Cancer in the White House

Continuing on the theme of thankfulness post-Thanksgiving Day, I think you have probably heard me say that I am grateful for the cancer that has taken up residence in my rectum and threatens my life. Not for the cancer itself, I hasten to add, but for the lessons I am learning from the experience of having it.

But my cancer is as nothing compared to the cancer that has taken root in the White House over the last two years. Even though the cancer in the White House is no less life-threatening for this country and all that it stands for than the cancer I have in my body that is likely to kill me, it is clear to me that the purpose of these disease processes is a holy one in each case.

Mine is a wake-up call for me, and Trump is a wake-up call for America. I, for one, am grateful for Spirit having given us both.  Let me explain.

I’m sure you’ve discovered in your own life that real change of a positive nature only occurs as a result of some sort of breakdown occurring in your life that forces you to look hard at yourself and how you are creating your life.

These breakdown events don’t happen by accident. You create them so that you confront your false beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

They create the opportunity for you to heal a load of toxic ‘stuff’ that you have buried deep in your subconscious mind so you can remember the truth of who you really are, which is Love.

For that to happen you create circumstances that are unlike love so you can discern the difference and wake up from the dream you have created — just like everyone else who is still asleep. And, that’s most of us.

In my book, Radical Forgiveness, published in 1997, I wrote a chapter entitled As Above, So Below. The first line of the second paragraph reads:

“The Earth has cancer, and it is called the human race.”  And then later: Just as a cancer cell multiplies out of control, metastasizes throughout the system, and begins to devour its host, so we continue to multiply exponentially out of control all over the planet and to plunder its natural resources as if nothing else mattered beyond the satisfaction of our greed. 

The point I am making here is that the collective can create these healing crises for the same purpose as an individual will do. And that the over-soul of America has created the cancer in the White House as a spectacular healing opportunity for America.

The problem is, however, if we don’t see the opportunity and all we do is focus on vilifying Trump or conversely continue to worship him as some kind of non-human savior to whom we give total adoration no matter how much it degrades us to do so, then the breakdown that we are well into already will get so out of control that there will be no way back.

Already we are in mortal danger of losing our democratic way of life for there is no doubt that Trump would love to be a dictator like all the other dictators around the world over whom he fawns and blatantly worships.

Just give him half a chance, and we would soon find ourselves under a fascist regime.

The toxic tentacles emanating from the warped mind of this president is spreading out and infecting the body politic and the minds of those who are overly receptive to his ravings and actually magnify their toxic effects. Fox News is a prime example. 

Worse yet, there’s the threat of climate change.  Again quoting from my own book written way back in 1997,

Like a tumor wrapping itself around the heart or blocking a lung, so do we, in the same kind of deadly embrace with our own life-source, chop down forests, pollute the very air that we breathe, and poison the environment.  Scientists are telling us that we are close to destroying life as we know it within the next 40-50 years if we don’t make dramatic changes.”

What did Trump do? He took us out of the Paris Agreement and continues to do nothing to combat climate change. It would hurt business, he said. And to be fair, our protest about that was little more than a squeak. Better we focus on Stormy Daniels.

OK, so why has America created this drama? There has to be a reason. Here’s what I think.

I believe it is Trump’s role, agreed prior to his incarnation, to force America to look deep into its soul and confront its shadow.

What Trump has done has given voice to and exposed for all to see, all that is alive and well in the mass consciousness of this country that is unlike love and inherently toxic and even deadly. Here are some examples:

Racial hatred; white supremacy; misogyny; greed and the worship of money; mean-spiritedness; narcissism; (it’s all about me); grandiosity; (America is the best country in the world); selfishness; arrogance; cruelty; false pride; self-importance; egotistic, pomposity; superiority; cockiness; divisiveness; dishonesty; lack of humility (we are never wrong and don’t apologize); and so on. You can probably add more.

So, what Trump is doing is holding up a giant mirror to every one of us to look at and by acting in as disgusting a way as he can, is thrusting our own shadow down our self-righteous throats, or in my case up my ass. Thank you, Donald!

So here’s my challenge to you. On the basis that it is only through each person healing their own shadow that America’s collective shadow will be healed, I would ask you to select five of the very worst things that you see in Trump and simply cannot stand about him. Write them down.

Then click here to open a worksheet called Embracing My Shadow Worksheet. It will take you just a couple of minutes to go through it, and you may dismiss it. But I can assure you that it will have an effect. Not just on you but on the collective as well.

Please do it. If enough people participate, the purpose for us having created Trump will go away, and he will be replaced in 2020 by someone with a heart. If we don’t, then get ready for another four years of who knows what.

35 thoughts on “Cancer in the White House

  1. Cynthia

    Wow. Thank you so much for stating publicly what I secretly have been thinking for over two years now; but ignoring to the best of my ability. This broader and deeper perspective presented in your posting is very illuminating. Providing the specific worksheet to deal with my feelings of outrage over this “nightmare” is helpful and leads to a more productive use of my energies.

