Cancer Latest Update

I expect you’ve been wondering how I have been doing since being in England from the middle of July onwards. Well, other than learning how to deal with a stoma, I have been feeling very well, enjoying a good appetite and maintaining my weight at 159 pounds. That is 30 pounds lighter than when I first started this cancer journey, but it is stable now and has been for some while now. We’re enjoying great weather here, but it has turned a bit colder in the last few days. The countryside still is delightful, and we get out and around to enjoy it as much as we can while we can.

It took a while to get the tests done to see if the Cellsonic treatment had worked, but after having a PET Scan and MRI done within the last two weeks, I had the results Friday from the surgeon. There was some good news in that the lesion in the lung has gone and, even though the one in the rectum is still there, it has not progressed very much. I’m taking both of those as a qualified success for the Cellsonic treatment.

However, the bad news is that it has metastasized to the liver. There are now 3 new lesions on the liver; possibly four. There is no surgical solution, so the only thing they can offer is chemo. But given their dire prognosis (not mine – I don’t buy it) it wouldn’t make that much of a difference in months gained and might even speed my demise, so I won’t be doing it. I’m at the end of the road now as far as what regular medicine has to offer. But there’s plenty more I will be doing of an alternative nature, of course.

Since the Cellsonic worked on the lung, it does at least show that it works – albeit not to the degree I was hoping it would on the other one, I will continue to use it on the liver and rectal tumors for another month or so before shipping the machine over to Atlanta. Since the spot on the liver on the previous scan was so small and only suspected to be a possible lesion, we tended not to use the Cellsonic on it to the same extent we did as the lung and rectal ones. So, I will be more aggressive in my use of the Cellsonic going forward. I will also pick up again on all the other things I was doing before starting the Cellsonic. (I wanted to test that out without other things going on at the same time.) So, I am pretty confident that we can buy a lot more time than the medical folks have predicted I might have. We shall see. My 77th birthday is coming up on the 30th of September and as I said to JoAnn, “I’ll make it to 80 even if it kills me!”

As yet we have no buyers showing up wanting to buy our flat, so we may have to rent it. Either way is fine. We have lowered the price by 10K, so hopefully, that will bring the buyers. Time to do another Radical Manifestation Worksheet now that we have changed the price.

Love and blessings to you,


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    1. Gina Fiore

      Colin you are my hero. And I too passed on chemo 21 years ago and stuck with alternatives. Gerson, MEXICO Germany. But in the last two years my tumors come back every two months. I keep having them removed because they stay in radiated breast area. Did radiation 21years ago. Testament to they crop up no where else.
      Where did you have your Cellsonic treatment done? Thinking maybe it might work on these stubborn tumors. When I went to Germany 2 years ago all went away but for one. I had it removed. Stubborn AAA breast cancer but I got 21 years…
      Blessings always.
      Keep going youre an inspiration to us all always have been.
      Gina Fiore Arkansas US

      1. J. Ava

        Dear Colin, I continue to pray as thousands around the world do, for sure. Your “Radical Forgiveness” saved my marriage even though my husband got sick and passed in 2014, I was able to love and care for him for which I am eternally grateful. I see your making at least 80! Keep on keeping on this awesome life you are living! Love, gratitude, and prayers to you and your family. Ava

      2. Mary Ann Johnson

        Dearest Collin,
        I would be making the same choices as you have made about the chemo. I am grateful for your loving attitude about
        your life and that you will be able to use this new technology when you return. Prayers for loving spiritual support
        for you and Joanna. Love and Light, Mary Ann Johnson

    2. Tamar

      Dear Colin,
      Thank you for all your inspiration! I pray you will keep on believing and inspiring others, way past the age of 80, in excellent health and spirits.
      With love and gratitude,

    3. Ruth Duffield

      I am praying for you Colin and JoAnn at this challenging time. You are certainly giving it your best shot.

      Please let me know where your flat is in Leicester – as you know I grew up there and all my siblings still live there. They may know someone who is looking for a flat. Seems like the housing market has hit a slump – my house has been on the market for 8 months despite dropping the price twice so I can relate to your situation.

      Lots of love.

