Weight Loss and Body Issues

It is not surprising that we might think we are our bodies! We dress our body, trim it, shave it, bathe it, uplift it, perfume it, beautify it, augment it, adorn it, medicate it, exercise it, feed it and in numerous other ways focus an enormous amount of attention upon it.  Given the size and economic importance of both the weight loss industry and the fashion industry, you could even say we are obsessed with it. 

Yet we seldom ask, why do we have a body?  After all, why would a spiritual being, who is free to move around at will within the World of Spirit, decide to lower its vibration and become encumbered with a body that is dense, heavy, and prone to breaking down on a regular basis? 

I believe we do it so that we can experience separation, in order to develop a deeper awareness of ‘Oneness.’  Each of us having a body is a great way to convince us that we are separate.  It also provides the opportunity to feel separation as an emotion.  Since an emotion is “a thought attached to a feeling,” we could not feel it without a body.. 

Body Hatred
If the body is our spiritual vehicle for taking us into and through the deep pain of separation, is it any wonder that we are not only obsessed with our bodies, but essentially hate them for precisely that reason?  After all, having taken on a body as a symbol of separation, it follows that the body might also represent the intense pain that accompanies the sense of separation.

Excess Weight
In my experience in helping people deal with their separation issues through Radical Forgiveness, I have noticed that people’s emotional issues are frequently reflected in their physical body in some way or another.  It can appear as disease, tissue breakdown, immune system failure and so on, but for a great many people it is reflected in the form of excess weight.

However, no amount of dieting will get rid of excess body fat if it is serving an emotional function.  The most common function it performs is protection.  This can be protection from generalized hurt and rejection, but most frequently it is used to protect from imagined or real sexual attack.

It is estimated that one in five adults were sexually molested in their childhood years. The only way a powerless child can deal with such a severe wounding is through the mental mechanisms of denial, repression and disassociation.  However, such attacks leave a powerful energetic imprint on the body, generated and sustained by a potent mixture of unresolved fear and guilt. 

Even if the mind blocks it out, the cellular structure of the body remembers only too well.  So it seeks to protect itself by piling on the fat in those regions previously most affected and thought to be most vulnerable.  This not only provides a wall of physical protection against attack, but psychic protection also.  The mind reasons that being physically attractive is a risky proposition, so the best way to ward off physical advances is by making oneself decidedly unattractive.  What better way to become sexually unattractive than to be obese?

Unfortunately, becoming sexually unattractive does not really solve the problem.

The answer is Radical Forgiveness—the technology that hundreds of sexual abuse victims and victims of other forms of abuse have used to neutralize and dissolve the energy pattern that kept the guilt, shame and fear frozen in their bodies and surrounded by fat.

The big advantage of the Radical Forgiveness approach is that it does not require that the person remember what happened, nor go through the pain of re-enacting the experience.  The Radical Forgiveness process is enough.

At more than one Miracles workshop, we noticed this occurring when people released stories of that nature.  They reported significant weight loss a few weeks afterwards. 

This became the basis of our Online Radical Weight Loss Program, which I would definitely recommend to anyone with a weight problem they even suspect relates to past traumas.  This will not only help to complete all the Radical Forgiveness that might need to be done, but will help in making the other life-style changes as well.