    1. Therese

      Your book, Radical Forgiveness, has shaped my thinking for years. It contributed to my view if the Trump administration which is very similar to yours. I will definitely do the worksheet.
      May you be blessed with total, gentle healing.
      Thank you for being of service.

    2. Patricia Yacker

      Colin, as you face the journey that the cancer is taking you on, I bless you and know that you will learn everything you can from this experience up until your last breath.

      Your work changed my life since I first started studying Radical Forgiveness years ago, I have embraced my shadow as it has emerged and to this day accept all situations that trigger me as my path to awakening and healing. I also teach and guide others to do the same.

      Thank you for naming the gift of Trump’s as he plays out the shadow in our country in a way that can’t be missed. I feel grateful that people like Marianne Williamson are stepping up to the plate in the next presidential election..

      I have lived with chronic illnesses for 57 years and found it to be my greatest path to awakening and healing. As I continue to increase my vibration and consciousness, more of the time I am able to live in each moment, experiencing it as a gift.and plan to do that until I take my last breath (I am 77).

  2. Nancy

    I love the excellent way you put this. You are so correct that our country is in danger if we continue down the path we are heading.

    Blessings to you. Keep sending your inspiring messages.

  3. Nancy

    Colin, please don’t leave. We need light workers like you. Or maybe, I need a light worker like you. I am studying alkaline foods. When our body is more alkaline, cancer cells cannot survive.

    Hay House is featuring a webinar series on the Alkaline Diet. Please check this out if it calls to you.


  4. Sabine S.

    Thanks, Colin, for sending this worksheet and your musings around th world. It is very timely and I am grateful for you still contributing to healing humanity despite your being in the midst of a big challenge yourself. You rock! Sending lots of love and healing energy your way from Germany. Sabine

  5. Holistic Healer

    Blessings to you Colin for posting your insights and personal relevances. I too have had similar meditations wherein Spirit has told me the reason for Trump et al. Our first reaction of course was to be thoroughly appalled, shocked, angry, etc. But after the first reactions of disbelief, you’ve got to ask yourself two questions: 1) What is going on here from the Higher Perspective; and 2) What are the spirit-based actions I can take in response? (as opposed to reactions).
    I agree that on both a personal level (I have idiopathic liver disease), and at a Collective level, we must all ask the questions above. What can I DO that is in alignment w/ Spirit and w/ my ideals/ values?
    Having completed all my legal end-of-life paperwork, I have decided to give everything to charities which support Human Rights, including supporting a DACA student thru Law School. Leaving a legacy for others to carry on important work is so important to the congruity between my beliefs and my values.
    God bless us all!

  6. Ruth Duffield

    Spot on Colin. I agree with you about Trump’s ‘sacred contract’, just like Hitler’s.

    Strangely, they are amazing souls that are willing to take on the ‘shadow’ task for our enlightenment.


    from England


  7. Carol Smerling

    As always, thank you Colin for providing this higher perspective on the collective nightmare we witness pervading our country.
    Blessings to you and your family as you continue on your healing journey.
    Sending energy and prayers that your physical suffering is minimal.

  8. Kathryn Morgan

    Beautiful offering, Colin; thank you. I was led to embrace my shadow many years ago on a retreat for women, and it was one of the most powerful healings of my life. Viewing Trump as a blessing gets harder every day, but I do offer his astrological analysis on my site as a means to see him with compassion and hope, and to understand his commonalities with us all. He is an awakener, that is for sure! Another idea is to search online for his photo as a little boy to facilitate seeing him in a different light. Peace of the Season to you all.

  9. Cathy K

    I will admit, based on Radical Forgiveness I have been waiting for you to post this. I even, upon the beginning of this post recanted “ The earth has a cancer, and it’s called the human race…” then reading further and you cited yourself. 🙂 How many times I have thought about him being a mirror, while reminding myself to breathe, but in quiet anger, sadness and my, “Ok… (North Korea) let’s see if this takes shape in a positive way?!?” No, I never did a worksheet on it. But now, collectively I WIL join and do it and hopefully others in our Radical Forgiveness shift will do it to! Thank you, Colin! Sending you love and light; blessings and magical days for your journey!

  10. Dulce Bell-Bulley

    Appreciation as always Colin for rising up. I see the world through the lens of radical forgiveness, thanks to you and JoAnn, and I’ve understood Trump’s role from the beginning. Look at what he brought out of the woodwork!

    Though greed and destruction of the natural world are pandemic, I have strong faith in most of us. We’re in love with this planet and do all we can to cherish her. David Hawkins in Power Versus Force, said a few operating at a higher level of consciousness can shift the density of mass ignorance. I’m holding onto that and that’s why I always read what you write Colin, because you lift me up. Thank you.