      Ruth Duffield

    4. Beverly Wenger

      Always sending you love and great appreciation for how you have contributed to my personal growth, Colin. Doubling my vision of your wellness. You are remarkable!

    5. Lynn Sanders

      Colin —
      You are also in my prayers, and are someone very special to me. Your book, Radical Forgiveness, pulled me out of my deepest depths of despair after my mom’s unexpected passing in 2004, and my dad’s unexpected reactions.

      Sending much love and deepest gratitude to you…

    6. Nancy Panyon Fick


      I will keep you, JoAnn and your family in my thoughts and prayers. You have changed my life and opened my eyes to see my life in the new and different ways. Thank you so much for all the healing I have been able to do because of Radical Forgiveness. Hang in there and make to 80!

      Love and blessings,

    7. Kali Korogy

      Dearest Colin,
      Your courage is inspiring.
      Your willingness to explore alternative treatment options is a profound demonstration of being in your own power.
      Sending Love,

    8. Penny

      Thank you so much for making a difference to my life when it was all chaotic.
      I sat and read that book and made a change to my life I was fearful of.
      You’re truly an inspiration and I am so pleased that I got to read that book.
      Love and blessings to you from New Zealand and do get better soon.

  1. Federica

    Mr. Tipping, It breaks my heart to learn that you are fighting for your life. You are one of the most genuine life-coaches I had the opportunity to learn from. You changed my life. My thoughts and prayers go to you and your wife. With sincere affection. Federica

  2. Susan Walsh

    I went to one of your workshops years ago in the Georgia woods that was transformative, and a major refocusing of my journey! Thanks for that!
    Colin, I’m so pleased to hear of your progress! I haven’t heard about Cellsonic so will do some investigating. is about how Chris Wark healed Stage 3 colon cancer, and his site has many stories of people healing metastatic cancer with diet and lifestyle changes. He’s also put together a program called Square One. I think his website is worth checking out. Blessings to you on your journey!

  3. Sidneye Hatton

    My prayers and best wishes for the success if your treatment. I have been following your work on Radical Forgiveness and want to thank you for the peace it has brought to my soul. In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer and will undergo surgery on September 19. So we are also on this journey together. May God send his blessings to you a lit of fortitude for the journey ahead.
    I send you my warmest embrace.
    Sidneye Hatton
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  4. Dannielle

    Colin, your work has been such a transformative experience in my life I know that your intuition will guide you to the best of the best. As the days go by know that you have a brigade of devoted students and followers who are praying for you sending you light cheering you on and lifting your spirit above our heads in honor. We can only live one day at a time, I hope each of your days is filled with love and joy something you have brought back into the lives of so many people who have used radical forgiveness. Bless you and your family

  5. Cynthia Bjork

    Sending heartfelt payers and love for your radiant wellbeing. Thank you for sharing your journey May blessings uplift every aspect of your life and hat if those you love Thank you for your contributions to my life — I am just about to do deeper forgiveness work this morning and pray that all the good have done for so many be returned to you infinitely ?✨?✨??

  6. Leigh

    You and your “body” of work are excellent teachers for those of us who sit with you as you share yourself on this journey. THANK YOU for letting us in, Colin and JoAnn! You are beautiful.

  7. Sabine

    Dear Colin, I continue to send you my gratitutude, love, and blessings from Germany. May you never forget what a differnce you have made already in the lives of many and that they are all with you in spirit on your challenging journey. Hugs Sabine

  8. Maria Petrucci

    Thank you for your update, Colin. Sending love and appreciation. I love your work! And also that you are taking your health into your own hands. ?

  9. Jennifer Feingold

    Dear Colin, Thank you very much for the update. I want to share with you that I work in an integrated cancer setting as an acupuncturist. I also have an allopathic background as a physician assistant. We see mostly patients with stage 3 and 4 cancer in our facility. You are absolutely correct to put your 80th birthday as a goal. I have had patients live for 10 years with metastatic cancer. We treat it like a chronic disease. You go forward!! Thank you so very much for your books and tapes. You have changed my life. Not sure where I would be without you – the gutter! And I already had done a lot of soul work too before your book was recommended to me. Some of us have to go very deep. Many thanks and many blessings and continue to enjoy!!

