Radical Living Coaches

We understand that choosing a coach is a thoughtful choice. The coaches and practitioners listed here welcome your questions.Currently active and certified Radical Forgiveness Coaches, Radical Living Coaches and Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioners** are listed below by state. Use this page to find a coach and then call individual coaches to inquire about their full range of offerings.

**RF Therapy Practitioners are those practitioners who are otherwise licensed or certified to use the title “therapist” in their practices. e.g. psychotherapist, counselor, doctor, hypnotherapist, etc. All information is supplied by individual coaches and practitioners, and The Institute for Radical Forgiveness accepts no responsibility for its accuracy. Coaches are independent contractors not endorsed by, employed by or connected in any way to The Institute for Radical Forgiveness Therapy and Coaching Inc.; and the Institute accepts no responsibility whatsoever for anything that the Coach or Practitioner does or says.

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Lynn B. Suggs, Ph.D., LPC, NCC.

Lynn Suggs

Area Served AL (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 229-220-4957
Email: suggs.phd_lynn@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.pccsdothan.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner.

Lynn has been in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and Alabama since 2006. She holds degrees in Psychology, Counseling and Criminal Justice and further holds certifications as a National Board Certified Counselor, a Child Custody Evaluator and a Forensic Counselor. Previously, she served as Clinical Director of an out-patient psychiatric unit. In 2009, after experiencing her own miracle in Colin Tipping’s Miracles Workshop, Lynn pursued certification as a Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner and has integrated Radical Forgiveness techniques and tools into her counseling practice with clients who have been physically, sexually and emotionally abused.

Private Practice Mission: “We Believe in You…It’s Time for You to Believe in Yourself!”


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Ronna Prince


Area Served Arizona (Nationwide by phone)
Phone: 602-788-5533
Email: rprince32@cox.net
Website: http://www.modernmastery.com

A full-time spiritual counselor since 2002, Ronna feels that adding Radical Forgiveness to her client offerings enhances her primary focus:  moving from the head to the heart.  During transformative sessions with clients, she also offers numerology, tarot, color therapy and intuitional insight.  Further she is an Aura-Soma Practitioner, motivational speaker and a guide to sacred sites.  Ronna is Producer of Sacred Journey of the Heart, a film about the power of conscious love.

Personal Statement:  “Adding Radical Forgiveness coaching to my practice has opened up an entirely new avenue for my clients.  Opening the heart with the tools of RF truly creates a more balanced and peaceful life.”


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Kerri Chinner


Area Served Australia (Nationwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: (08) 8235 9352
Email: kerri@inneressence.biz
Website: http://www.inneressence.biz/

Certified as a Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner in February 2009, Kerri founded her Holistic Therapy Practice, Inner Essence in 1995. She is a Senior Supervising National & International Facilitator of the Hoffman Quadrinity Process, a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, graduating from the Light Body School of Energy Medicine run by Dr Alberto Villodo (The Four Winds), and studied with Amazon & Andean Shamans. She is a Certified ‘Dying Consciously’ Facilitator, qualified Animal Communicator, Massage/Bodywork Therapist, and has a Degree in Social Work. Kerri’s passion is to assist others to live in kinship with all life and to bring dignity and sacredness to the ‘end of life’ process. Forgiveness allows us to live well and, in turn, die well.

Pam Jones


Area Served Australia (Nationwide by Phone/Skype)
Phone: +61 407619152
Email: pam_jo56@hotmail.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner.

Pam completed a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Science at Flinders University in 2012. She also holds a degree in Behavioural Science (Psych) (1999) and has trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-Based approaches. Pam is a certified Shamanic Healing Practitioner and has a strong interest in Buddhism and Non-Violent Communication.

Personal Statement: I am passionate about forgiveness work as a key for Inner Peace. The unforgiving mind is full of fear and our ‘experience’ of life becomes the consequence of this fearful mind. I believe that the RF tools can heal this error by undoing our conditioned reactions through a change in our perception.

Maria Milone


Area Served Sydney (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: (02) 9706 7756
Email: radicalforgiveness@optusnet.com.au

Since Maria ’s discovery of Radical Forgiveness in 2002, her life has been transformed, giving her a greater understanding and appreciation of herself, people and life events. Radical Forgiveness is instrumental in Maria’s life in attaining peace, better health, emotional freedom and self-empowerment. It is little wonder then that Maria is passionate about raising awareness of Radical Forgiveness and teaching the powerful and empowering self-help tools to others through her coaching sessions, the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony and classes. She is committed to helping humanity to move beyond its pain and limiting beliefs. Maria is also a certified Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Thought Field Therapy Practitioner.

Belinda Porter


Area Served Australia (Nationwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: +61 (0) 414 377 883
Email: belinda@empowerwithin.net.au
Website: http://www.empowerwithin.net.au/

Certifications: Radical Forgiveness Coach; Radical Living Coach.

First certified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach in 2010, Belinda has discovered an inner passion for the principles of Radical Forgiveness and is dedicated to coaching people to live more meaningful lives through RF.  Applying these principles personally, she has completely transformed and empowered her own life.  Highly motivated to educate and assist others in reaching their maximum spiritual and emotional well-being, Belinda guides her clients and supports them in experiencing the same outcomes which have revolutionized her life.  She worked for many years in holistic health prior to studying Radical Forgiveness and has qualifications in Past Life Regression, Kinesiology and Reiki.


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Dr. Sigrid Etschmaier, M.D.


