Blowing Your Own Horn Isn’t Easy

blow-your-own-hornBlowing Your Own Horn Isn’t Easy

Growing up, I was always taught to be modest and not to be seen blowing my own trumpet. (That’s the English version, but it’s the same. It’s a horn.) To this day I find it difficult to write sales copy for my own products and I’m even more reticent about promoting myself on video.

That’s why I was so happy and relieved to watch and listen to Kym Kennedy doing a fantastic job during an extended interview on TV, explaining and extolling the value of Radical Forgiveness to her host. It was terrific.

Kym is one of our senior Radical Forgiveness Coaches and I can’t tell you how proud I am of her, not to mention how grateful I am for her tooting the horn about Radical Forgiveness.

As you have probably found out when trying to explain, even to friends and family, the concept of Radical Forgiveness and how it works, it is very difficult. It cannot be done in just a few seconds, nor even in a few minutes. You need some time to allow people to adjust their mental framework about reality before you even begin to break through their resistance to a concept which is, to the mind anyway, little short of crazy.

Watch Kym do it eloquently and smoothly. I know you will enjoy it. And if you have some skepticism or some gaps in your understanding about Radical Forgiveness, she will fill it in for you. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Blowing Your Own Horn Isn’t Easy

  1. Sheree

    This is an excellent video! I would like to have seen it broken down into smaller videos. It’s tough for people to allow the time that seeing this video in entirety takes. There are enough solid ideas, concepts that breaking it down into smaller pieces will increase the number of visitors who will watch it and process the information on a deeper level.

  2. Katie

    Wow Colin, thank you for sharing!!! Kym, amazing interview! You did a wonderful job. I am getting my Radical Forgiveness coaching certification now and you are just inspiring. Thank you. This work is also my life’s mission, as I have started a project spreading the word about the work, We will all toot your horn Colin, you deserve it!

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