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Love and Relationship in Four Phases Workshop – Leicester, UK – June 23-24, 2018

June 23 @ 9:00 am - June 24 @ 4:00 pm


Love and Relationship in Four Phases

How to Get to ‘Juicy Phase 4’ with Less Drama and More Joy

Contrary to popular myth, the purpose of relationship is not happiness. It’s about coming together to heal each other.

Most of the healing happens in the first three out of four possible phases. It’s in Phase 4 that happiness arises naturally and life with our partner becomes juicy. The phases are:

1. The ‘Honeymoon Period.’

            May last up to 2 years at which point they fail, or it merges into Phase Two.
            The type of love predominant in this phase is Eros (passion and enchantment).
            Being ‘In love.’

2. The ‘Being a Couple’ Phase

            Reality sets in. Domestication and responsibilities mount up
            Control becomes an issue
            Passion fatigue sets in so Eros and philia (family based) love merge.
            This phase might last from 4 to 7 or even 12 years in some cases.
            They often fail at those points or merge into Phase Three.

 3. The Fully Committed ‘Healing’ Phase

            Committed not just to the relationship itself but to the difficult process of (subconsciously) healing each other at a very deep level.
            Might well involve a lot of drama, struggle, and strife for quite some years.
            Issues of power and control, domination and codependence feature strongly.
            The type of love here is Storge (deep friendship and connection).

 4. The Freedom Phase

            We awaken to the truth of who we are and who our partner is
            We unconditionally love and accept ourselves and our partners
            We give up the need to dominate, control and restrict each other in any way
            Unconditional (agape) love begins to grow in our hearts
|            Healing is complete, so there is no further need for conflict
            The relationship is renegotiated to optimize respect for each other
            The juice is in the letting go of expectation and accepting what is

Sadly, few people ever reach Stage 4. They fail to understand how each phase works and either get hopelessly stuck at phase three or bail out early, not knowing that Phase 4 even exists let alone how to move into it.

This won’t happen to you if you attend this workshop. Why? Because you will have the wisdom to:

            a) Recognize which of the 3 main types of love characterizes your relationship now
            b) Know which of the four phases you are in currently (or were in previous relationships when they came to an end)
            c) How to move relatively smoothly through Phases 1-3 and emerge naturally and powerfully into Phase 4.

You will learn what you have to do to make the transition from Phase 3 to Phase 4. For example:

            a) establish firm boundaries
            b) get clear about your values
            c) understand your own and your partner’s sexual personality
            d) Forgive the past, release any remaining grievances and know how to renegotiate your relationship in anticipation of the sweet nectar to be had in Phase 4. 

You will be able to apply this wisdom to your current relationship or to any new relationship that you create in the future.

Price: $475 for an individual (Approx. 361 British Pounds or 400 Euros)
           $675 for committed couples (Approx. 514 British Pounds or 570 Euros)


We know that life is full of surprises! If you need to cancel your participation in Radical Forgiveness Solutions prior to the day it starts, we will refund your entire payment minus the cost of processing your credit card. Now that’s fair! 

The Premier Inn at Fosse Park
Braunstone Lane East,
Leicester LE3 2FW
Phone: 0871 527 8588

Have Questions: Email support@radicalforgiveness.com


June 23 @ 9:00 am
June 24 @ 4:00 pm
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Premier Inn Fosse Park – Blaby, UK
Braunstone Lane East
Blaby, Leicestershire LE3 2FW United Kingdom
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0871 527 8588
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