Area Served Austria (Worldwide by Phone, Skype & E-Mail)
Phone: 004369911323767
Email: sigrid_etschmaier@yahoo.de

Certifications: Radical Living Coach. Sigrid is also a qualified intercultural conflict manager with a certificate in change management.

Personal Statement: As a general practitioner and anesthesiologist, I have learned that conventional medicine does not address emotions and the toxicity of the victim archetype. When I discovered Colin Tipping’s books, I shifted to experiencing inner peace and freedom. I am convinced we all are made in a perfect way for a specific mission. My mission in life is “healing” in all aspects, not just the physical body. If we are able to dissolve our toxic beliefs, emotions and blockages, we will be able to fully live. Using Radical Forgiveness as a central strategy is the key to living the life for which we’ve been created.


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Dinny Evans


Area Served CA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 530-414-1420
Email: dinny@forgivecoach.com
Website: http://www.forgivecoach.com/

A real estate agent by profession, it was Dinny’s personal story which brought her to Radical Forgiveness. Faced with ending a 26-year marriage, she asked, “How can I be sure I won’t face my same issues in the future?” The Radical Forgiveness tools provided her answer. In training to become a Coach, she discovered her mission to teach herself and others how to experience unconditional love at every level.

Personal Statement: “The overwhelming feeling of acceptance for myself and those I encounter is so amazing that I want to share it with anyone who comes my way and is willing to take the journey with me.”

Eileen Factor


Area Served CA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 562-342-4176
Email: awrytur@aol.com

Eileen has been a student of New Thought-Ancient Wisdom teachings since 1971 when she was initiated into Transcendental Wisdom while living in Hawaii.  In 1981, she was introduced to Science of Mind and became a licensed practitioner in 1995.  At that time, she facilitated study groups in Elgin, Illinois and in the Pekin Federal Prison Camp for Women.  She now lives in Long Beach, California where she is the director of development & communications for a local nonprofit.

Personal Statement:  Someone recommended Radical Forgiveness when I was dealing with a difficult situation.  It made such perfect sense.  I knew I had to become a coach and help others find their way out of victimhood.

Ronnie Fearson

Ronnie Fearon

Area Served CA (Nationwide by phone)
Phone: 760-468-0533
Email: rbfearon@gmail.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Ronnie is both an American and a Swedish citizen. He is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and Massage Therapist, teaching and practicing integrative healing in both California and Sweden. Having helped many people with pain relief, Ronnie wanted to work even more holistically to get to the real cause of people’s suffering. Having experienced a major shift in consciousness from applying Radical Forgiveness in his own life, his dream is to help others find that inner peace, joy and creativity that will transform their lives.

Personal Statement: “My desire is to be a healing instrument blessing everyone I meet.

Sheila Gautreaux


Area Served CA (Worldwide by Phone)
Phone: 916-549-3214
Email: sheila@spiritawakened.com
Website: http://www.spiritawakened.com/

Certifications:  Radical Forgiveness Coach and Workshop Facilitator; Radical Manifestation Coach. 

Sheila is a Licensed Unity Minister, an ordained interfaith Minister, Licensed Unity Teacher, published author, popular inspirational speaker and Assistant Minister at Unity Church of Walnut Creek, CA.  She travels extensively, bringing Radical Forgiveness to as many people as possible.  Her third book, “The Long Journey Home,” about the journey to forgiveness based on the biblical story of The Prodigal Son, will be published in 2015.

Personal Statement:  I not only believe Radical Forgiveness is the most powerful healing modality on the planet for others, but having used it during one of the most difficult times in my own life, I know this to be true through personal experience.  My greatest desire is to see the world transformed through this powerful process.

Ana Holub

Ana Holub

Area Served CA (Nationwide by Phone or Skype)
Phone: 530-925-1081
Email: info@anaholub.com
Website: http://www.anaholub.com/

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach. Ana is a peace educator with 20 years of experience in the fields of reconciliation and conflict resolution. Her books include Forgive and Be Free and The Edges Are Friendly. With a loving heart and a direct, compassionate approach, she helps clients learn to forgive, receive inner wisdom, and open to divine love.

Personal Statement: “When we let go of our pain, it feels like a giant bag filled with stones has been lifted off of us. Once it’s gone, wisdom, peace and joy take its place. What a miracle! Radical Forgiveness doesn’t take years to achieve – it just takes the willingness to try on a new world view.”

Patricia Kingery


Area Served CA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 310-822-7672
Email: patricia79@msn.com
Website: http://www.patriciakingery.com/

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Patricia is a licensed practitioner at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, California, where she facilitates Practitioner training classes, workshops, serves in the prayer ministry, and sings with the Agape International choir. She has a private practice in Marina del Rey, and is also available for phone sessions.

Personal Statement: “As we wake up to what is Real, we realize Peace begins within. An intention to grow sets something wonderful in motion. Radical Forgiveness is a powerful transformational tool leading one to that inner peace. This is my honor and joy, to share with others on this path.”

Krystina Morgainne


Area Served CA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 559-760-5944
Email: thepotentialwithin@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.thepotentialwithin.com/

Krystina has worked as a spiritual counselor and energy worker for over twenty years. Knowing that each client holds the potential within to transform their lives, she uses a blend of motivational techniques, intuition and unconditional love to teach others how to tap into that sense of inner peace and well-being.

