bostonIt is precisely at times like this that my faith in the Radical Forgiveness concept is sorely tested.  How can what happened in Boston be part of any Divine plan?  Why would a soul choose that?

But enough already!  It is much too soon to contemplate such things.  Things have to be done.  Lives have to be saved.  Bodies need mending, minds need healing and the perpetrators need to be found and brought to justice.  And there are a lot of things we can be doing of an energetic nature that will make a difference.

It was for events exactly like this that I created the Radical Transformation Worksheet.  This my newest Radical Forgiveness tool, and it is designed to help us deal with these things that happen outside of ourselves so we don’t buy into the fear and lower our vibration in the face of suffering.  It is the tool that helps us keep a grip on the idea that there is meaning in everything, no matter how it may seem. This helps us transcend the pain and transform the energy for all concerned.  Because it shifts energy, this is a no less helpful activity than doing what has to be done at the front line. 

If you would like to make a difference in this way, you can download one for free in Colin’s Cafe in the Free Stuff section. Click on the Free Stuff banner on the left side of the home page.  I will do one myself as an example and post it next week when people are more able to be reflective about the event and willing to transform their own consciousness regarding what happened. 

Of all athletic events in the world, the Marathon is the one that is all about the strength of the human spirit.  It is the one event which chokes me up and makes me cry, not so much at the end, but at the start when I see that great crowd surge forward, eager to take on that immense personal challenge.  At age 42 my own daughter ran the London Marathon, and I was incredibly proud of her. 

What I am sure of is that no one hate-filled bomber or group of bombers can ever break that spirit.  On the contrary, it will only strengthen it.  This is not peculiar to Americans.  It was the case after the London Underground bombing.  I’m sure the same is true for the Iraqis who go through this kind of thing every week or so, and for the Syrians who are dealing with it right now on a daily basis.  Our prayers need to be with them too this week, more mindfully now, perhaps, just because of our own suffering here at home.  When we hurt together we heal together.  I am sure they are finding time and space, even while dodging bullets and missiles, to pray for us right now.

Thousands have used social media as a vehicle for their prayers for the victims and their families, which is great.  But let’s not forget to pray for the person or people that planted the bombs as well.  My prayer is that the terrible hatred and bitterness that fills their hearts be released and transformed so they can expand into Love and be at peace.  At the time of writing we have no idea about their identity, but better that we radically forgive them now before we know who they are and have a human being on whom to project our own violent natures just so we can stay in denial about them.  There’s food for thought here for the current gun control debate.  Could the bombers be mirrors for the violence in our collective consciousness in a nation where thousands die by the gun every week of the year?