Enjoy Your Freedoms

This week I’m taking a break between themes to allow you, my dear American friends, to celebrate and express gratitude for the freedoms won from us, the British. Believe me, there’s no regrets about that over here in the UK. The British forgave you for that a long time ago. In fact, most people here don’t even know America was once a British colony.  Those that do say we love you all anyway, we remain intimately connected with you and, for the most part anyway, we think that you’ve done a great job managing it for the betterment of the world. So you are welcome to it. But we are a little afraid that the American Dream has come under threat and many of your hard won freedoms are being slowly eroded.  Don’t blow it, you guys!  Stay awake!

Thankfully, as national celebrations go, July 4th celebrations in America are joyful and family oriented: no power-crazed parades of weaponry and military might, just family picnics and comforting the young ones through the seemingly interminable wait for it to get dark enough for fireworks.  Here in England, we watch the tennis at Wimbledon oblivious to any meaning attached to July 4th.

No matter where you are in the world, be thankful for your freedoms—especially those you have found through forgiving yourself and forgiving others. Freedom truly begins with you.

9 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Freedoms

  1. Amy Evans

    Beautifully said Colin! I was having a little mental angst around July 4th and it’s meaning. Like “What’s it all about?” kind of stuff. After reading your message I realized it is really all for forgiveness and joy and celebration. Thank you for the reminder!
    Have a truly lovely day and thank you again.
    Peace and Love,

  2. amanda

    Having just read Enjoy your Freedoms, leave us not forget that long before America was a British colony, it was a native community, rich in cultures, traditions, and real skills for living with and of the land. Before raping, pillaging, colonizing, over-populating, media-bashing, corporatocracies, and watching over-paid athletes chase little round balls on international television became de rigeur, of course.

    Thankfully, all is one. We are all best keeping these things in the moment, and as you say, forgiving, which is nothing more than losing ego and its attachments to all forms, in the name of consciousness.

    Love and light,

  3. lynn suggs

    Perhaps I would like living over there! Sounds less stressful! Hope you and JoAnne are having a wonderful trip!
    Love and Peace,

  4. Chris Corsbie

    Hi Colin, thank you for the reminder that Wimbelton is happening today, and for the caution against the erosion of our freedoms here in the United States. We moved out of Mom England’s house as a young teen with some drama and are learning to mellow out in later life, but its a bit bumpy. I, too, am very grateful that our celebration today focuses on beauty and liberty.

    As a musician and a father, your wisdom has been very helpful. The insight that we are helping one another evolve as souls even amidst our most trying moments has helped me share much beauty. The African Bantu concept of Ubuntu, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”, reminds me of your work.

    I’m organizing a European tour for next summer and would love to come and share some music and multimedia with y’all, Indo-Texan, Ragas on slide guitar, with some blues and country in the salad. Maybe you know some cool Brit Rockers we could jam with and some cool Summer Festival folks. I hear the northlands around Birmingham have some fun gatherings that time of year.

    Best regards in Ubuntu,


    “Your Texan Cousin”

  5. Candace Cable

    Thank you for the American message, Colin. I wish you many blessings and so appreciate the practices you have given us to stay awake. xo Candace

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