Personal Statement: “When I discovered Radical Forgiveness, it was as if everything I’d learned so far on my spiritual journey suddenly blended and shifted to a higher frequency. My goal is to help my clients manifest healing in themselves and others, to see each challenge as an opportunity to love and grow and most importantly, to rediscover their own mastery and the beauty of life.”


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Alison Rodriguez

Alison Rodriguez

Area Served Ontario (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 705-750-0576
Email: healingheartreiki.alison@gmail.com
Website: http://www.healingheartreiki.ca/

Alison became certified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach in January of 2012. Her warm and compassionate nature lends itself well to her ability to make people feel safe and understood. With her background in social work and her own personal history of loss and forgiveness, Alison brings to her practice an innate skill of what she refers to as deep listening – listening with her heart. In addition to Radical Forgiveness, Alison is a Reiki Master and uses these combined modalities to assist her clients in moving blocked energy and thereby helping to restore health and well being.

Gail Simmons


Area Served Alberta (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 403-627-2796
Email: info@self-healing-centre.com
Website: http://www.self-healing-centre.com/

Gail helps clients learn the Radical Forgiveness tools in a safe, sacred environment at her Saddle Mountain Ranch, or by phone or e-mail, and will assist you in taking responsibility for your own happiness and wellness. Gail feels that personal changes can be totally integrated for lasting health and rewarding relationships, co-creating the future you desire! She has extensive experience as a Holistic Community Pharmacist, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner.

Personal Statement: “In 2003, after reading “Radical Forgiveness,” I knew I had found an important tool for myself and my clients to release energies of fear, guilt, betrayal and anger and move into living in hope, happiness, love, forgiveness and peace.”


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Rena K. Petty


Area Served CO (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 573-300-1332
Email: rena@renapetty.net
Website: http://www.renapetty.net/

Rena began using the Radical Forgiveness tools in 2005, and her life immediately went from trauma drama to peace and acceptance. Today, she has chosen to “Pay it Forward” as a Radical Forgiveness Coach and Workshop Facilitator. As a business owner and volunteer, she brings special abilities to her work with hospice. Her open heart, intuition and compassion are evident in her coaching and workshops. Creating a safe space for others to experience freedom from past pain and make self-empowering choices is her goal.

Personal Statement: My life’s vision is to utilize my talents as a teacher by gently and lovingly supporting others as they find freedom and personal empowerment through Radical Forgiveness.

Dulce Bell-Bulley, MA CHT


Area Served CO (Nationwide by Phone or Skype)
Phone: 970-778-1381
Email: osaandastro@gmail.com
Website: http://www.astrologybydulce.com

Certification: Radical Living Coach.

After many years of travel and education, Dulce came home to rest in Radical Forgiveness. She sees life through the lens of Radical Forgiveness and it has bought her and her clients and students immeasurable peace. Dulce is a registered psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist and professional astrologer and would love to work with you.

Personal Statement: “A dear friend introduced me to Radical Forgiveness just months before she died. In grief, I went to a Miracles Workshop. I wanted more and began to study with Colin Tipping, learning the Radical Forgiveness philosophy. The year-long training program was a gift to myself. I often think of my deceased friend with great gratitude for showing me this path.”


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Seppo Malinen


Area Served Finland
Phone: +358 44 303 2906
Email: sepp@rfvalmennus.fi

After studying spiritual awareness, healing, yoga and A Course in Miracles for 15 years, Seppo began studying Radical Forgiveness with Colin Tipping in 2005.  His background includes a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and a 25-year career in health care, marketing and sales.  Having personally experienced the power of Radical Forgiveness in his own life, Seppo is excited to be able to share Radical Forgiveness with others through teaching, coaching and Radical Forgiveness ceremonies.  The transformation of age-old resentments into lasting peace and real happiness is a fabulous miracle.


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Christine Bronson

Christine Bronson

Area Served FL (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 239-691-0348
Email: christine.bronson@gmail.com

A native of Austria, Christine lives in SW Florida. She is passionate about inspiring, empowering and guiding people on their journeys to self-mastery. She is a professional Health & Life Coach, certified Hypnotist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sound Healer and spiritual teacher, as well as a classically trained soprano. Her 35 years of training in personal and spiritual self-development, as well as her rich personal experiences make her a compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding coach. As an RF Coach, she lovingly guides others in healing their wounds and core negative beliefs which may have created unhappy, unwanted situations in life, and invites you to step into the Greatness, Magnificence and Perfection of who you really are!

Mary Canane LMHC


Area Served FL (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 561-301-5355
Email: mcanane@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.marycanane.com/

Certifications Held: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator.

Based in and serving the South Florida area, Mary is a licensed mental health counselor with more than 20 years’ experience. She has an MS in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Hypnotherapist. Mary is now inspired to teach others how to live happier, healthier lives using the tools of RF in private consultations, Miracles Workshops, RF Ceremonies and other self-empowerment seminars. Mary is also available as a speaker for community organizations.

Megan O’Connor


Area Served FL (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 954-483-5095
Email: revmeganoconnor@gmail.com
Website: http://www.transcendenthealing.org/

Imagine shifting your limiting beliefs into positive acceptance of who you are, losing all regrets of the past so that the past becomes your friend and teacher. Just imagine having a coach assist you to broaden your awareness such that you can see the unfoldment of the Divine plan for your life. Megan, an accomplished corporate trainer for six years, public speaker and spiritual intuitive, is committed to human transformation. She is a New Thought Interfaith Minister and is one of Colin Tipping’s co-authors of the book, Why You Still Need to Forgive Your Parents, having written a chapter sharing her own powerful personal story of forgiveness.


