How it Works

castle-194446_640“Radical Forgiveness is something infinitely greater, more all-encompassing and more revolutionary than conventional forgiveness. Through it, we see for ourselves that life doesn’t happen to us — it happens for us. This perspective changes everything.”



Radical Forgiveness is a simple and intuitive process that doesn’t require any special skills for you to have extraordinary results. You can profoundly shift from victim consciousness to empowerment in one seating, and experience an amazing release of hurt and trauma simply by filling out a simple Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. This will enable you to:

  • Free yourself from victim consciousness
  • Easily rally the forces of your spiritual mind to assist you
  • Discover the embracing love that lies behind every circumstance you have endured
  • Tap into the trust, security and peace within you to dispel the pain you’ve carried
  • Claim your power to live your life fully ~ with peace and acceptance

How does it work?

Through a well-crafted series of questions on the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, you will be able to see your situation, relationship or issue from a wholly new perspective that empowers you. The process helps you discover that beneath the drama, hurt, and angst of any situation there is a spiritual component that is gently offering you an opportunity to heal.

People who use Radical Forgiveness are profoundly changed by it. Old hurts dissolve. Long-held resentments seem to melt away. Once-broken relationships are healed. And beyond those miracles, life seems to begin to operate on a higher level, with more synchronicities and more flow.

Radical Forgiveness is not a mind-over-matter approach, nor is it one that suggests that you merely ‘forgive and forget.’ After all, when has that ever worked?

Our culture has long taught us to look at our experiences through the eyes of a victim: to judge, lay blame, accuse, and seek revenge. But this only anchors the pain in and perpetuates our suffering. Radical Forgiveness guides us to transcend the victim archetype, embrace the unseen perfection in our experience and reclaim our true power.           



video-homepageHow do I get started forgiving?

It’s easy!

Click here for an introductory experience of Radical Forgiveness with Colin Tipping as your guide!

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