Frequently Asked Questions

Radical Forgiveness Coach/Radical Living Master Coach Training

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. Here is a breakdown per investment option:

  1. Radical Forgiveness Coach (ONLINE) – One payment of $997 or 4 monthly payments of $249.25.
    Register for the ONLINE Radical Forgiveness Coach Course – $997 USD
  2. Radical Forgiveness Master Coach (ONLINE) – One payment of $2997 or 6 payments of $499.50 ((NOTE: Only for existing RF Coaches who wish to upgrade to Master Coach.)
  3. Radical Forgiveness Coach (ONLINE) + Radical Living Master Coach Packaged Deal (ONLINE) – One payment of $3,644 or 12 payments of $303.67.
    Register for ONLINE Radical Forgiveness Coach + Master Coach Training Package Deal – $3644 USD

Where and when are the Radical Living Master Coach courses offered?

The Radical Forgiveness Coach course (Part 1) is offered online, and you can start anytime you are ready. The Radical Living Master Coach (Part 2) is also offered online. 

How long does it take to complete the online training?

The time it would take to complete the Radical Forgiveness Coach training and the Radical Living Master Coach training depends on how much time a person has to devote to their studies. The Radical Forgiveness Coach training can be easily done in 90 days but you are given six months from the date of purchase to complete it. You are given 12 months from the date of purchase to complete the Radical Living Master Coach course. However, most students complete their training in less time. If someone signs up for both courses, it is possible to complete both within a year.

What will I be certified to do as a Radical Forgiveness Coach?

Working with Individuals

  1. Teach two of the four strategies of Radical Living (Radical Forgiveness and Radical Empowerment) during one-on-one coaching sessions.
  2. Coach people how to use the Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Empowerment Worksheets and 13-Steps for each strategy.
  3. Coach people how to use the Emerge-n-See 4-Step process/worksheet.
  4. Coach people how to work through the Centrifuge Worksheet.
  5. Coach people how to do the Three Letters process and online program.
  6. Teach/coach the metaphysical paradigm underlie the Radical Forgiveness philosophy.
  7. Teach/coach the effect of using our Spiritual Intelligence.
  8. Teach/coach the ‘Five Stages’ progression of the Tipping Method.

Working with Groups

  1. Teach classes/conduct lectures and seminars on the two strategies and other cognitive content of Radical Living.
  2. Lead book study groups.
  3. Help organize support groups.
  4. Develop your own workshops based on the Radical Forgiveness principles.

What will I be certified to do as a Radical Living Master Coach?

In addition to the services you are already authorized to provide as a Radical Forgiveness Coach, upon certification through this course, you will be able to offer the following additional tools, services, and group activities.

Working with Individuals

  1. Coach and mentor people through any of the online programs now available to the general public, including the Radical Manifestation Program.
  2. Utilize the powerful 7-Step Process with individual clients, face-to-face, by phone or via Skype.
  3. Provide a deeper level of education and support to individual coaching clients through the use of advanced coaching skills included in this course.
  4. Help couples heal relationships, using the Radical Reconciliation.
  5. Offer coaching for Radical Grieving or Divorce Recovery.
  6. Provide ‘Spirituality in Business’ coaching.

Working with Groups

  1. Utilize the ‘Satori’ 7-Steps Group Process during classes and seminars to provide participants with an opportunity for the deep and lasting forgiveness of one person or perhaps an entity involved in a particular situation the participant has experienced.
  2. Utilize the ‘Satori’ 7-Steps Group Process for Racial Healing.
  3. Utilize the ‘Satori’ 7-Steps Group Process for Gender Healing.

What do I have to do and achieve to get the certification in both courses?

  1. You will have to read through the resource materials, watch the training videos and audios. You will have to read the e-Books we give you with your courses.
  2. Radical Forgiveness Coaches have to complete one online program, A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness (the 3-Letter Process). Radical Living Master Coaches have to complete the 21 Days for Forgiving Your Parents, Partner & More, and the Radical Manifestation online program. These are included in the price of your training.
  3. Complete studying the course material, submitting completed assignments, and a short quiz at the end of each module.
  4. Use the tools you are learning for your individual growth.

Can I see an example of the curriculum?