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Lola Lucia

Lola Lucia

Area Served Spain & France (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: + 34 678 700 632
Email: info@perdonradical.es

Certifications:  Radical Forgiveness Coach; Radical Manifestation Coach. 

Lola is a supportive, non-judgmental and attentive listener, offering coaching services and workshops in Spanish and French. She warmly invites you to learn and use the Tipping Method as a powerful means to free yourself and unfold your potential in all areas of your life.

Personal Statement: My mission is to support people in finding their way out of their existential labyrinth and in welcoming the awakening of a more powerful, joyful and meaningful life.


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Tracy Elizabeth


Area Served GA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 678-575-2690
Email: tracyelizabeth11@gmail.com

Certification: Radical Living Coach.

Tracy found Radical Forgiveness in 2012, and after immersing herself in learning and applying the tools and techniques of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living, Tracy has transformed her own life. As a high school teacher, she has spent more than twenty years honing her teaching skills. It is her goal to use those skills to teach you to use the powerful tools of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Living

Kym H.R. Kennedy


Area Served GA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 404-505-0191
Email: kym@howtoforgivetolive.com
Website: http://www.howtoforgivetolive.com/

Certifications: Radical Forgiveness Coach and Workshop Facilitator.

Kym has been offering life-transforming coaching since 2001 when she began facilitating Women’s Sacred Circles. In 2000, she was certified to teach Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Life” workshops. She has also studied extensively at the Innervisions Institute for Spiritual Development under Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, and with author/spiritual leader, Paul Ferrini. Despite her studies, Kym was blown away by the power and speed of transformation afforded by Radical Forgiveness. Kym exudes a calming energy, assisting her clients in relaxing and letting go of the angst of daily life. Her mission is to assist in healing the planet through the power of love, forgiveness and the awareness that we create “it” all and can re-create “it” however we want.

Regina Reiter


Area Served GA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 678-938-2075
Email: regina@forgivenesswalks.com
Website: http://www.forgivenesswalks.com/

Regina began her own transformation using the Radical Forgiveness tools in 2005 while preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail. Completing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet shifted her energy from victim to successful, well-supported hiker, and she’s now a 2007 Thru-hiker. Regina brings her love for nature and vision of a sustainable, cooperative world to everything she does. Her professional background in nature study, horticulture, Waldorf education, homeschooling and living foods education gives her the compassion, patience and imagination to assist her clients in their journey to Radical Forgiveness. Regina can support you in transforming your own story through personal coaching, classes and Satori game nights and also offers groups the powerful Radical Forgiveness Ceremony.

Barbara Schaeffer

Barbara Schaeffer

Area Served GA
Phone: 770-826-3417
Email: BarbaraSchaeffer@LifeMasteryInstitute.com
Website: http://www.barbaraschaeffer.com/

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Barbara is a Licensed Unity Teacher, Certified Dream Builder Coach and Book Study Group Leader who can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose. She is passionate about living an authentic life and helping others unlock their potential and authentically live their dreams. Radical Forgiveness tools help smooth the way for living a life of love, peace, harmony, health and wealth.

Personal Statement: Barbara first read Radical Forgiveness in 1999. The information resonated with Barbara, and she was able to forgive and reestablish a relationship with the man who became her husband, Tim Schaeffer. Barbara and Tim enjoyed a wonderful life together until his death in 2011.

Jackie Smith


Area Served GA (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 404-668-3556
Email: jcksmi@aol.com

Jackie is an open, compassionate, inspiring teacher who uses spiritual laws and universal principles as a foundation for empowering clients in personal growth and development.  She believes that as we align ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, our lives will transform and that using Radical Forgiveness tools will support dissolving stuck energy to help in that transformation.  As a Spiritual Life Coach, Jackie is committed to supporting and facilitating your creation of the life you desire.  In addition to being a Radical Forgiveness Coach, Jackie holds a B.A., is a graduate of Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, founded by Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, best-selling author and Spiritual Life Coach, and is a Religious Science Practitioner in Training.


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Corinne Nokel

Corinne Nokel

Area Served Germany (Internationally via Skype)
Phone: 0049 7071/ 549 83 88
Email: info@dietippingmethode.de
Website: http://www.dietippingmethode.de/

Certification: Radical Living Master Coach.

Corinne is a passionate teacher of the Radical Living Strategies and an intuitive empowerment Coach at heart. She offers wonderful support for her clients in detecting hindrances which block true fulfillment and will provide you with the right strategies to use in breaking free from lack and limitation and to enable you to move into the next stage of your personal evolution. Corinne holds ongoing classes in Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation, both online and in her practice in Tuebingen, Germany. Please visit her website (address above) for further information.

Personal Statement: Be everything – embrace your divine nature and an entirely new dimension will find its expression through you.


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Paraskevi “Vivi” Daniilidi


Area Served Greece (Worldwide by Skype and Email)
Email: info@methodostipping.com
Website: http://www.methodostipping.com/

Certification: Radical Living Coach. Radical Grieving Coach.

Vivi is also a Certified Yoga Teacher and loves taking people deeper to get in touch with their souls. She has a sweet, gentle and direct way of approaching people and providing them with support. Since she was young, people would come and confide their stories to her. Her key word is “Acceptance”. She believes that by accepting ourselves, others, and the world as is, and looking at them through the lenses of love, we can really be free.

Personal Statement: Believe! When you open your heart to love, miracles literally happen.


