A Lack of Empathy

Isn’t interesting how those who would deign to feel it a matter of conscience and duty to legislate personal matters like gay marriage, contraception, abortion and the like on behalf of everyone else, suddenly have a dramatic change of heart when it affects them personally.  Case in point, Republican Senator Rob Portman has long been . . .

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Healing Angels

As expected, I received a lot of responses to the blog I posted prior to Oprah’s PR marathon ‘rehab interview’ with Lance Armstrong.  My thanks to you if you were one who bothered to write.  The comments split roughly 50/50.  They were either of the “Bravo for saying what you did,” variety or “Shame on . . .

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Too Big To Fail

I could care less that Lance Armstrong took drugs to enhance his performance. What I do find odious about him, as well as interesting from the broader perspective, is the extraordinary lengths he went to win all his races, destroying loads of people in the process.

The broader perspective is that the whole . . .

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Happy Birthday

Item 1. Today I am sending Season’s Greetings to everyone and wishing you all a lot of peace and joy in 2013. But yet, I feel a much deeper and more urgent desire to yell out at the top of my voice “Happy Birthday,”  to all of you who have incarnated at this . . .

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Abortion With Love

We haven’t been getting much American news here in the UK, so I haven’t been commenting much on current issues.  But apparently one Todd Aikin, Representative from Missouri said something outrageous and stupid about rape that, in turn, inflamed the debate on abortion, so I thought it might be appropriate to say something here about . . .

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Bankers Rot

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that President Obama’s healthcare plan is constitutional and can now go ahead, and in its wisdom ruled earlier that corporations are people, does this mean corporations can now visit the doctors for a health check?  Imagine the doctor/patient consultation chat:

“Good morning, Mr. Barclay.  What can I do . . .

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