments are wonderful – thank you for being human and real and we all love you and are behind you 100%. I’m certain the Universe is unfolding things just as they need to unfold, however difficult it may be to see.
      And this is a reminder to ME, that the Universe is unfolding my life events as they need to unfold, as well!
      Will everyone please hold the vision that my daughter will get a great job with great pay within the next two weeks, as we cannot pay rent on my salary alone? Thanks for your help!
      love to all of you!

  13. Fay

    Don’t worry – in every country there are stupid officals with an even more silly rule book. I think that all your fans together can create the energy to ensure your and Jo-ann’s passage to the UK
    Best wishes

  14. Dianna Mednick

    Know that you, JoAnn, your mutual trip and your business are held in the Ever Present Love and Light.

  15. Amanda Sowards

    Maybe the concept of anything “radical” — even radical forgiveness — was too much for the Brits to take. I think the whole “EU” thing has them really on edge these days. 😉

    Good luck to both of you, and I hope this is all unsnarled before you have to go.


  16. IR

    Thanks for sharing Colin. You are so kind for sharing! I have being using your tools for the past five years and it works everytime, at times instantly.
    This is all a test for you both. Everything will work out, dont worry.
    I am sending light and love, and positive energy your way :)))

  17. Ana

    From my experience, the only thing you can do is move all that anger (by hitting on a pillow or screaming or whatever it is you do) and then once feel the anger is no longer there, anchor in that place of peace and quiet. When in that place take action AND letting go of the outcome. 🙂 All my love to both you and JoAnn.

  18. Marilyn Ellis Mileham

    Call your congressman or woman right away.
    They are there to serve you
    Google them for your area.
    We had stellar results from our congressional offices
    And we are grateful! Sounds like you got some robots
    Best wishes

  19. bob berlin

    What follows is in addition to what a lawyer might suggest and abandoned in whole or part as the attorney may suggest.
    Make yourself a fixture at the embassies, befriend the gatekeepers, and maybe, have friends park themselves, with signs, outside highlighting the stresses y’all are experiencing. Be careful about this one. Governments really don’t care for this one and feel pressured to do SOMETHING(mostly negative, sometimes positive).
    FIRST, recognize the interests the governments are protecting(let them know it) so they feel heard and understood. Second, weave your interests thru theirs so they are connected. Third, search for precedents(I’m not sure where to go for this, maybe ads seeking others who’ve experienced the same treatment).
    Always take the high ground. Accept(in speech) all that is said(repeating same before you put your stuff out) then connect yours by “AND” even if it’s totally different from theirs.
    Good luck and call me if I can be of any further assistance.

  20. Ana

    Hi Colin,

    Since no one else has mentioned this directly (though indirectly I see it in several posts), perhaps you and JoAnn need some space to grow as individuals – perhaps so that you can then return to being together on an even higher plane?

    Like Gino said (and I know you already know) – this WILL work itself out. May it be in the best, coolest, most outrageously fantastic way for both you and JoAnn!

    sending love and light,

  21. Ana

    Also, the title “I Hate…” is great for PR, but not for your vibration…Hating doesn’t do any of us any good, and sending that message out onto the Web where it will still exist even after you’ve resolved this doesn’t seem like such a smashing idea. Your thoughts on this?

  22. Anne

    I wish I had some amazing insight for you, like the many I have received, and continually experience, as a result of your wonderful gift in the work you bring…for me, the mind challenges this situation is bringing up include: security in myself/other in relationship; trust in the bigger plan (does my Soul really know what it’s doing?!); attachment; opportunity to deepen and reframe what Love is ‘meant’ to look like; punishment/taking for granted/deserving; ‘freedom’; fear of the future … suffice to say(!), the very best of luck with it all and much love and light to you both always xxxx

  23. Tim

    Colin, you have my sympathies. The UK’s visa procedures are torturous and largely senselessness. I’ve seen this through my wife’s eyes as she has gone through the process of becoming a UK immigrant.
    Nothing hits the heart harder than when a faceless organisation tries to separate you from those you love. Not respecting that sacred union between husband and wife is a travesty and a contravention of our basic human right to a family life. So, your anger is completely understandable.
    If it helps, UKBA certainly does change its mind. Maybe your lawyer can rattle their cage with references to the European Court of Human Rights. The UK government is pretty scared of them. However, you’re probably on the right track anyway working through your emotions, letting go of fears you’re able to see, knowing that you can let them go.
    From a wider perspective, your experience illustrates how ordinary people can become the unintended victims of their own demons. We absentmindedly accept so many controls through so such a wide variety of different mediums. As we know, none of this really works at keeping us safe. We in the UK are not safer through your wife’s absence. Connections are missed, conversations go unsaid, and friendships remain undiscovered.
    Yes, prayer works miracles, forgiveness changes lives but without us taking responsibility, all of us, to bring down these barriers in ourselves, we are doing little more than hiding behind borders, deaf to serendipity’s call. Colin, your problem is shared amongst us all and we are all contributors to a solution.
    Brother, in our blindness we did not see you as you really are, our lost self. We grew afraid but now we are beginning to see again. Forgive us our lapse.