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Shobha Nargundkar


Area Served India
Phone: 91 98483 44671
Email: shobha.harimohan@gmail.com

Shobha thoroughly explored several philosophies before pursuing her work in Radical Forgiveness.  Her commitment to Radical Forgiveness stems from her personal use of RF to achieve rapid results in all areas of her life – relationships, work, friends, family and health.  Shobha aspires to make Radical Forgiveness tools available worldwide, to effect individual and global change.  She also utilizes Louise Hay’s work, NLP-K tools, processes of The Journey and Reiki in her practice.

Personal Statement: My mission is to empower myself to live without guilt or blame, to unconditionally accept myself and others as they are, and to help others do the same by using the Radical Forgiveness technology to support anyone who seeks freedom from unproductive emotional patterns.


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Anne Cassidy


Area Served Ireland (Worldwide by Skype)
Email: a_cassidy@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.tippingmethod.com/

Certification: Radical Living Coach.

Anne Cassidy was trained in Radical Living Coaching by Colin Tipping in 2014.

Personal Statement: I have personally found the Tipping Method to be the most effective and rapid way of overcoming destructive energy and moving forward to an improved future. I love the authenticity of this work and Colin’s acknowledgement of others who have helped create his approach. Deeply inspired by the generosity of all involved with sharing this Spiritual technology, I am happy to work in a variety of settings.

Rose Tobin


Area Served Ireland (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 00353-1-493 3964
Email: rosaleentobin@eircom.net
Website: http://www.life-of-integrity.com/

Certification: Radical Living Master Coach.

Rose taught high school for several years, and has also taught meditation and several healing modalities. Marriage and parenthood have been a powerful training ground for fulfilling her passion: an authentic, grounded spirituality. From a client: “Rose is deeply committed and compassionate; her great love for humanity touches your soul.”

Personal Statement: Radical Forgiveness came into my life during a classic dark night of the soul, like rain after a drought. It resonated deeply with my being and gave me a welcome one-way ticket out of Victimland! I relish sharing RF with others, seeing how profoundly it affects them and ripples out through their lives.


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Corinne Nokel

Corinne Nokel

Area Served Italy (Internationally via Skype)
Phone: 0049 7071/ 549 83 88
Email: info@dietippingmethode.de
Website: http://dietippingmethode.de/il-perdono-assoluto-prodotti-siti-sul-web/

Certification: Radical Living Master Coach.

Corinne is a passionate teacher of the Radical Living Strategies and an intuitive empowerment Coach at heart. She offers wonderful support for her clients in detecting hindrances which block true fulfillment and will provide you with the right strategies to use in breaking free from lack and limitation and to enable you to move into the next stage of your personal evolution. Corinne holds ongoing classes in Radical Forgiveness, Radical Self-Forgiveness and Radical Manifestation, both online and in her practice in Tuebingen, Germany. Please visit her website (address above) for further information.

Personal Statement: Be everything – embrace your divine nature and an entirely new dimension will find its expression through you.


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Agne Veckyte


Area Served Lithuania (Internationally via Skype and email in English)
Phone: +37067048656
Email: agne.veckyte@soulsage.eu
Website: http://www.soulsage.eu

Certification: Radical Living Coach.

Agne is a full time facilitator and coach. She has been a SoulCollage® facilitator since 2013. Radical Living adds a very important dimension to her work, because it allows her to help clients find a deeper understanding and faster transformation of their lives. In her work she offers workshops, book-study groups and personal coaching.

Personal Statement: My keyword is Change. I love change. Everything changes all the time and it‘s beautiful once we learn to embrace it. When I get to be a witness or a guide to someone‘s personal change, I feel truly privileged and blessed to be a part of it. That is the most rewarding part for me as a Radical Living Coach.


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Ed Mowrey


Area Served New England (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 781-608-6274
Email: ed@radicalforgivenesscoach.com
Website: http://www.radicalforgivenesscoach.com/

Ed’s coaching is described as intuitive and compassionate—a gentle path to transformation and personal empowerment. He is committed to practicing Radical Forgiveness full time, knowing first hand how it can change lives, having seen it work for men and women who’ve experienced sexual abuse, for individuals who have had serious injuries, for addicts, and for formerly incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. Besides coaching, Ed frequently facilitates the Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony and presents Radical Forgiveness workshops. Ed’s experience includes 40 years teaching (M.Ed.), 25 years IT Mgmt Consulting, and 5 years Life Coaching.


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Karen Bashawaty, MA, LLP, LPC


Area Served Michigan (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 248-557-4006
Email: k-bash@comcast.net
Website: http://www.thegiftof-forgiveness.com/

Karen is a Masters level psychologist. Fascinated with the concept of Radical Forgiveness, Karen began using the Radical Forgiveness worksheets with herself and her therapy clients. She discovered an almost instantaneous, amazing ability to release angry and hurt feelings and find a place of peace and love.

Already a successful therapist, Karen uses Radical Forgiveness techniques to help clients truly heal the past and create a more peaceful life with improved relationships. She has an accepting and gracious manner which helps clients relax and feel safe. Karen also has training in EMDR, Interactive Guided Imagery, Life Coaching and various Psychotherapy modalities. She is available by phone or in person.