    PS I love the Embracing My Shadow worksheet. I’ll be sure to use it with my clients along with Making Room For the Miracle. Your work has healed many.


      Dulce, thank you for this beautiful reply. And thanks to everyone else who responded with such love.

      Colin, much love to you. You have been an influence in my life since my first reading of Radical Forgiveness. Thank you for the worksheet. I have done it. For some reason I feel moved to say to you, Let go of the rock. Sending love and light and prayers for your physical healing – We all need our conscious, brothers and sisters of light standing with us in raising the energy of our beautiful world. Namaste`

      1. Dulce Bell-Bulley


        I am chanting your prayer: 1/we release, release, release this cancer.

        That’s exactly what I/we need.

        Many blessings and much gratitude to you for this powerful mantra.

    2. Arlette

      Thank you for explaining this to the world, Colin! And thanks for reminding me to do the worksheet! I can apply this to a few situations in my life…

  11. Beverly

    Thank you, Colin, I’ve been calling him our ‘Full Length Mirror’ (and a ‘Savior’ to some) since the 2016 election. While I’ve known that work must be done within ourselves, I admit that I haven’t done my own Shadow Search very well. I’ve been in outward-directed blame and hatred. Your beautiful Essay and Worksheet are prompting me to take stronger inner action to evolve and hold Love as the highest goal. He reflects our shadows while he also strengthens our resolve to uphold integrity, democracy and unity. Thanks to your work and eloquent expression here, I will do more inner Shadow work and stand up taller for protections of what our souls hold dear for humanity’s evolution. Many blessings and superior good health to you, Colin.

  12. Ann

    Thank you so much for writing this and fir the worksheet. It is so easy for us to shame and blame Donald Trump, yet when I look at some of what I dislike so much in him, I see shades of those qualities in me. And, I realize I do fight those shadow aspects of myself, even when I know intellectually that is not helpful. So, your message comes at the right time. After doing the worksheet, I feel the expansion and opening of myself to light and further growth. Thank you so much.

  13. Linda Neiheisel

    I did the worksheet immediately and it hurt to claim so dark a shadow. Also, please hear my thoughts on Stormy Daniels, and the other women used as pawns to distract focus from atrocity. This mirrors my sexualization of women (myself). That one hurts the most! Even more than Trumps love of money (did I ever LOVE money?)

  14. ShY

    Interesting projection here: You spot it – You got it!
    My projection on Trump is complete opposite. I am not seeing him as what was described.
    I was one who lost job twice due to outsourcing it to offshore(India). I had my insurance been increased up to 300% and I could not afford it anymore, but had to pay shoved to my throat penalty. I could not ‘keep my doctor ‘anymore. My neighborhood completely changed and became criminal. And list goes on and on….
    I am from socialistic country, I had experience of it fully and very saddened to where USA is moving. The closest example is England, where crime rose to the highest ever. Yes, America woke up and thanks to Donald Trump, because no one was talking about on what is going on. The Paris agreement – study shows that it is a bogus. Read it online. The only racist remarks I hear on CNN and MSNBC, they make world as dark place.
    My take is – no one is perfect and general description of what you think should not apply to others. Radical Forgiveness should not be judgmental, but forgiven. I liked the worksheet, but will apply it for other reasons, and not on ‘that you see in Trump’

    1. Surprised at UR Negativity

      I agree. The Colin I knew years ago would never have been focused on negativity let alone spreading it to others. Our president, who is a jerk, deserves respect as the leader of our country and should be given credit for all the good he has done for this country. Socialism would be the demise of our country and its people. How much better to build the people up, give them skills, give them jobs, give them a sense of pride in themselves so that they can teach their children. We needed someone in the white house who is not a politician. We needed things to be shaken up and out of the political corruption, manipulation and bureaucracy. If you frenzie on the fake news without listening to the actual speeches, then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Feel free to live elsewhere if you don’t like it here.

      1. Cynthia

        Have listened to the speeches and the press conferences of DJT bashing other countries, reporters, every ethnic group, anyone who disagrees with his point of view. Respect is a two way process. Also, dissent is American BTW; so just leaving the country is not the answer, tempting though it can be at times.

      2. Jackie Smits

        I’m afraid you missed the whole point. It is all about having the courage to look at your own shadow. The things you dislike about another are the things within yourself that you have denied, surpressed, or projected onto another. If it is Colin that you are judging for being wrong, then look at what you don’t like and own it for yourself. If You Spot It – You Got It.

        1. Cathy

          Jackie- 😉 Exactly! 🙂 Thank you for saying it! What may be a toxic person to someone isn’t going to, necessarily be toxic to another. However, the simple ways we speak to someone especially with projections and finger pointing… mirroring and archetypes “shadows fall hard.”

