Bankers Rot

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that President Obama’s healthcare plan is constitutional and can now go ahead, and in its wisdom ruled earlier that corporations are people, does this mean corporations can now visit the doctors for a health check?  Imagine the doctor/patient consultation chat:

“Good morning, Mr. Barclay.  What can I do . . .

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How Money Beliefs Block Cash Flow

Last time, I suggested you to ask yourself three questions about money: Have you envisioned a use for it? Are you willing to ask for it? Are you open to receive it? For most people it seems, developing and maintaining a receptive mindset is the biggest challenge.

What prevents us from being willing to receive money . . .

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Healthy Assumptions About Money

Last week I wrote about how our fear of money shapes our perception of the world. So, now, let’s imagine what it would be like if we let the fear drop away? The only way to do that is to become open to accepting some radically new assumptions about money that would align with a . . .

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