Cheryl Oliver


Area Served Michigan (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 231-578-5880
Email: cheryl6910@gmail.com

Cheryl began using the Radical Forgiveness tools in 2008 and was inspired to become certified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach. With a degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University, she has over 22 years of experience in environmental engineering. As part of her personal spiritual growth and transformation, Cheryl has acquired numerous skills which help others as well as Mother Earth. She is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Certified Life Coach and Laughter Yoga Leader. Cheryl supports her clients in becoming self-empowered, guiding, educating and providing them with tools designed to help them move quickly into peace and find the perfection in all areas of life.


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Kim Marks


Area Served MT (Nationwide by Phone)
Email: intuitvephoenix@gmail.com
Website: http://www.kimmarkscoaching.com/

Certifications Held: Radical Living Coach; Radical Grieving Coach.

Are you looking for more joy and peace in your life? Do you lead a successful life but feel unfulfilled? Do you suffer with emotional or physical pain? Are anxiety, fear and exhaustion frequently your companions? Are you easily depressed or stuck in grief? If you are looking for a guide to help you recover your health, nourish your soul and find more joy and peace in your life, Kim can help. Kim gently assists you in discovering and releasing underlying issues. Kim uses a combination of experience, intuition, and education, to design a program specifically for you.

Personal Statement: “My mission in life is to create more joy and peace in the world, one heart at a time.”

New York

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Cheryl Harnest


Area Served NY (Nationwide by phone)
Phone: 917-553-0156
Email: caharnest@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.cherylharnest.com/

Cheryl’s approach incorporates a sense of humor and acceptance of oneself while engaging in the often serious work of self-realization. Drawing upon her skills as a writer/performer/teacher, she combines the technology of Radical Forgiveness with meditative/self inquiry practices and creative tools such as writing, visualization, and music. Based in Manhattan, she holds an MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU. Offering the ability to track patterns with focused clarity, she provides a safe space for clients to release entrenched emotions and recreate the story of their lives into a hero’s journey. The result is a powerful, and often irreverent, process of self-transformation.

North Carolina

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Shari Claire


Area Served NC (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 980-322-2993
Email: shari.e.claire@gmail.com
Website: http://www.shariclaire.com/

Certifications Held: Radical Living Master Coach; Radical Forgiveness Coach; Radical Manifestation Coach; Radical Forgiveness & Radical Manifestation Workshop Facilitator, Radical Grieving Coach. 

Active in the New Thought Movement since the 80’s, Shari is an interfaith minister, Senior Coach and past Director of Operations for the Institute for Radical Forgiveness. She has been active in 12 Step programs and worked with abused women, leading recovery meetings in California shelters. She brings special abilities to her work with troubled teens, correctional facilities and halfway houses. As a coach, Shari works with clients who seek inner peace by helping them release old victim stories and self-destructive patterns. Her goal is to guide her clients into receiving the joy and abundance that are theirs to claim.

Personal Statement: “My mission is to inspire others to fully love and accept themselves through Radical Forgiveness.”


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Dr. Gary Cone, Ph.D., DCEP, EFT-ADV


Area Served OK (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 405-842-0695
Email: drcone@garycone.com
Website: http://www.garycone.com/

Certifications Held: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator.

Gary provides a holistic approach to healing, combining his work in Radical Forgiveness with his Doctorate in Energy Medicine and years of experience in the healing arts, to help clients “remember” their true identity as “children of light.” Gary, an ordained Essene minister, holds an M.S. degree in Human Development and Family Relations, and is an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Gary has spent many years on his own journey to higher consciousness and has proven to be a compassionate and empathetic guide for hundreds of clients over the years.

Personal Statement: Gary’s mission is to share the “miracles” of Radical Forgiveness with the intention of creating peace in each individual heart and thereby, the whole of humanity.


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Carolyn Mair, RFTP, MSED, CHC


Area Served Oregon (Nationwide by phone)
Phone: 503-551-0701
Email: carolyn.j.mair@gmail.com
Website: http://carolynjmair.com/

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner.

Carolyn is also a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a Certified Special Education Teacher.

As a successful Special Education Teacher and Certified Holistic Health Coach, it was Carolyn’s personal story which brought her to Radical Forgiveness. She uses her vast experience as a successful teacher to encourage and hold the space of love for others to let go of the past and to experience unconditional love for self and others.

Personal Statement: I am a Forgiveness & Empowerment Facilitator, whose desire is to be a catalyst for healing, blessing everyone I meet.


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Dr. Mel Rosenthal


Area Served PA (Nationwide by Phone or Skype)
Phone: 570-992-8282
Email: oneoftheone99@yahoo.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Are you consumed by fear, guilt, anger, worry or blame? Does forgiveness of others or self-forgiveness seem impossible? Is it compromising your health? Dr. Mel combines his 50 years of chiropractic experience and 20 years of spiritual work with Radical Forgiveness to help bring you back to peace, calmness and well-being, no matter what your background. Initial contact is requested by email. Coaching is offered with humility and respect by phone, Skype or email. Prison inmates are helped at no charge by snail mail. Write: P.O. Box 211, Sciota, PA 18354.


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Ana Cecilia Gonzales-Vigil


Area Served Peru
Phone: +51 997 926 576
Email: anasana@hotmail.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Since 2004, Ana has been seeking her spiritual path. She jumped right in with an 11-day Vipassana retreat and then immediately went into training to become a Science of Mind practitioner. She is also an Infinite Possibilities trainer and practices Ho’oponopono. When she first read Radical Forgiveness, she found it “mind-blowing” and personally transformational. After attending an RF workshop in Lima, Peru, she then attended the Miracles Workshop in Atlanta and was drawn to Radical Forgiveness Coaching to enable her to share the powerful growth she experienced with others.

