Forgiveness & Money (1)

Forgiving the Bankers
We’re hearing many people say they’ve been hurt by the recent financial contractions. Many have gone beyond the simple worry of “Can I trust my bank?” to a complete lack of faith in any large financial institution. The Occupy Wall Street movement happening in over 1,500 cities worldwide is an expression of the fear we are all feeling about our financial future.  And we are all mad at the bankers!

So, is the answer to forgive the bankers?  Or are they just the scapegoats? Is the real truth that governments and banks, like everything else, are a reflection of our own consciousness? 

“If I spot it – I’ve got it!”  That means, when I get mad at the bankers and the greed that they’re manifesting, it’s my own greed that’s being reflected. Otherwise, it wouldn’t upset me like it does. I wouldn’t get so angry. 

So Yes, by all means do a forgiveness worksheet on the bankers because, in effect, you will be forgiving yourself.  You will be taking back the projection.

Bankers are human beings too.  Put yourself in that banker’s shoes for a minute, you know darn well that if you could earn a three-million dollar bonus, you would go for it. As human beings, we all have this great propensity to go into moral denial and say, “It’s okay. Anybody else in my shoes would do the same.” 

Our anger at bankers also reveals our fundamental belief that there isn’t enough to go around.  What we’re really thinking is, “If that banker gets a three million dollar bonus, it means I can’t. They’re grabbing so much, there’s none left for me.”  This isn’t true at all.  There’s plenty of money sloshing around in the system right now, so there’s no reason that we shouldn’t attract it like anybody else – using the Law of Attraction!

The belief in shortage creates a need to have more and more money in order to feel secure. While there is a belief in the shortage of money, we are constantly wanting more.  I recall a longitudinal study, started way back in the twenties, where they asked people, “How much more money do you need to be happy?” On average, the answer was 25 percent. “Give me 25 percent more money and I’ll be perfectly happy.”  After ten years went by, the researchers asked the same people again. Even though the subjects now had acquired much more than a 25 percent increase in wealth, they still wanted more—another 25 percent.  Over the length of the study, the percentage never decreased. The subjects never had enough to be happy.  And the more money they had, the more frightened they became of losing it. 

It’s a misnomer when people say they love money. The truth is, they are frightened of it!  Most people are in fear around money, and this does not help them attract it. It’s like two poles of a magnet: if you’re in a love vibration around money, it will come to you. If you’re fearful of money, it will stay away.  Love will attract it because you know that money is the means of giving and receiving and feeling the joy in doing that.

It’s not whether you have money or not, it’s the way you feel about it that’s important.

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  1. Lois Grant

    Hi Colin – As usual you are on the cutting edge! This is a brilliant article and I would like to send it out to my Cosmic Networkers.
    Sound wave blessings!

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