  24. Pat Ward

    Colin, I’ll stick to the practicals.

    There is some good advice in some of the comments posted on this article in today’s London Evening Standard (sadly you and your wife are not the only ones suffering at the hands of these numpties):

    I also draw your attention to Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (Right to respect for private and family life), although I would imagine your lawyer is already on the case: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article_8_of_the_European_Convention_on_Human_Rights

    I wish you both every success in appealing this incredibly stupid decision.

  25. Anna

    Everyone has given you such wonderful insight and support and praise for the work that you do. I agree, keep up the good work. I’m just hoping that this whole thing is just a silly mistake like the USA government telling me that my brother’s benefit for SSI are being reviewed and possibly be denied after years of collecting SSI. Then a month later they sent me a letter saying that the review will not be necessary!!! I knew there was something weird about the whole thing but I just waited it out and things worked out for themselves. However since you are pressed for time you can’t wait and need to find out why JoAnn was denied entrance and what action to take. Much Love and Blessings. Anna

  26. Martina

    Dear Avtar thanks for your informations, didn´t know about that.

    Dear Colin, dear JoAnn lets make a big RF process by doing the 13 steps to radical transformation, to end the structures of nonsense within all the governments and systems around us.

    i imagine, you two really have the power to be our healing-angels,
    so let´s make a difference:
    My first reaction – if i had entirely power and control over this and similar situations- is revenge, i´d like to empower all suffering people to strike back and not let happen that people are able to act without responsibility (but fee) by just pretending to do nothing but duty.
    It´s a shame, it lacks dignity to each individual who suffers under arbitrariness of others.
    I would like to just let them walk into victim-shoes. Those who decide how things should be donefor others, not themselves !!, have to find out what it truely means to be ruled by them.
    But as a tipping-coach myself i know there are better things to do and make the radical transformation 13 steps to raise my energy.
    The situation mirrors me: My ability to take revenge, to think i know what is right or wrong, to decide myself who should wear victim-shoes and who should be free of them.

    Now i am willing to accept this want-to- punish-part in me and set the intension to act responsible by telling others about the 13 steps of radical transformation.
    lets do another big shift to rise -all together- into the new paradigm, which is meant to be now, we´re in: the age of aquaries. We suffered enough,let´s start co-creating !!

    Blessings, love, light and the power to an “awesome” insight and outcome,
    why not using the situation to empower people to work with the 13 steps of radical transformation ?-and you yourself be re-assured that everything is just happen to help us move into the feeling of oneness.
    You are definately not alone, lets empower you and more and more people to make the Change happen. Yes we can !

    Thank you for sharing your story, so far. with love and gratitude from old-germany

    yours martina

  27. Ellen (newton) Stetson

    Dear Ones, this is positively laugable, though I imagine you’re not laughing right now! Knowing as you do that all is well, perfect in timing just as it is, it ocured to me that this is just an opportunity for energy to balance for you/all others in a ridiculously major way, and that it will definitely make sense later. Meanwhile, it’s surely a fabulous opportunity to practice the baby you birthed so lovingly, worldwide. I KNOW in my soul that what seems like enormous energy around this “refusal” or “rejection” experience is shifting, even as you write. JoAnn, I now ask all of your Guardian Angels for a Most Benevolent Outcome as you move forward with your intention to join Collin in his travels at the right and perfect time. I thank all those who are now assisting you in your highest and best outcome! Much Love, Ellen

  28. Alicia

    Dear Colin,
    Your Radical Forgiveness technique and worksheets helped me through at terrible crisis with someone very dear to me, who, as it happens, is a US citizen who has studied and lived in the UK for the last 13 years. He was nearly denied “indefinite leave to remain”, and a UK visa, though his life’s work was established there. His lawyer and her assistant won him a UK visa through the aforementioned European Human Rights Court clause, and he won! I suspect you have a strong case based on Human Rights, and I also think camping out at your Congressman/woman’s doorstep may be helpful as well. Phone calls to the proper UK authorities can be made through the American end, but UKBA has the final say, as you probably know. I think your stronest bet is the Human Rights platform and if you are doing your RF process, I think all the angels of heaven will show up!

    While I am still waiting for them to show me exactly how my own story, which involves the aforementioned dear one, will unfold for the highest good of all concerned and with love present among us, I have faith that RF is at work, even if the story is a long time in its coming to any sort of conclusion.
    Peace, Love and Light! I will hold you and Joann in my heart.

  29. Jim Drummond

    There’s little I can say only that all the entry rules have been rigidly enforced. With over 2 million immigrants from eastern Europe in the last few years we are getting a tage full. Maybe you can just place an appeal, the system is currently stagnated, in the meantime request that your wife be given a temporary visa!