Personal Statement: I believe every person has unlimited potential and deep spiritual longing that can be fulfilled when we know and love ourselves for who we are.

Claudia “Muss” Hernandez

Claudia Hernandez

Area Served Peru (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 511-446-3124
Email: musshernandez@hotmail.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Claudia is a full-time artist, a licensed Science of Mind Practitioner, and an Infinite Possibilities trainer. In her work as a Radical Forgiveness Coach, she offers classes, book study groups and individual coaching.

Personal Statement: I love life; I love people and their life stories. Every time that I lead someone into their own self discovery as they experience the energy shift that occurs by using the Radical Forgiveness technology, I always get to discover a part of myself. Love happens. Everything heals. We are truly One.


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German Semenyuk

German Semenyuk

Area Served Russia (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: +7 917 578 68 88
Email: radikalnoe-p@yandex.ru
Website: http://www.radikalnoe-p.ru/

After being diagnosed with an incurable disease, in 1991, German Semenyuk began practicing various natural and alternative approaches to creating improved health. Among his pursuits, he studied yoga extensively and now teaches yoga. In 2008, he read Radical Forgiveness and was surprised by the clear, comprehensible view of life offered by the book. As he applied the simple, powerful Tipping Method to his own life, he became passionate about Radical Forgiveness; and with dramatic changes personally, wanted to share this knowledge with others. He feels his mission in life is to serve as a channel for the light of love and to bring to others the potential for a life of peace, conciliation and happiness.


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Lola Lucia

Lola Lucia

Area Served Spain & France (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: + 34 678 700 632
Email: info@perdonradical.es

Certifications:  Radical Forgiveness Coach; Radical Manifestation Coach. 

Lola is a supportive, non-judgmental and attentive listener, offering coaching services and workshops in Spanish and French. She warmly invites you to learn and use the Tipping Method as a powerful means to free yourself and unfold your potential in all areas of your life.

Personal Statement: My mission is to support people in finding their way out of their existential labyrinth and in welcoming the awakening of a more powerful, joyful and meaningful life.

Andrea Sydow


Area Served Spain
Phone: +34 689 697 247
Email: andrea.sydow@web.de

For Andrea, Radical Forgiveness is a completely fresh way to experience yourself.  It empowers you to be present and establish a sincere, gentle and healing dialogue with your soul.  Andrea facilitates The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony and provides individual coaching sessions in Spanish as well as in German.  Born in Germany, Andrea grew up in South America, and she now works in both Spain and Germany.  She was trained by the Coaching Academie® in Bielefeld/Germany in contextual coaching and attended Instantaneous Transformation workshops with Ariel and Syha Kane in New York and Hamburg.


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Ronnie Fearon

Ronnie Fearon

Area Served Sweden (Nationwide by phone)
Phone: 760-468-0533
Email: rbfearon@gmail.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach.

Ronnie is both an American and a Swedish citizen. He is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and Massage Therapist, teaching and practicing integrative healing in both California and Sweden. Having helped many people with pain relief, Ronnie wanted to work even more holistically to get to the real cause of people’s suffering. Having experienced a major shift in consciousness from applying Radical Forgiveness in his own life, his dream is to help others find that inner peace, joy and creativity that will transform their lives.

Personal Statement: “My desire is to be a healing instrument blessing everyone I meet. My goal is to awaken souls to their highest potential.”


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Donna Michael


Area Served TN (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 615-383-4989
Email: donna@donnamichael.com
Website: http://www.donnamichael.com/

Donna is a Nashville-based speaker, songwriter, recording artist, Science of Mind Practitioner and ordained minister who worked in the heart of the music industry before devoting fulltime to Radical Forgiveness coaching and her own music ministry. She has shared the stage with many well-known authors, including Colin Tipping, Don Miguel Ruiz and Dr. Wayne Dyer. Donna unites music and the healing arts in her workshops and performances throughout the country. She offers Radical Forgiveness workshops, ceremonies and private one-on-one consultations.

Personal Statement: Radical Forgiveness truly changed my life. If you want freedom from past emotional hurt and heartaches, I urge you to embrace the miracle of Radical Forgiveness. You’ll never be the same—in a wonderful way!


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Karla Garrett


Area Served TX (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 972 492-0583
Email: karla.garrett@radicalforgiveness.com

As both Coach and RF Workshop Facilitator, Karla’s mission is to help others develop awareness, by teaching both spiritual principles and practical life skills. She believes awareness that every word and deed fulfill life’s purpose leads to experiencing peace and joy in daily living, as well as realization of each individual’s full potential. As a certified teacher and licensed attorney, Karla spent years honing teaching and coaching skills before becoming a personal coach in 1991. She now uses those skills to share information learned during 45+ years of spiritual studies. Karla is also a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, a Certified Master Graphologist and a Certified Hypnotist. She invites you to join her in practicing an integrated approach to wholeness.

Connie Lynn West, LMT


Area Served TX (Nationwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 832-877-9598
Email: reikichic@comcast.net
Website: http://www.onangelwingshealing.com/

Besides being a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach, Connie is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Registered Massage Therapist. The focus of her practice is helping people heal mind, body and soul, and she offers this work in an individual or workshop setting. The healing comes through her unique blend of bodywork, use of essential oils and the process of Radical Forgiveness.

