I am still in England

breakthroughI am still in England, soon to be back in Atlanta on the 24th. I am looking forward to being back and being part of the excitement. Not having been part of the emotional turmoil that’s been going on over there, I haven’t commented much myself. JoAnn was back there on the day of the election, and she’s kept me posted since and shared some of the great posts, blogs, and articles that people have written and shared about how to see the good in what appears now to be dark and frightening. Here are a few of them.

My Cards Were Right – I Was Wrong: What does it all mean? by Steffan Vanel

Embracing the Shadow by Joseph Aldo 

What does A Course In Miracles have to say about the US election? by James Twyman

Feminism and the Election: The Gift of Acceleration by Kelly Brogan, MD

I love it that the people are really into feeling their feelings and doing what they feel led to do in the way of taking action against the current reality as they see it. I will do my bit, too, when I get back there, especially doing what I can to support Will Marre’s idea of creating a Million SMART Women to create the future. (We Need a Million SMART Women by Will Marre)

At the same time, I am very relieved and heartened to see that so many people are at the same time seeing the perfection in what is really going on, not just in America but all around the world, and have been willing to risk sharing it widely. That takes courage, and I thank those who have written so eloquently about the truth as it has been revealed to them.

That said, taking action and seeing the perfection in the situation are not mutually exclusive. The trick is to be totally into doing what you feel is the right thing to do, while at the same time knowing that destiny is being fulfilled somehow and that our actions are all part of the karmic dance.

In other words, by all means, take action to do your best to be rid of Trump and all he stands for. However, if you do it while at the same time finding love in your heart for him for waking us all up from the dream of separation, your actions will have enormous power to raise the consciousness of the planet. (Hillary, God bless her, could not have done this for us – no way.)

This may well be the beginning of the great BREAKDOWN that we have known must necessarily precede the BREAK THROUGH into a new and higher consciousness. “Thank you, Donald, for being the one to play that role.”

In the Radical Forgiveness model, we know that people heal when they break through into the realization that all their pain and suffering was necessary for the evolution of their soul and that it was what it came here to experience. We’ve also known all along that the same is just as true for the group soul of humanity. This is our big chance to wake up, shift our perception and leave this false reality behind. Let’s go for it!

Doubtless, this is going to be a difficult period for everyone as all our current structures crumble and fall around us in the months and years ahead. But the way to stay conscious and out of fear is to accept what is the way it is at any one time and simply trust the process. If we can do that, we will be able to hear and receive the guidance about where to be safe and what do next.

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  1. Göttgens, Hille

    I have learned sooo much from you Colin!!
    So when I followed the election and Trump won, like the afd here in Germany, or the FN in France or Holland and others will come, I thought and felt about your way seeing situations.
    We deserve these people to wake up!!!
    per coincidence I found this clip and he thinks a lot the way you and I see it all

    1. Nely

      Yes indeed this is Love’s work. She’s taking down our egos, our external reference points. She is removing the shackles of our identities as victims, Democrats, voters so forth. It is indeed time to anchor ourselves here in the present with deep breathing and extract ourselves out of the stories fear tell us. Ego and fear are synonymous. We have to love Mr Trump for mirroring our demonized fear for us. The only thing that will make sense and it will do so only on hindsight is meeting the fear, rage and grief with our presence.

    1. Colin Tipping

      Hi Penny,
      There aren’t any workshops scheduled in the UK. Look at our Events page and see if you can make the Radical Forgiveness Solutions Workshop in Atlanta in January.

  2. Donna

    Thousands and thousands of people of faith prayed for God’s will in this election. Franklin Graham valiantly led a 50 state prayer tour. It is wrong to assume that we want to get “rid of Trump.” Although neither candidate was perfect, However, the Republican victory stood for Pro-Life,(the Sanctity of Life) and family values where Parents have rights over the state to make decisions for their children, school choice and charter schools, rather than mandated federally controlled education, to give states’ rights where that is best in a Constitutional Republic that has the greatest freedoms in the world, to bring back jobs and prosperity, to keep out ISIS and criminal illegal aliens (who are deported also by Obama), to insist on the rule of law and immigrants applying to come here rather than illegally demanding entitlement, to have freedom of religion in society that is Interfaith but not allowing Sharia Law takeover where we are an American country with a constitution, to allow freedom of speech in society and on campuses that allows conservatives and liberals to speak, to have some healthcare choices and privatization while also allowing for women who are bearing children to be supported (a compromise position here) and to have a Supreme Court that is not politicized to the far left only but represents the original intent of the Constitution, the need to protect the first, second, tenth amendments are crucial at this time and President Trump will better represent these freedoms and values.
    I have studied the tactics and rise of Communism in the West and have lived in the former USSR. My experience and knowledge shows me that we are losing our freedoms. We have a President elect and to call to rid him without giving him a chance when he rightfully won after the media was totally state lead for Hillary, and the American people have voted in him
    making a statement against the high corruption of the Clintons who were in national and international government positions and abused their power—this is a WRONG-HEADED post from Colin and those who are paid protestors in the streets.
    God’s hand was in this election clearly. So many prayer conditions were made and God moved to give hope and change. All good people need to now work for goodness and respect our American heritage. I recommend seeing David Barton’s series entitled “The Foundations of Freedom” -a DVD collection for $50. and “The Founder’s Bible” which has commentaries on scripture and the American heritage. It is not just for Christians but for Interfaith people like myself who respect the Judaeo-Christian roots and also embrace other faiths and cultures. It is because of our roots that we have more freedom than any other country. I have also lived in Africa and have Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, atheist neighbors and friends. We are one family of God fortunate to live in a country that has a Constitution like none other. God bless America!