  15. Regina Reiter

    Ok. My worksheet is done! Love myself being dishonest, crass, arrogant, disrespectful, and ignorant? Take back the projection? Well, ok. That could certainly shift energy in my life and see perfection in Donald Trump’s being. Thanks for leading the way and speaking out from your own experience. Your Light shines ever more brightly, Colin. Thank you!

  16. Margaret Davies

    This idea of learning from the White House as a lesson for America is helpful. One of my friends was really showing me how helpful it is to create circumstances that are unlike love so you can discern the difference and wake up from the dream you have created — just like everyone else who is still asleep. I did the Embracing My Shadow Worksheet. I know it will have an effect. with the purpose for us having created Trump will go away, and he will be replaced in 2020 by someone with a heart. If we don’t, then get ready for another four years of who knows what.

    I am so sorry about your cancer. I have been involved in NAET and my yoga teacher benefited from it, which contributed to his overcoming prostate cancer. There is a more powerful way to do it then the way NAET practitioners do it. I used it on myself after exposure to fumigation, when my kidneys and liver were failing for 7 years, getting only 3 hours a night sleep, until I found this method. Feel free to contact me if you would like my help. I have Dr. Iris Rosenfeld check my treatments, who is a NAET practitioner in Laguna Hills, California in Orange County. You can email me. My home number is 949-716-8946, and I would be happy to put together a treatment plan for you, using the 31 potencies, it is all done energetically and we would not have to meet, but it would be helpful to get the treatment okay from Dr. Iris when you are in town. We are not too far from Marietta.

    I drive to Palomar Mountain to the yoga retreats the last 35 years from Orange County about 2 hours. Yoga Center of California has a retreat site there and my teacher used your book Radical Forgiveness on the 2 week retreat we had up there years ago. Now we do 2 and 3 day retreats and a 10 day retreat the end of June. Graham Ledgerwood, our teacher, said, as you mentioned, your approach is similar to yoga approaches. I found it very helpful and I always experience that spiritual presence around the time of the treatment where I send good will and energy to the person I am treating. Graham Ledgerwood is a realized master and it might help you to go on his website to add to your deep experience you have shared with all of us.

  17. Kia

    Amazing wisdom. Thank you. Radical forgiveness is one of my favorite all-time bugs and definitely changed my life. Here’s to you healing completely in continuing to do this amazing work.

  18. Sonia M Frontera

    Thank you for this post. This is exactly how I feel, although I phrased it as “Trump is a wake-up call, like a heart attack.” If only more people took advantage of this unique opportunity to heal, we’d be in a much better place. For now, I am sharing this with all my friends and people who are living in anger and despair since November 2016. Blessings to you and best wishes for your personal healing.

  19. Terrie

    You quoted from your book Radical Forgiveness: “The Earth has cancer.” Focusing on the Earth and the White House as being cancerous slows down your own peace and healing. All of our words carry energy and a specific vibration. In order for any existing situation to change in a more positive direction, our vibration needs to be raised to a higher level. Please focus and direct your energy for your own healing, and don’t allow it to be dispersed……. and Never….Never….Ever…..give up.

  20. Linda Machesic

    Thank you for this and your greater body of work. Thank you for your insights. May you continue to transcend fear. May you continue to see the blessings everywhere present.

  21. Stream

    This process was exactly what I needed to turn around the icky mood I woke with this morning around theme I chose for our Dance of Universal Peace tonight. ” Loving our sweet and broken roots”

  22. Tom Dietvorst

    My worksheet is done. I will continue working on it until it becomes second nature…or maybe first nature. (-:)

    I appreciate all you do Colin.

    If I can learn to trust “Embracing My Shadow” I can learn to trust that what is happening for you is the right thing to be happening for you.

    I wish for you what you wish for yourself.


  23. Sheila Anderson

    LOVE this! One of my all time fav teachers, Tom Campbell says the same thing! At first it made me bristle! I am NOT a narcissistic, misogynistic, racist, bully, con artist, philandering moron who can’t speak in complete sentences!??? But after much contemplation I get it! It’s who we are collectively that has brought the Twitler Shit Show upon us! Thank GOD for teachers like YOU to get us through this and illuminate the TRUTH! Sending YOU tons of healing LOVE and Light! Not sure what your doing for self healing but I have seen miracles in my health since I went Carnivore and started following Dr. Jason Fung’s Fasting protocol! Andrew Scarborough is in one of my Carnivore groups and he’s cured brain cancer!

  24. Anne

    Colin, THANK YOU! I love your honesty… your willingness to say what many others are afraid to say. Yes it is my disowned shadow and our collectively that led to DJT in the White House. We are certainly getting many opportunities to assess how we want to BE. The worksheet, like all of your work is brilliant. I have forwarded this message to at least 25 people. You are such a light and your spark is igniting many. Thank you so much. I wish you healing and sending you lots of love and light.

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