Every Man with an Armored Heart Needs to Read this Book

9780982179062-cover.inddEvery Man with an Armored Heart Needs to Read this Book
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It’s not exactly your “50 Shades” of anything you might want to picture in your mind. But, not to worry. The guys who came together to form a group for male healers and joint authored this book, hold nothing back.

It is a juicy, no-holds-barred, ‘tell-all’ account of the discussions and intense story-busting sessions that occurred during each weekend they met – four times a year for 20 years.  

Yes, I am one of the founding members of this group. Just like the others I tell my story here in this book, what it did for me and why I kept going in spite of the resistance I felt prior to attending every session. I had a fear of powerful men so it was scary for me. (There were some very powerful men in the group.)  

I can tell you from my heart that I very much doubt I would be doing the work I am doing today if I had not stuck with it year in year out, in spite of that fear. I never missed one.  

As you will learn when you read my chapter in Part 2 where we each share our recollections of what took place, I did eventually find my power and have not looked back since. It was not their power I was frightened of. It was my own.  

Our goal was to strip the armor from our own hearts, expose what lurked in the darkest, deepest parts of our subconscious and conscious minds and then, over time, to dismantle our over-sized, testosterone driven, disruptive egos.  

Our sexuality and how it played out in our healing work was a big topic and there was much to be resolved in that area.  

Looking back to where we started with this and to where we each stand now, the underlying purpose was actually to become better healers, to be more of service to others and construct a better life for ourselves, at all levels. Emotional, physical and spiritual. I believe we have all achieved this.  

It has been a tough road. But the payoff has been incredible. We still meet twice a year, but it is easy now. No need for heavy duty processing. Just some checking in and giving and receiving support. We experience it now as a sharing of unity and joy.  

This book is our individual accounts of that journey and what it has meant to each man. More important, though, is what it might mean to YOU if you were to follow the same road.  

That is, in fact, the purpose of this book. The only reason we decided to write it at all, and commit to telling the whole truth at some risk to our reputations possibly, was to inspire other men to form groups like it. It was such a transformative experience for all of us that we felt compelled to share it with other men and give them something to emulate.  

There is no doubt that there are millions of men who are in a great deal of emotional and spiritual pain. Their hearts are covered in armor just like the image on the front cover of the book.  

Most of them don’t even know it. But their partners know. They can feel it. That’s why women should read this book, too.  

They can do for their men what JoAnn did for me. She gave me 100% support to push through my resistance so I would get my sorry ass to every meeting. Had it not been for her, I would have found a way to back out and would have missed my opportunity.  

Men need this. And they need it badly. A mixed group doesn’t work the same. Men need to confront each other and be vulnerable in a way they cannot when women are around.  

They need to get out of their heads and into their hearts. They need their egos busted. And it’s not about drinking beer and watching the game, either. Absolutely not. It’s about serious work as you will see when you read this book.  

So, if you are a man who wants to become more powerful by learning how to find the power that comes from being open and vulnerable as opposed to being protective and closed, read this book.  

If you are already in a men’s group of some kind and would like to suggest to your members that they might take it to a new level, give them a copy of this book.  

If nothing else, it could be the focus of a very interesting discussion. You just don’t know where it might lead.  

If you are a male healer of any kind, this book should be on your ‘must read list.’ It’s very much about you as you will see.  

You will be a much better healer for reading it. There will be some warning signs in there for you too, so don’t pass on this book.  

Women who seek counseling or therapy from male healers will learn a lot about themselves as well, if they read this book. Seduction and a women’s need for approval is a big part of the discussion about the risks in being a male healer.  

So, let’s cut to the chase. What will it cost and how can I get it?  

Well, the book isn’t out quite yet. Our official publication date is January 15th. The price will be $19.95 + shipping.  

However, let me make you a deal.  

Pre-order the book within the next 72 hours and you can have it for just $11.95. Shipped on or about the 15th.  

You’ll save $8, which is the equivalent of a 40% discount, just for being early. Not bad, eh?  

Not only that, I’ll send you a free report and a questionnaire that will allow you to establish your sexual personality.  

It is a subject that is addressed a lot in the book so you will have a head start on this aspect if you do it before reading the book. 

 It will be especially helpful to have your partner do it as well.  You’ll get some really good insights about your relationship with this.  

Even if you are not in relationship at this time, you can use it to arrive at a guesstimate of the sexual personality of the partner in a previous relationship.  It might tell you a whole lot.

So just click here or hit the Buy Now Button and get ready to be entertained when the book arrives at your doorstep.

Talk Soon,


P.S. This book will teach you a lot about yourself and why being in a men’s group that’s committed to your healing is so empowering.  

Don’t let this one get away.


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  1. Katie Klein

    Awesome Colin! I hope men will feel more comfortable delving into their healing, following your example and that of the men’s group collaborations. Can’t wait to read it!

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