  10. Edith Crawford

    Dear Collin, I recently became a new radical forgiveness coach, and I am so excited. Thank you so much. I hope to support many folks as I have been empowered by your very powerful tools. I send you and Joann blessings of health, peace and love. Edith Shanta

  11. Edith Crawford

    Dear Collin, I am Edith, a very recent radical forgiveness coach. Thanks you so much for tg his opportunity to help others as these powerful tools have empowered me. I send you and Joanne lots of blessings of health, peace and love. Edith Shanta

  12. Sharon Genung

    Dear Colin, May the Angels be with you on this journey. Many thanks and blessings for all that you are doing to help others. God speed. Sharon Genung

  13. Wolfgang

    Dear Colin
    Thank you again for your athenticity to share your healing journey so openly. We are one and your journey is on a certain level also my journey. I am sorry to read that you did not had the results you wished for. But I also know from your teachings that such a journey is not about a specific result.
    My healing prayers are with you, blessings, Wolfgang

  14. Lola

    Dear Colin, I support you with much gratitude and love. Whatever happens, we’ll be there and beyond all of us, Meeting and working together for the benefit of our souls and those of others that thank to you we are able to help and support.
    I love your serenity and wisdom.
    Please, forward a special and affectionnate hug to JoAnna. I also support and love her.
    You’re the best that happenned in my life.
    For ever thankfull and loving.

  15. Katie Klein

    Much love Colin, you are doing so much powerful healing for yourself. Thank you for be-ing such an amazing role model for so many. I feel the word JOY around you, being in your joy. Interestingly enough I initially typed, the “work” JOY. Hugs and keep up the good self-care, you + faith+ spirit = powerful transformational healing.

  16. Jane

    Dear Colin,
    I have read your latest messages with interest and some sadness too. Cancer touches all of our families and causes us to reflect on the important things in life.

    I’d like to thank you for all you have tried to do for others. I think many people appreciate your work.
    God bless you in this most particular moment and guide you always.
    With sincere appreciation,

  17. Shannon Pinkston

    Sending you so much love and light and healing prayers. You deserve all the best in the world, my sweet friend. And please find comfort in your rough days in the fact that you and your work have changed thousands upon thousands of lives. You are so very cherished and appreciated.

  18. Elke

    Wishing you all the best in this new journey dear Collin, sending you the best vibes and wishes all the way from perú! I’m sure we will celebrate your 80! And many more! All my love!

  19. kat

    Dear Colin,
    In 2009, Radical Forgiveness saved me. I am forever grateful for your wisdom and powerful offering.

    Great big huge blessings of healing light and love to you and your family.

  20. Fred Jakolat

    Colin, thank you for sharing your story with us. I have been using your book and worksheets ever since “Radical Forgiveness” was published in paperback. You are in my prayers.

    All the best, Fred

  21. Myrrna Sauza

    You are such a source of inspiration and I am grateful for all that you share with the community. I think you can say 80+. I am confident that you will be able to conquer this!

  22. Darlene

    You and your work continue to inspire me. My thoughts and prayers continue for you and your family. Your willingness to share your health journey is amazing and so helpful. May you continue to find additional energy knowing that so many are sending you prayers, love, joy and light!

  23. Stephanie Marchioni

    Dear Colin,
    Radical forgiveness healed my life in the deepest way possible. I jumped into Radical Forgiveness, desperate to heal my anger. That night that I flowered the steps wholeheartedly I had the most beautiful healing dream that I will never forget. I feel, to this day, mystically altered. Thank you for your work. I am truly grateful for what you have brought to me and to others. I cherish you. With deep love and eternal gratitude, Stephanie Marchioni

  24. Tim Boone

    Colin, Well I am glad the Cellsonic has had some benefit and pray that it and the other measures you take will pay off greatly! We look forward to having you home in October!!

  25. Dorothy

    Dear Colin and wife, Blessings to you both for the courage you have displayed and shown others about your dis-ease and about facing your transition. I’m in a similar situation. Altho not technically classified as liver cancer, I have terminal liver disease, not caused by any “textbook” risk factors such as alcohol, drugs, environmental exposure, hepatitis, etc. So I too “went deep” as another student mentioned above, and thru my meditations, found that this dis-ease is caused by a lack of forgiveness in my life, which is how I found your book.