    1. Trish

      Great, well thought out response Donna! Like you I am celebrating our new president elect and trying not to be too offended by those who are having a hard time with it. I have studied the two political party system for over a decade now which propelled me to quit one of them and have been an independant, critical thinker ever since. I feel the results of this election represents the people and freedom, our own American Brexit as it were. I feel people who didn’t like these results should take a long hard look at the choice that they presented because to me it was a no brainer, a good versus evil kind of thing. I pray for those that are having a hard time with AMERICA’S choice and pray they will come to accept it. Give the man a chance, he is not a politician, a lawyer, a special interests puppet, he is just a business man who is very successful and knows how to get things done. He is a builder, not one who will tear things down, manipulate and radically change what we stand for. Many are fearful today but many of us have been fearful for years seeing our liberties infringed upon. If there were one nugget of advice I would give to people it would be to turn off your TV set., the worst kind of garbage is propelled on it, research and learn for yourself what is real or not, do not rely on the meida to do it for you.

      1. Donna

        Thank you, Trish! Although I have benefited from aspects of Colin’s worksheets, I do not agree with every point,
        especially his political twists. Like you, I am a critical thinker and not into groupthink. When we disagree, we can
        keep our kindness and grace that makes us whole and good.

        1. Trish

          Yes Donna, I was thinking I could benefit from Colin’s work but when these spirituality coaches get into political aspects I get very discouraged if they are indeed ones to take advice from. I also have read books by Carolyn Myss and followed her on FB but as soon as she started fear mongering her audience with talk of a coming Hitler and how we are all bigoted, mysonogyst, hate filled creatons, I had to drop out and I’m ready to sell her books on ebay. It’s very very disappointing and having views like that makes me wonder is this is true spirituality or some kind of CIA – Nazi new age agenda taught to the masses to manipulate. I love the concept of soul contracts and tribes and life leasons and yes radical forgiveness but when I see the teachers falling into low vibrational rhetoric, it certainly gives me pause. They should know that most of this drama is an illusion, not real, not relevant in the grand spiritual scheme of things.

  3. Hazel

    Hope you are well.
    Nice to know you’ve been away from the furore in the USA.
    Its also nice to know that people like you will are working to forge peace, forgiveness and love which is so needed throughout the world.

  4. Alma

    Thank you Colin! It has taken a little time for me to come to a state of peace with the situation. It has been difficult to stay out of fear because I am a widow on social security. However, this morning I woke up being grateful and thankful, knowing that everything is in perfect divine order. Thank you for your encouragement.

    1. Mo Kough, M,A.

      There are no Mistakes; each day is what it is. Accept our own Health first of all; then LOVE reaches all especially all those we see from acting out THEY need a HUG the most.; Lets spread the plant with love and Hugs. It is what it is.
      Uncondional Love which is the most difficult to give. Most of us always “Think” we”er right and sometimes we are at least to ourselves.

  5. Cecilia

    Thank you for this e-mail message and its inspiring links. They seem to be putting into words exactly what I have been feeling and sensing but it is such a gift to see it so wonderfully articulated, and that there are many folk feeling the same

    I have come to believe that we are actually blessed to live in such times with so much potential for spiritual development – as long as we remember about spiritual development!

    much love and gratitude for all you do,

  6. Claudia Underwood

    Colin, thank you for your post! I’m getting it. When I woke up on Nov. 9th, I thought I would die, being so devastated by the outcome, but after a few days of that, I decided to live. I agree with your view of the gift that Trump is giving us. It sure sent me to work. I realize that I am a spiritual being in essence, but now that has to expand. Once I started getting past some of the deep growing pains, I began to be thankful again. As hard as this process can seem, I realize too, that even Hitler or Trump, was/is a creation of divine energy. Having said that (making it clear that I don’t agree with him), I choose to love from afar, go within to my safe place, and as Mother Teresa instructed; “walk on the other side of the street” from him, because that’s the best I can do right now. Thank you for you and thank you for this place we can share our thoughts and feelings.

  7. Kathryn

    Thank you Colin, and thanks for the links to like-minded writers. For a similar take on Trump, and from an astrological perspective, see my blog as The Playful Mystic. Astrology has made me a more compassionate and tolerant person, and I am truly grateful for Trump. There is unprecedented opportunity in our having elected the shadow. Trump is not what is important; it is how we respond to Trump that could shift everything.

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