Have you missed me?

Have you missed me?

I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging lately. Here’s why.

As usual, in late June we relocated to England for the summer. In line with my resolution since the cancer episode, to work less and enjoy life more, we spent all of July and August visiting with my kids and grand kids. I forgot all about writing newsletters, I’m sorry.

Then, for all of September, we were away doing a 7-day retreat in Switzerland, a weekend workshop for 130 people in Ukraine and a 10-day Radical Living Coach training in Ukraine for 16 people. This left little time for writing.

(In any case I have said all I have to say about Trump and all the craziness going on back home so I am happy to leave to others to comment on that topic. I’m glad to be out of that energy.)

But to be perfectly honest, even before leaving the States, I had gotten pretty tired of doing them every week. It took a lot of effort, and the open rate was getting so low that I was losing the incentive.

So we switched to communicating more through Facebook with daily postings and inspirational messages. You may have seen them. JoAnn spends a lot of time doing the graphics and she and Shari work together to create the postings. We have definitely increased our social media presence over the year, and we get lots of likes. (Hint: We would like to share more of those you like.)

Having completed our travels in Europe for this year, I’ll now have the time to write more and hope to have a number of new products, courses and online programs ready for you by the New Year. Radical Forgiveness is constantly evolving, and I never tire of creating ways it can be used to change not only the lives of individuals but the consciousness of the planet itself.

Watch this space!

Next week: Brexit, Money and You.

13 thoughts on “Have you missed me?

  1. Jane Fellman

    Hi Colin, How good it is to hear from you. Have to figure out how to friend you on Facebook. I may be involved with a large PTSD coaching project call Prolympians based on neuro linguistics programming. I am currently a coach in training’s practice student and the process for me has been powerful. I am on the out-skirts of understanding it and wish to see how on-going support and guidance unfold. Think of you and the RF power and teachings often. Love to you both, Jane

    1. Charlotte Kasl

      Dear Collin, I’m glad you have had more easy times. At 78, after a five year writing hiatus I’m starting on another book. I couldn’t have done it without some time off. Good for you.
      I was on the cruise last February 14, and my brief encounter with you on radical forgiveness changed my life. I It was powerful when you said, “You don’t have to believe it, just crack the door.” I did, and I had a huge internal shift. I’m not sure I still believe it, but now I realize I don’t have to.
      With best wishes and here’s to fun, relaxation and waiting for the spirit to move you. Charlotte

  2. Liz

    I’m happy that you are back Colin with some good energy to share with us along your newsletter. We really need it over here more than ever. I have been in England in September. I felt great, food didn’t bother me anymore.Found British people so agreeable, cheerful, and helpful. I Came back to the states in October,here I go again with my stomach issues it just seems that there is not food ( even the so said organic or natural) that is good for me. When people ask me why I have all these food intolerance, I make always the joke: It’s not me who doesn’t like food , food don’t like me that’s why I have all those intolerance.
    We are waiting patiently for your newsletters and some directions for peace and forgiveness. I still dealing badly with the last one, so the first one cannot be where ever I look. Welcome back home, and cheers:)

  3. Jasmine

    Hello Colin,
    I always enjoy reading your emails. Please do not get discouraged! I am not on facebook so I am happy to
    read your emails. I am glad you are feeling so much better now.
    Good luck and much success,

  4. Susan Zeke

    Thank-you for your wonderful message Colin. It is always nice to hear from you and I’m so thankful you are healing and recovering. You have been so busy helping everyone else that it must have been too easy for you to neglect yourself as that seems to be the case most times. I’m relieved to hear that you have a wonderful team that can help share your workload as perhaps you may have had take on too much for too long? As selfish as we all would like to be in soaking up your wisdom and knowledge, You must come first. However I would like to share that I am forever grateful for the wealth of knowledge I am learning from your books thus far. You are changing my life slowly but surely and hope to one day, attend one of your coaching sessions once I am financially stable again. I love your readings and have a hard time putting them down as even just the thought of your books keeps my vibration levels high. So thank-you for all of your work as I am spreading the word to my friends and family and hope to help change their lives as well. Take care and bye for now! Susan R. Zeke/RN

  5. Trudi

    Hi , glad you are back & rested . What a year ! I have been having long conversations with myself about doing the forgiveness work and have decided to give it go. Somehow i naively thought doing it once was enough , but for me it is an ongoing “opportunity” .I am surprised at how many little memories arise out of the blue that clearly are running my life from behind and need my forgiveness!
    I will call you and we can coordinate our times.

  6. Carla

    Thank you for your Brilliant work!!
    I took a Radical Forgiveness course about 10 years ago, and I still do worksheets for myself and continually share your work & website with others.

  7. Jody Snyder

    I am grateful you had a chance to really take some time out from blogging, and time for family and travel. With new perspective, I venture to say, you will be inspiring us further, and you have been truly missed. I look forward to hearing your words whenever the timing is right.

  8. James

    Glad you were able to be with family and friends, this summer. Good for you.
    Joy and Enjoyment are so important!

  9. Kathryn

    I am a reader and a writer and will always appreciate blog posts over facebook. I have noticed that many conscious people are growing weary of the insanity around the U.S. election, and are withdrawing for their own rejuvenation. While I completely understand this, I encourage everyone to stay on task, because our perspective and our energy is needed now more than ever. Thank you & Namaste ~

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