    I’ve read extensively on the topic and have put together a five-week class at our Unity church on Compassionate Forgiveness; it’s my way of returning grace to the Universe and helping others. I also learned that this dis-ease is part of my life/soul path to learn not only more about and manifesting forgiveness, but also finding self-forgiveness and self-love in the midst of all the chaos of my childhood and young adulthood. This situation has accelerated my soul learning, and for that I am eternally grateful.
    I will keep you in my prayers for wholeness and healing, and hope to meet you in Heaven when we both get there! 🙂

  26. Bonnie

    Colin, your work is amazing and has helped so many people!! I send healing prayers for your wellbeing both to you and your family.

  27. Linda Smith

    Dear Colin! Just got back from Gary Bibb’s funeral. I have been thinking and praying about you.

  28. Gayle

    Dear Colin
    Thank you for the update. Sending love and gratitude to you and Joanne as you travel on this part of your journey.

    I am working through your amazing coaching course. I am several weeks past the 12 week recommended finishing time due to my own health issues. When I was at a really low ebb, a few weeks ago. It crossed my mind to try RF process on my illness, so I did. I was blaming my doctor and my body and at times even cursing it because it was not able to do what I expected of it. After a few days, I felt ever so much better and so much more positive. I can’t thank you enough for your work and for these wonderful tools.
    Much love and many blessings to you and Joanne.

  29. Katherine Raybould

    Colin, thank you for sharing. I feel such positivity and hope in your email and laughter. I wish you the very best, I see the perfect buyer for your flat right there now. I see healing. Thank you for everything you do for so many. Love and light and much laughter coming your way.

  30. Pam Lambert

    Colin and JoAnn, thanks for sharing your journey with us. Two great things happened today: (1) we heard from you and I am knowing your wholeness; and (2) I just read that your book is required reading for Centers for Spiritual Living year one practitioner training. Yippee!!!!

    In my first year of practitioner training, I was surprised with a potential terminal “dis-ease.” A wise and wonderful practitioner led me to your book and worksheets. I read your book, did worksheets and “Made Room for the Miracle.” The surgical oncologist confirmed it for me. That was five years ago. I am now a practitioner, and enrolled in your coaching program. I claimed Radical Forgiveness and Shadow work as my ministry. I am currently facilitating the book study. One lady called me last week with a demonstration and another woman has asked me for help. You are a “change-agent,” for the world, and your message was most definitely Divinely downloaded. Thank you for all you are and all you do.

  31. Sharon McKerchar

    Love to you, Colin. I continue to view your situation through the RF lens as your soul accelerates towards your healing. ❤

  32. Leslie

    Sending Healing thoughts, prayers and energy your way. Blessings to you and Joanne for being the Beautiful Souls you are and the many lives you have touched.

  33. Linda

    Father God meet Colin at the point of his greatest need. Allow your son Jesus blood to cry out against this spirit in Jesus Name. Thank you

  34. Alejandria

    Hi Colin and JoAnn. Thank you for sharing your update with all of us. I’ll never forget my amazing Radical Forgiveness training under you and JoAnn in Atlanta, Georgia USA. You’re an amazing teacher and have blessed a lot of souls during your life. Thank you for how you’ve helped me on my soul’s journey and thank you for the healing tips you’ve taught me. Sending you lots of love. 🙂

  35. Patricia WILLIAMS

    The inexplicable power of your capability of being in touch with and guiding me through and out of overwhelming pain continues to support me into my own growth as a person. The other day, a hologram-like face with normal human coloring, a face that looked a lot like me but with lighter hair came up in my mind. I had been wishing that I had a best friend. The face was full of radiance and said to me “I am your best friend !” THAT WAS ME ! I now realize that I am my own best friend. I feel fully released out of co-dependence and into my new powers of being myself.
    Tears of gratitude for your work with me come up in me now as I write. Hot tears are rolling down my face now. I thank you from the depths of who I am for your sharing your incredible powers with so many of us.
    I hold you in the Light everyday.
    In peace and thanksgiving for your life and courage,
    Pat W

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