Harvey Weinstein, Bless His Heart

Every now and then someone comes along with a soul mission to wake us all up. Trump is one of them.

There’s no other explanation for him being elected as the President of the US other than it was divine intervention.

Spirit wanted him as President so he would hold a mirror up for us all in order to recognize that what we find despicable and loathsome in him is a reflection of our own self-hatred and shadow stuff.

Have we got that lesson yet? I don’t think so. It’s still all about him, I think.

Harvey Weinstein is another one of those souls. But this current situation is very different and more hopeful.

While it has been easy to deny that we own any of Trump’s most despicable qualities, I doubt there is anyone with any sensitivity at all who is not feeling uncomfortable about what Harvey is mirroring for us all in terms of sexual harassment.

After all, who hasn’t made light of it, ignored it even when it was exposed, made jokes about it, made excuses or downplayed it and even lauded it (as did Trump when caught on an open mic).

And how many of us can say they haven’t engaged in some kind of sexual power play even if it was of subtle nature.

The other way this is very different is how those who have suffered sexual harassment and in many cases what amounts to blackmail – play ball, or I’ll ruin you – are coming forward to make public their experiences even from a number of years back.

Until now this was the flip side of what was the status-quo power game, in that before this #Me Too movement got going women had tended to stay quiet and acquiescent about this situation.

They had bought into the belief that it was somehow their fault and to speak out about it would cause embarrassment and shame. And they would not be believed anyway.

Now, all of a sudden, because of Harvey Weinstein and the outrage he has caused, they have become emboldened. They are claiming their power, and at long last, they are being heard. But are they FREE?

Many remain wounded and still regard themselves as victims. For as long as they feel this way, they are NOT free. They will remain disempowered, and the #Me Too movement will wither and die on the vine.

The only way for them to be really free and at the same time create forward momentum for the #Me Too movement, is to first apply the process of Radical Forgiveness to their own experience by forgiving Harvey or whoever was the predator and then apply Radical Forgiveness to the entire situation to clear the entire energy field of this kind of toxicity. (For more on Radical Forgiveness, click here.)

Then they would need to find it in their hearts to forgive themselves for any part they might have played in allowing it to persist, even though we know that it was all meant to be that way in order to heal the split between male and female.

In order for the #Me Too movement to survive, Radical Forgiveness should be a big part of #Me Too movement. For as long as we make it all about a predator, nothing will change.

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12 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein, Bless His Heart

  1. Joyce A. Miles

    I am so grateful you have addressed these situations. If I REALLY look at myself, I most certainly am not free of what I feel against our President or Weinstein.

  2. Nicholas Jouvanis

    If the stories about Weinstein are true he certainly needs therapy. He’s got subconscious pain that’s running him. Likely childhood trauma caused by a female relative. He feels a need to retaliate against women. This kind of condition can heal with yoga breathing and forgiveness worksheets. Colin, correct me if I’m wrong, but the paradox is that this is part of his soul journey.

  3. Dean monroe

    I’ve pretty much done all of that stuff and see myself in Trump and Weinstein and since being piled up with tons and tons of waste and destruction and having pretty much everything I have whirled away in hurricane Harvey, I’m very humbled that most people just do what they do including me. As for my, I’m doing More fishing and hanging out with friends and lives no my own life and whatever those people do I’ll learn and grow because that’s all there is anyway.

  4. Ellyn Axelrod

    Colin, your use of the words “divine intervention” is confusing and counterproductive. It places the cause outside of our (conditioned) sphere of responsibility. A more correct turn of phrase could have been “conditions were ripe” for Trump’s entrance as POTUS. Thank you for this important email addressing this topic—I wish you had been a bit more mindful in your choice of words.

    1. Delwyn Gore

      Hi Ellyn,
      It seems to me that the word divine is often miss understood, surely the divine is the innate energy that is within us all, the energy that gives us life itself? The same energy is often referred to as intuition in the physical realm.
      Just something to consider, no right, no wrong! 🙂

  5. Linda

    I have read and taken your forgiveness classes, most of the ideas have helped me grow and better understand my environment, BUT saying that the horrible things has said and done and expecting me to see that in myself goes beyond FORGIVENESS.. The Man’s a horrible and very dangerous buffoon. Not me…..

    1. MC

      I completely understand your reaction. I also felt disturbed by some aspects of this column.

      OTOH, for me, I see at least a grain of truth to it. Maybe I’ve never done anything so egregious as Weinstein. Maybe I have suffered far more harm than I’ve inflicted. Still, I can ask myself, have I ever behaved selfishly? Have I ever prioritized my own desires over other values or hurt someone else, even in a small way?

  6. Trudi

    i my get shot down for my opinion but here goes.: I Do identity with Trump !I too have a tongue that says inappropriate things to people esp at at funerals or even in daily life . Not sexual . that scares the you know what out of me But God knows i say the wrong things at the worst time…. Many times judgement words are way too quick to be said . My family all tell me so , so I guess tis true. i do not think before i speak and i claim I am speaking my truth….. until of course after it has been said. and someone says “WHAT?…. when i replay it my head . I am either not even aware how cruel or stupid I have been or I become aware and i need to ask for forgiveness, . I am as guilty as he in not knowing what i don’t know ….. and spouting off anyway . That is a trait i share with my sister, who mirrors it beautifully for me.! So while I am often surprised by his lack of social boundaries . I am empathetic that his words are take SO literally and/or twisted so quickly .He’s just a wealthy stumblebum .And he sure is not the only one i have met while i lived in NYC…… I empathize with the his doltish-ness.

  7. Darletta Strothers

    Colin, you have echoed my sentiments about Trump. I’m glad someone with a national voice has finally spoken up. Never in a million years did I think people could be so cruel and with evil intent. He and we really need radical forgiveness.

  8. Darcy

    Great article – spot on. And I’m hoping you get many requests to speak about this issue and help us to collectively forgive ourselves and others.

  9. Rachel

    Hmmmmmmmm, this one bothers me Colin. I freely own that I have some Forgiveness work to do around this particular issue (with good reason) but I’d rather not hear it from a white 50-something male. If you want to get into this subject, then what I’d like to hear more of, is exactly what you mean by your paragraph about ‘who hasn’t’ downplayed / ignored / joked about sexual harassment. I’ll tell you who hasn’t. Me. And I’ll bet a $hit tonne of other women. So instead of hearing about how women are dropping the ball by getting all into victim-mode, I’d like to hear what you, as a white male Radical Forgiveness practitioner, would like to say to the men who have stood idly by because they are also in victim-mode and have too afraid to challenge the status quo / benefitted from it, or worse, engaged in this behaviour.

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