Radical Forgiveness Coach – PART ONE

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Course
    • The Radical Living Coach Training Program
    • Scope of the Training
    • What is Radical Living?
    Module 2: Being a Radical Forgiveness Coach
    • The Essence of Radical Forgiveness
    • The Essence of Radical Self-Empowerment
    • How it Works: The Tipping Method
    • The Tipping Method Tools
    Module 3: The Soul’s Journey
    • Your Awakening
    • The Soul’s Journey (Radical Karma)
    • Early Wound Model
    Module 4: The First 2 of the 5-Stages of Radical Forgiveness
    • The First 2 of the 5-Stages of Radical Forgiveness
    Module 5: Collapsing the Story
    • Collapsing the Story
    Module 6: Stage #4 – Reframing the Story
    • Reframing the Story
    A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness Online Program
    Module 7: Let’s Do a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
    • Using the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
    • Completing Steps #1 – 4 on the Worksheet
    • Acknowledging Our Humanness
    Module 8: Loving My Own Humanity
    • Collapsing the Story
    • Opening to a Reframe
    Module 9: If You Spot It, You Got It!
    • Recognizing a Healing Angel When You See One
    Module 10: The Reframe
    • The Reframe Statement
    • Proclamations and Final Steps to Finish the Worksheet
    Walking 5 People thru the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet
    Module 11: Other Radical Forgiveness Tools
    • Other Radical Forgiveness Tools
    • The 13-Step Radical Forgiveness Process
    Module 12: Radical Self-Empowerment
    • Radical Self-Empowerment
    • The Radical Empowerment Worksheet
    Final Assignments Leading to Certification
    • Report on taking 2 people through the Self-Empowerment Worksheet
    • Book Study Group Report
    • Certification Agreement


Radical Living Master Coach – PART TWO

  • Module 1: Being a Radical Living Master Coach
    • What Is It to Be a Master?
    • Happiness and Radical Forgiveness
    • Positioning Yourself
    Module 2: The Scope of Radical Living
    • What Is a Radical Living Lifestyle?
    • Typical Problems to Which You Have the Solution
    • Schools, Curricula, and Teachers
    • Being a Radical Living Luminary
    Module 3: The Metaphysical Viewpoint
    • Your Worldview
    • The Purpose of Life
    • The Two Worlds
    Module 4: Spiritual Perspectives
    • Spirituality 101
    • Soul Contracts
    • Spiritual Intelligence
    • Spiritual Intelligence in Action
    Module 5: Who’s Awake?
    • What Does it Mean to Be Awake?
    • Who Are the Indigos and the Crystals?
    Module 6: Teaching the Method
    • Types of Presentations
    • The Basic Structure of Any Presentation
    • Preparation for a Seminar
    • Organizing and Teaching Classes
    • The 10-Week Class on Radical Forgiveness
    • Outline for Teaching the 10-Week Class on Radical Forgiveness
    •  Presentation Pieces to Know Well
    Module 7: Radical Transformation
    • Making a World of Difference
    • Radical Transformation Worksheet
    • 2012 and All That
    • ‘Emerge-n-See’ 4-Steps to Radical Forgiveness
    Module 8: The ‘Satori’ 7-Step Process
    • Introduction
    • ‘Satori’ 7-Step Process for Groups and One-on-One Coaching 
    Module 9: Radical Manifestation
    • The Essence of Radical Manifestation
    • Coaching Radical Manifestation
    • The Radical Manifestation Worksheets
    • The Tipping Method Radical Manifestation Worksheet
    Module 10: A Vision for My Life
    • Defining Mission, Goals and Vision
    • Creating the Life You Want to Live
    Module 11: Happiness and Radical Living
    • Waking Up to Happiness
    • The ‘Happiness Continuum’
    • Mind/Body/Spirit Approach to Happiness
    Module 12: Body Issues
    • Why Have a Body?
    • Functional Fat
    • Body Clues
    • Stories in the Chakras
    Module 13: Radical Self-Love
    • False Identities
    • The Forgiveness Labyrinth
    • Release Negative Beliefs
    • Embracing the Shadow
    Module 14: Coaching Demonstrations
    • Early Videos
    • Later Videos
    • The Solution for Any Problem
    Module 15: Marketing Matters
    • Magnetic Marketing – A Plan for Success
    • Marketing Plan, Steps 1 – 4
    • Developing a Brand
    • Attracting Clients
    • Baiting the Hook and Building a List
    • Writing Copy That Sells
    Module 16: Death, Tragedy, and Other Illusions
    • The Radical Forgiveness Bucket List
    • You Can’t Die
    • Radical Grieving
    • The Abortion Issue
    Module 17: Relationships
    • Relationships
    • The 4 Phases of a Relationship
    • The Courage Not to Divorce
    Module 18: After the Affair
    • Coaching Infidelity Survival
    • Coaching Divorce Survival
    Module 19: The Bottom Line
    • Assessing a Relationship
    • Renegotiating a Relationship
    • Manifesting a New Relationship
    Module 20: Love Is All There Is
    • Assessment