  30. Charlie

    Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do.
    I am remembering that all is well in your world, that nothing bad happened, and that nothing else is possible but a perfect unfolding and a perfect outcome.

  31. Heather

    Colin, I appreciate what you wrote, it took me a while to be able to work out what was going on with me, I realized that I had taken the headline literally and I’m grateful that you brought that up for me, I left England in 1965, I feel both close and rejected.

    Watching your videos has shifted my perspective somewhat and I was able to realize that what I read into the headlines was coming from myself so it was truly a great moment, it was what I needed to hear, so although it threw me off a bit, I now know that nothing bad happened and I am willing to allow myself to accept that the bigger picture is unfolding.

  32. Gabriele Differenz

    Dear Colin, dear JoAnn,
    before I read what happened to you, you were very far away. Now you seem to be so close. Many, many people seem to feel the same, and to feel now even stronger that radical forgiveness makes such a difference in our lives. May be this is one of the reasons you created the situation – to feel we really are one! You will be “present” in our support-group in Germany too – like in many many other support-groups. So much good energy rising all around the globe!
    Love from

  33. Fanja

    Thank you for telling us it won’t be so easy for us too. I would like just to send you both LOVE and LIGHT. Is “humility” a form of accepting everything you created as “perfect”? JoAnn wrote one day she was grateful for everything and for the situation she was facing and then … she was full of joy afterwards.

  34. Brenda Miller

    Colin and JoAnn,
    There’s no doubt the universe has brought this to you for a reason -and you both already know that.

    Life brings us no more than we can handle; and so I know you are looking at the delicious lemonade you can make of these lemons.

    Sending peaceful energy your way, always,
    Brenda Miller

  35. Colleen McCarthy

    Dearest Colin,

    I am truly, truly heart-felt sorry for this challenge you and JoAnn are going through. My Beloved and I have been separated for nine months now. It too, was quite unexpected and shocking and is very painful, indeed. It is one of the most difficult things a couple can go through and so I send you both waves of peace and calm and even more love…

    Your Story brings up two things for me–

    Your honest sharing is so beautifully human, so moving, and so unifying, Colin. I just love this! What a fantastic teaching-moment! Thank you SO MUCH for your raw honesty here. When we are honest about our thoughts and feelings, we create connection. We connect to others because people can see themselves in us and then feel okay about themselves. They realize they are not alone in their suffering and emotional challenges. When we ‘pretend perfection’ we create separation. When we act perfect we disconnect from others because people cannot identify and then feel isolated and alone in their own suffering and emotional challenges. And I believe as a therapist, counselor, minister, etc., it is very important too, to not ‘pretend perfect’ for this very reason. So many authorities do, as this is what they’ve been taught in school, but I think it does the client/patient a dis-service. I have experienced personally AND professionally that when I am honest about my challenges, my client or friend has even more respect for me, my wisdom and we form a closer bond. You have created such a beautiful example of this here, as some have even said, “Thank you, Colin, I feel closer to you.” Whether people have said so or not, they are feeling it… And this is what I love about emotional honesty!! It is so healing and unifying.

    And then finally, this brings up something I and others have struggled with regarding forgiveness. Is it best to completely let go of the injustice on the 3D level? Or, is it best to also hold the offender accountable? (Assuming forgiveness is in process or has already taken place.) I can see both sides. From a spiritual and energetic perspective, completely letting go will free us up on the body, mind, heart, spirit levels. Although… will it? Maybe our ‘spiritual role’ in this earth drama is to also play the part of the accountability-holder. Or to ‘stand up and be heard.’ Or an assortment of other roles.

    The best answer I have come up with is from my experience as a mother. If my child picks up his toy and hits another over the head with it, my child needs to learn that he cannot go around wacking other children on the head with his toy. Assuming ‘it’s all divine all the time,’ we could just walk away from it and hope both will learn their respective lessons on their own. Usually not a good idea. We could also talk about his feelings, his motivations, the other child talks about his feelings and my son sincerely apologizes to the other and we all move on. Better idea. But I believe my son will learn the lesson faster if he receives a natural consequence for his behaviour, such as he is removed from playtime for a reasonable amount of time. Accountability in actions is a powerful teacher.

    Some people believe that if we engage in the conflict on the 3D level, we cannot rise above it and create the change from a spiritual level. I’ve tried both ways over the last 20 years and have finally found the answer in the balance. Both ways together are necessary, appropriate and highly effective… and, for both parties. Yes, we are spiritual beings in a human body. We are BOTH spiritual and human, in a earthly reality. Working on both levels is important.

    I say you do what you can to bring this situation to light in the 3D reality to resolve the ‘earthly injustice,’ as well as all your 5D reality spiritual work. Intuitively, I feel this will be resolved in your favor shortly, based on your positive intentions… If our intention is to ‘bring into the light and hold accountable,’ it’s a worthy cause. If our intention is to ‘screw someone’ well, that’s what we will be doing to ourselves, yes? Highest and best for all!

    Much love and deep appreciation,

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