Transforming the Energy in Egypt

egyptWhat is happening in Egypt right now, not to mention the violence going on in Syria, Iraq and Northern Ireland, to name just a few examples of religion-inspired violence is extremely distressing and brings up feelings of helplessness and despair in those of us watching from the sidelines.

What can we do to help? Well, this is precisely the time to reach for the Radical Transformation Worksheet so we can begin to shift the energy around all these terrible events. It is a simple worksheet, but it can have an enormous effect at the spiritual level. You can download the actual worksheet from, but here are the steps it asks you to make:

1. Describe the situation as you see it.
2. Describe the feelings you have about it.
3. Describe your immediate ‘must do something,’ knee-jerk reactions you have around it.
4. Say how you would solve the underlying problem if you had infinite power to change things.
5. In spite of my initial feelings of _____ and my initial knee-jerk reactions, the actions I can take that might make a practical difference is to. . .(E.g. Join the peace vigil – see below.)
6. However, what I know I can do, in addition to the above-even if that is nothing – that will make a big difference energetically, is to read out loud the Radical Forgiveness Invocation plus the proclamations that follow.

“May we all stand firm in the knowledge and comfort that all things are now, have always been and forever will be in divine order, unfolding according to a divine plan. And may we surrender to this truth whether we understand it or not. May we also ask for support in consciousness in feeling our connection with the divine part of us, with everyone and everything, so we can truly say and feel, WE ARE ONE.”

7. Having read the above RF Invocation, I now realize that what is occurring ‘out there’ is perfect just the way it is and is all part of the divine plan.
8. In being willing to see it this way, I am opening myself and others to awaken to the truth, and that by holding the vision of a ‘healed world,’ I am making a huge contribution to facilitating a shift in consciousness where such situations as in (1) above, will have no further need to occur.
9. I hereby declare that I am willing to hold this higher vibration and to resist all temptation in the future to react to events with fear and despondency. Whenever I feel myself slipping back into fear I am taking six deep breaths in order to bring myself back to my center and maintain my vibration.
10. I realize now, too, that what is happening ‘out there,’ is a reflection of something that needs, or needed to, be healed in me. What it may be mirroring for me is – or was. . . . . .
11. In forgiving the situation in (1), I have automatically forgiven myself. I am grateful for the healing.
12. I am now centered and have released the need to continue feeling what I was feeling in (2) above, and I CHOOSE PEACE.

Signed ________________________ Date ______________

james TwymanPeace Vigil
Joining others to create a powerful group energy is also something we can all do, as well as the Radical Transformation Worksheet. My good friend James Twyman, (The Peace Troubadour) always goes to wherever there is war or unrest in the world to help heal the underlying causes. He has gone to the Middle East this time, with others, to hold a peace vigil and is asking that we all join him in praying for peace in Egypt at noon (Eastern Standard Time, U.S.) on Sunday August 18th. (5 p.m. in UK)

He asks that we stop whatever we are doing at that time to send a blast of “quantum prayer” from all over the world in order to create the critical mass needed to heal the situation. (I would also suggest you do the Radical Transformation Worksheet just prior to joining in the prayer vigil.) Jimmy asks that we focus on the following prayer during the vigil:

The Quantum Prayer of St. Francis
I AM an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred I AM Love;
Where there is injury I AM Pardon;
Where there is doubt I AM Faith;
Where there is despair I AM Hope;
Where there is darkness I AM Light;
Where there is sadness I AM Joy.
Divine Master
I seek to console rather than be consoled.
I seek to understand rather than be understood.
I seek to Love rather than be loved.
For it is in giving that we receive,
In pardoning that we are pardoned,
and in dying to our own limitations that we live.
I AM an instrument of your peace.

If you want to find out more about this go to his website:

Peace will prevail on Earth when we all give up fighting over our religious beliefs and simply expand into Love.

9 thoughts on “Transforming the Energy in Egypt

  1. Kathy

    For those of us who really want to believe in the awakening of global consciousness, these events seem like 2 steps forward, 3 steps back, and lead to a feeling of despair. Thank you for offering not just a constructive outlet for our emotions, but a way to counter the actions of the world of humanity with spiritual healing.

  2. Louise Gallagher

    I also believe peace will prevail on earth when we give up fighting — not just about religious beliefs, but about other beliefs too. There is truth in everything and not everything is true — is true. It is our belief in ‘my truth is greater than your truth’ that causes so much distress.

    Thank you for your reminder today. As I drove into work I was listening to a news report on Egypt and felt the despair and helplessness invade my peace of mind. Your email reminded me to breathe, to recentre and to focus on what I want to create more of in the world — peace, love, harmony and joy.


  3. Brenda Miller

    Thanks again for your courage, Colin. Your willingness to speak your truth regarding universal peace is a lit candle in the darkness of fear and desperation.

    I am one of your first certified RF coaches, and have been on your ‘team’ for many years now. Your ability to go where others fear to tread is encouraging and inspiring.

  4. Aileen

    Thank you, Colin! Thank you! I have a very intimate understanding of the situation in Egypt. My husband of 50 years was from there (he just recently transitioned), I have many friends and all my inlaws there, and I lived and worked there for many years. Believe me, the situation is far more complex than any news media can reveal. And I firmly believe what is happening there IS part of a Divine Plan, a necessary part of what I call “housecleaning.” The amount of pain in the Egyptian psyche is unfathomable and we have finally reached what I hope is the breaking point, the point at which all of that pain can no longer be held in and is forcibly being released. The structures that have held Egyptian society together during the 50 years of my experience with them have been untenable to say the least. What is happening there now is sort of like an individual’s Dark Night of the Soul. It will take some time, but I see this is all as indeed part of a Divine Plan. I am relieved for the Egyptian people that this time has come, though my heart aches for all the intense pain everyone is currently experiencing. I look forward to the real peace and tranquility that will eventually come.

  5. Catharina-Dorinde Rypkema

    Thank you for these beautiful words. There is so much more in the Divine / Universal Plans, that we do not realize yet. This the century to make the leap to go from the Religious Consiousness to the Universal Consiousness. A beautiful book that is guiding us in this and other, is the Knowledge Book
    Indeed, we ALL ARE ONE!!
    Love and Light greetings
    Catharina-Dorinde Rypkema (the Netherlands)

  6. Tony Cuckson

    Thanks Colin, Loved the book and love the above invitation. I pray the prayer of St. Francis on a regular basis but I really do love the Quantum Prayer as shared above. Thanks for the constant reminder that we are ALL ONE. Let’s take time to feel it and share it and thus invite the end to violence. AMEN.

  7. Donna

    I am encouraged by the many resources through your website and Radical Forgiveness.
    And, I also am sharing them with others while encountering them. Already, I feel a
    new inner gentleness in admitting and weeding out my own hidden pockets of past
    pain and unforgiveness.
    We are in a great awakening and the seeds of healing and unification are growing. This is the essence of the Unification movement and the essence of its founder is little known or understood. See the memoir/autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen, found through the interfaith seminary at the website of Universal Peace Federation, and all HSA-UWC or FamilyFederation for World Peace Centers throughout America and the world.
    God is indeed working through many people from different cultures, faiths and nationalities!

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