Products & Orders

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed online using our online store, or by telephone.

Online Orders: Click here.

Phone Orders:
Customer Service 972-202-9926
Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)

How do I order a book that is signed?

We have a warehouse from which all of our products are shipped. Because of this, we do not fulfill requests for autographed copies of Colin’s books. However, he always has a small supply available at his lectures and workshops. Many people bring their own copies, and he is always happy to autograph them.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Amazon, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We are not set up to accept checks or money orders.

What shipping options are available?

Domestic orders (within the USA) are shipped using UPS, or United States Postal Service First Class or Priority Mail, depending on volume and weight. International orders can be shipped by USPS First Class Mail International or Priority Mail International.

How much do you charge for postage?

All postage rates are calculated automatically in the Store. To find out how much an order will cost you, put all of the items you wish in your shopping cart. Complete the address information and proceed to the next page. The shipping method and price will appear. If more than one shipping option is available, a drop down arrow will appear so you can view them all.

What is your return policy?

No-Hassle Returns:

Colin Tipping stands proudly behind his work. If you find that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return the physical product within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund, minus a 6% bank fee*.

*Please note, this money-back guarantee policy applies to products which can be shipped and have been purchased directly from Global 13 Publications (on this website). Different return policies may apply to products which have been created by Colin Tipping but are published by others and/or are sold in retail establishments or by individuals authorized to sell our products. Please contact the retail establishment or individual for details on their return policies.

Products that have been purchased from the Downloadable Products section of this store are not eligible for refunds.

Online Programs are eligible for refunds if requested within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Product Return Policies:

30-day money-back guarantee, provided you must contact Global 13 at 972-202-9926 to request the return within 30 days of your order date.

How do I return a product?

To return a product purchased directly from Global 13 within the 30-day money-back guarantee period: You must contact the Customer Support team by sending an email to or calling 972-202-9926 with the following information:

  1. The order ID #
  2. Your name
  3. The date of purchase
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  5. The method of payment you used
  6. Your email address

An email will be sent to you with a Return Order ID number and the address to send the return. Once the product has been received in our warehouse and has been deemed in good order, a refund for the product only will be issued. If the product is being returned because it was found to be defective upon arrival, the original shipping costs will be added to the amount of the refund. All return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Global 13 sincerely appreciates your feedback! While it is optional, we welcome your comments in regards to our products. When requesting a refund, we highly encourage you to please let us know the reason for your request, and why our product was not an ideal fit for your needs.


When will Colin be visiting my city/country?

Please visit our calendar of events where we publish the most up to date information.

What is your refund policy for workshops?

If you have prepaid the entire fee, you can cancel for any reason at any time up to 10 days prior to the workshop and get back your entire workshop fee, minus a $45 administrative fee. If you cancel between 9 and 3 days before the workshop, you will receive half off your fee. If you cancel less than 3 days before the workshop, you will forfeit your entire fee. If you paid only a deposit, regardless to the time you cancel, and you wish to cancel, that deposit is non-refundable and can be applied to another workshop.

Can I volunteer at your events?

Please send an email using our Contact Us form, and we will make sure to add you to our volunteer list.

Why do you charge for your workshops?

Although Colin would love to do his workshops and events for free, we have a number of expenses including salaries, the rental fee for locations of events, airfare, room and board, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Do you offer scholarships for your events?

