Transforming Apathy

Following on my last message about transforming the energy in Egypt, it occurs to me that the underlying cause of what is happening is a conflict over whether religion and government should mix. We in America should be so very grateful that the framers of the Constitution saw the inherent danger and decided that . . .

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We Did It Anyway

Well, I’m not writing this from jail. The Cancer Act of 1939 in England, states that it is a crime, punishable by fines, confiscation of materials and jail time, to advertise or talk in public about any form of alternative treatments for cancer. Someone blew the whistle and threatened to close down the Alternative Treatment . . .

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A Perfect Dictator

Margaret Thatcher was so absolutely sure of her own righteousness that, had she not been steeped in the now not so universally observed good old British values and sense of what is right and fair, she could easily have been one hell of a tyrannical dictator. She certainly had the makings of one. Even in . . .

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