Heal from the Inside Out

Heal from the Inside Out

Graph102 ColorLast week, I explored the idea that optimum health means free-flowing life-force energy. Anything causing a restriction in that flow is likely to create some kind of disease in the body. We looked at how negative thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs drag down your spirit and your energy. That’s why I called it junk.

Our victim stories are no less junky, and just as toxic. They live in our bodies at the cellular level and make us sick.

Just as we would uninstall a corrupt computer program from our computer and install a new version, we need to uninstall our old junky victim story and install a new story that carries a much higher vibration. The Radical Forgiveness technology is the way to do it.

But we are more than just one body. The Tipping Method tools associated with Radical Forgiveness facilitate that change not just in the physical body, but in all five bodies — the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The physical body is the densest and vibrates at frequency which enables us to see, touch, smell, hear and taste it. The others each vibrate one octave higher than the next and for most people, they remain invisible to our senses.

The etheric body is our energetic blueprint, it’s the template for our physical body. This energetic blueprint holds the memory of who you are, the shape of your nose, your strengths, your weaknesses, and so forth. It is directly related to the functioning of the physical body.

In one year, most of our physical body completely renews itself. When we say “I’m not the same person I was last year,” it’s literally true! This renewal is affected by the other three bodies – emotional, mental, and spiritual. When we carry toxicity in them, it filters into the etheric, energetic blueprint, and eventually manifests in the physical body itself.

The etheric body is not out to harm us, it is simply doing what it meant to do, replicate. It will replicate whatever you offer it, so if toxicity is what you’ve got, then the etheric body will create more of it until it is cleared.

The etheric body contains the seven chakras. These are ‘wheels of energy’ that connect the etheric body to certain glands and organs within the physical body. They are like transformers, taking in the energy and life force coming to us from the universe and making that energy available for use within the physical body. However, they also can carry the toxic energy associated with our old victim stories.

Note: You may have uninstalled the victim story but the energy pattern might still be left in one or more of your chakras. This can be checked a number of ways but the most common method is with a pendulum. If you are having symptoms of some kind in the area of the body connected to a particular chakra, you might want to refer to Application #3 in my book, 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness. It includes instructions on how to find out whose energy you have still stuck in one or more chakras, and who you have to forgive in order to scrub that chakra clean. This is done by using a combination of Radical Forgiveness and energy work.

Chakras ColorThe first three chakras, the root, sacral, and solar plexus, are firmly rooted in the World of Humanity, and they vibrate at lower frequencies. The energy they carry is tribal in nature. All things related to family, and the need to conform to group norms at the expense of individuality. It’s all about loyalty.

The throat, the third eye, and the crown chakras, are more aligned with the energies of the World of Spirit and our connection with our true selves.

The middle chakra, the fourth, is the heart chakra. It is the link between the World of Humanity and the World of Spirit. It connects our humanity to Divine Truth.

When any of our chakras are out of balance (and this happens whenever we are emotionally upset or traumatized), they can reverse rotation, become very erratic, and in some cases close down completely.

Anger and resentment will tend to close the heart and throat chakras; guilt and lack of trust weaken the sacral chakra; and so forth. The effects will be felt as lethargy, a general malaise, low sex drive, inability to speak our truth… and often as symptoms for which no medical cause can be found.

It really is best to scrub out your chakras with a trained practitioner, as the guidance will help you pinpoint where your chakras are blocked, and you will heal more quickly.

To find a Chakra Clearing Practitioner, head to the Radical Forgiveness website, and look under Training → Find a Coach → Energy – Body & Chakra Energy Clearing Practitioners, or just click this link to be directed there now.

However, if you wish to do it for yourself, or to keep them clear after having worked with a practitioner, I would strongly recommend the use of the Radical Forgiveness Chakra Meditation and Etheric Cleansing CD, available from our E-Store. This is an excellent tool to first clean out your chakras and thereafter keep them balanced. And, until June 1st at 5:30 am EST you can get the MP3 download of it immediately upon ordering while you are waiting for your CD to arrive. You can click here to order it now.

Scrubbing your chakras is good for your soul.

Click the arrow to hear me read the first two minutes of Application #3 – Scrub Out Your Chakras and Heal From the Inside Out – from my latest book, 25 Practical Applications for Radical Forgiveness.



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