Healthy Assumptions About Money

Last week I wrote about how our fear of money shapes our perception of the world. So, now, let’s imagine what it would be like if we let the fear drop away? The only way to do that is to become open to accepting some radically new assumptions about money that would align with a fear-free paradigm.  Carefully consider the following and allow yourself to feel into each one from a place of your inner knowing:

  • Money, in itself, is an abstraction and has no inherent value. When gold coins were the means of exchange, there was some inherent value to the coin itself. These days, money is mostly a series of ones and zeros in a computer program activated by credit and debit cards. It only has value when it is exchanged for something, and then it ceases to be money anyway.
  • Money is energy, and as such, it is as much subject to the law of attraction as any other sort of energy. It will flow towards those who are the most willing to receive it, have a use for it, and have no problem asking for it.
  • Money is neutral. Money will flow to whoever attracts it, whether it be a hardened criminal or a devout priest. It doesn’t care. It will flow to people doing spiritual work too; so long as those people don’t block it with silly ideas like “Spiritual people shouldn’t earn money doing spiritual work.” (A common belief among spiritual people.)
  • It is untrue that doing what you love means that money will automatically follow. It will only do so if you are a magnet for it. Then it will. You cannot assume money will flow to you. You have to attract it and, at the same time be unattached to having it: a fine balancing act.
  • There is no shortage of money. Since money is energy and energy is limitless, money is also limitless.  Right now, there’s more of the stuff in circulation than you could ever imagine, and they keep printing more of it. The more people there are on the planet, the more money there is. It keeps multiplying. There is as much money in the system as the system demands. The more we give it away, the more it expands.
  • Money is love. Love is all there is. It is the energy that runs the Universe. Money is also energy, so money and love can be synonymous. Love makes the world go around. Money does the same. Love expands the heart, while money gives us the opportunity to experience heartfelt feelings like gratitude, generosity, compassion and love it-self. Like attracts like, so love attracts money because they are the same. Greed, envy and lust will generate money too, but it will be accompanied by fear, not love. Which would you rather have?
  • Abundance is the natural condition of the Universe. The idea of infinite abundance is fundamental to money consciousness even though most of our abundance comes to us free. Money is not needed for such things as sunshine, rain, a smile, a cheerful word, a touch, a birdsong, the smell of a flower and so on. Actually, when you begin to think about it, only a very small amount of what we really love about life comes about because of having money. Once you have your food, and a warm comfortable place to live, the rest is relative, and most of it is free.
  • Money has no power. When we become aware of the power that we have to create the circumstances of our lives, we realize that we are no more at the mercy of money than we are of any outer circumstance. The real source of our power lies within, and that is our own Spiritual Intelligence and its power to connect to Source. There is not a single person on this planet who is denied access to that. We are all equally powerful in that regard, no matter how much money we have.
  • Money is our teacher. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are blessed with the ability to experience life and access our power through our feelings. Money provides many opportunities to feel our feelings and, through those experiences, to grow and learn.

I’ll be sharing how to align with these principles in Reverend Jennifer Hadley’s Living A Course in Miracles 3 tele-class on June 28. This list of assumptions—an excerpt from my book, Radical Manifestation—will be the backbone of our conversation. And here it is as a handout, ready for you to follow along!

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