Donna Thain

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Donna has had devastating events in her life. The loss of two children, a divorce, asked to leave more than one job but rather than wallow in self-pity she chose to move on. Donna reframed her life opting instead for divine guidance. This offered her peace that is hard to explain. When she was introduced to “Radical Forgiveness,” she knew what she had to do. This certification offers Donna the ability to share with others what she has experienced in her life in an organized and precise way.

Personal Statement: My mission is to take my lifetime of personal experiences and use it to facilitate and educate others about this “radical” new way of thinking to bring about a better life through the belief that everything happens for a reason. No one is at fault. No one is to blame. No one needs to be forgiven. It is all just a lesson and if well learned, a blessing.