We do not offer scholarships for workshops. However, if you write and tell us how much you really can afford to pay for the workshop, we will give it sympathetic consideration. We have found that, subconsciously, people don’t value the work if they have it for free.

Send a request via our Contact Us form.


Where do I find Jill’s Story?

This shortened version of the first chapter of the book, Radical Forgiveness, gives you a glimpse into how the wisdom of Radical Forgiveness can change your life. It’s the story of Colin’s sister Jill, and how Radical Forgiveness brought her marriage back from the brink. It really was almost over. Over several conversations with Colin, she was able to heal what was fueling the breakdown. That was 20 years ago, and her marriage has been healthy ever since! It can be downloaded for free by going to the Free Tools section on the menu above.

How can I contact someone in my area that can help or guide me in Colin’s teachings?

We have a list of certified Radical Living Coaches, Chakra Coaches, and Book Study Leaders who wish to be represented on our site. Please click the Find a Coach tab on the menu bar. Most of our coaches can do sessions over the phone or on Skype. It isn’t necessary that you live near the coach you are working with.

Can I get more information about starting a Radical Forgiveness Support Group?

This is a very specific form of support group quite unlike most support groups that we are familiar with. It is an adaptation of the Mutual Support Network meeting format developed by Arnold M. Patent. Colin and JoAnn were members of such a group for over nine years and knew its value. The group works if you stay within the guidelines and falls apart if you don’t. The meeting itself should last no longer than an hour.

To download a free copy of the instructions and guidelines, register for a free account by clicking this link.

How do I get permission to use or quote Colin’s books?

Please send an email to If you wish to use a quote in something that you are publishing, such as an article or your own book, please include an electronic copy of the publication. Indicate where the quote appears.

Interested in translating Colin’s books to a foreign language?

Sounds True owns all rights to Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five Stage Process and Radical Self-Forgiveness. All other books are self-published by Colin. For a book to be published outside the USA, the rights for a particular language and a specific territory have to be licensed to a publisher. That publisher then selects a translator. The best way for you to act as a translator for any of our titles is to contact publishers that are already publishing personal growth/self-help books in the language you are interested in, and offer to translate for them.

To license the rights, the publisher may contact Sounds True at the email address: For all of Colin’s other books, please have your local publisher contact us at

Do you teach Satori Breathwork?

Satori breathwork is offered under supervision in some of our live workshops. It is a powerful process and should never be attempted without someone who is fully certified and can support you through the process. Although we do not offer Satori breathwork training, the best way to find someone in your area who can take you through this process is to do an internet search on the terms re-birthing or holotropic breathwork.

Working with Colin

Want to request an interview?

If you are interested in interviewing Colin Tipping for your Magazine, Television show, Newspaper, Radio show, Website/Blog, Podcast, Ezine or other, please click here to fill out our interview request form.

How do I mail something to Colin?

Colin Tipping
355 Ridge Hill Circle
Marietta, GA 30064

Be aware that Colin spends half of his time traveling, so it is wise to email us first. Someone is always here, but he may not see your letter or package until he returns.

Want to send manuscripts of books to Colin?

With Colin’s busy travel schedule, it is challenging for him to read everything that is sent to him. He spends about half of his time away from home. If you wish to send your book or manuscript, we suggest that you email an electronic copy to, and not mail it by snail mail.

Interested in scheduling an event, conference, convention, or workshop with Colin?

To book Colin for an event, please fill out our event request form at The usual costs for speaking engagements are a speaker’s fee, airfare, lodging and normal expenses to be covered. Workshops usually include either a guarantee or a split of the door. Once your request has been received, a member of our events team will be back in touch.

Is Colin available for private sessions or private consultations?

Colin does private sessions at a fee of $225 per hour. To book a session with him, please send your request by using our Contact Us form. Include your name, phone number, email address, and what time zone you are in. A member of our staff will be in touch to schedule an appointment.

Does Colin take any apprentices?

While Colin does not take apprentices, we do have very comprehensive training courses to certify people as Radical Living Coaches, and progressing to Radical Living Master Coach. Click the Become a Coach menu tab above for more information about these courses.