Personal Statement: “I am living my purpose when I am sharing my knowledge and skills with the world. I am dedicated to letting as many as I touch or talk to feel the healing power of Universal energy as it moves people towards their purpose. Shifting blocked energy is the key to moving forward and Radical Forgiveness is the key to making this shift.

United Kingdom

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Dr. Hagen Rampes


Area Served United Kingdom (Worldwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 07505 027 382
Email: info@hagenrampes.com
Website: http://www.hagenrampes.com

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Therapy Practitioner.

Hagen is a medical doctor specializing in general psychiatry, with many years’ experience in mental health in the NHS, private practice, and abroad. Hagen trained in a number of complementary and alternative therapies, including as a mindfulness instructor, and studied esoteric knowledge and mysticism. Colin Tipping’s book on Radical Forgiveness resonated deeply, and he was inspired to use the Radical Forgiveness Tools personally and to coach others.

Personal Statement: “My background has prepared me to be of service and to help people get in touch with their inner being and their spirit. The spiritual dimension has been neglected in healthcare. People can be coached to take better care of their bodies and minds and get in touch with their spirit!”

Fiona McGregor

Fiona McGregor

Area Served Scotland (Worldwide by Skype and Email)
Phone: +447921259245
Email: fionamcgregor13@gmail.com

Certification: Radical Living Coach.

Fiona offers individual coaching sessions, book study and support groups. Her style is warm and understanding, and there is always room for humor. She strives to find different ways to present the Radical Living concepts to enable clients to apply them easily and successfully in their everyday lives.

Personal statement: I was stuck in a longstanding, stressful situation when a friend gave me the Radical Forgiveness book. After reading Chapter 1, I experienced a dramatic, unexpected shift in my outlook and a new understanding of what was really going on. My seemingly insurmountable problems were resolved very quickly thereafter. It is now my privilege and pleasure to share what I have learned with others.


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Brenda Miller

Brenda Miller

Area Served WA (Worldwide by Phone)
Phone: 206 529-8282
Email: Brenda@brendamiller.org
Website: http://www.brendamiller.org/

Certification: Radical Forgiveness Coach
Brenda inspires and teaches people to empower themselves and to find fulfillment, passion, joy and peace in their lives. She is empathic, intuitive, grounded in process and honoring of Spirit. As a Certified Professional Coach and founder of U Candoit, Inc., Brenda offers personal success and peak-performance coaching services. She incorporates Radical Forgiveness tools and principles into her practice and facilitates Radical Forgiveness Ceremonies in the Seattle area. If ten or more request a Ceremony, Brenda will travel to other locations to facilitate. Brenda is also skilled as a Reiki Master and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. She provides one-on-one coaching services in person or by phone.

Brenda Strong Reiss


Area Served WA – (Nationwide by Phone & Skype)
Phone: 206-228-4255
Email: 2bstrong1961@gmail.com

Certifications: Radical Living Coach, Radical Grieving Coach.

Brenda began an intentional spiritual journey after a painful divorce and the discovery that her corporate career wasn’t feeding her soul. She was introduced to Radical Forgiveness in 2011 and knew this was the guidance she needed to help dissolve patterns that had been keeping her stuck in the same relationships and beliefs. Her awakening inspired her to help others. Her experience with 12-step programs and various healing modalities add compassion and knowledge to her work. She has been able to help others while continuing to learn herself, which is what she believes this journey is about.

West Virginia

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Melissa J. White


Area Served West Virginia (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 928-274-3551
Email: mylifeopportunities@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mylifeopportunities.com/

Melissa holds degrees in counseling, higher education, and law. As an attorney, Melissa routinely confronted the victim-orientation of our society and recognized that the perpetrator-victim model created more problems than solutions. To fulfill her desire to create a new model for society and help individuals transform their lives, she sought opportunities beyond the field of law. Her search brought her to Radical Forgiveness, which she believes offers a framework in which to transform individuals and society. Her mission is to use her skills as a lawyer, mediator, writer, and public speaker to challenge and inspire others to move beyond conventional or learned paths to a greater, truer vision of themselves, societal structures, and the planet.


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Karen A. Bowen


Area Served WI (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 414-535-0611
Email: karenabowen@att.net
Website: http://www.karenabowen.com/

Karen is a published author, public speaker, PSYCH-K Facilitator and Esoteric Healing Practitioner. Having healed her own heart disease by lifestyle changes, Karen left management at a Fortune 100 Company and turned her attention to alternative healing methods. She travels nationwide bringing Radical Forgiveness to individuals, relationships, congregations and businesses.

Personal Statement: I believe each of us is endowed with unique talents and abilities meant to assure our success. I help clients remove energetic blockages, limiting beliefs and habits that halt expression of their fullest potential and attainment of their highest dreams. Miracles happen when you are willing to be free of the painful past. And, you, being all that you can be, add more joy to the planet.

Kathleen Hautala, WCMT


Area Served WI (Nationwide by Phone)
Phone: 414-364-1557
Email: kathleenhautala@att.net

The wise teachings of her grandmother led Kathleen to the healing arts and her work as a massage therapist, Esoteric Healer and Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. Introduced to Radical Forgiveness in 2005, she used the Radical Forgiveness tools to create miracles in her own life, then ‘dared to dream her dream,’ to live the life she was meant to live. Inspired by personal experience, she became a Radical Forgiveness Coach and Ceremony Facilitator.

Personal statement: I believe we are all on a healing journey together and that we are all healers and teachers. I would be honored to assist you on your journey to ‘dream your possibilities and live them well.’


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