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The more technology shrinks and connects our world, the more we are confronted with challenges that we have to deal with, almost on a daily basis. As I watch it all unfold, I will be inspired from time to time, to focus attention on and share with you how my Radical Living Strategies can help all of us meet our challenges with greater ease and compassion. My hope is that these offerings give you the insight you need to create the peaceful, fulfilling life you desire.


Cancer and Forgiveness

We are more than just a body.  We have feelings so we are also emotional beings; we have a soul, so we are spiritual beings; and we have minds so we are mental beings.  The science of psychoneuroimmunology is now proving beyond any doubt whatsoever that mind, body, spirit and emotions constantly interact—and sickness . . .

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Abortion With Love

We haven’t been getting much American news here in the UK, so I haven’t been commenting much on current issues.  But apparently one Todd Aikin, Representative from Missouri said something outrageous and stupid about rape that, in turn, inflamed the debate on abortion, so I thought it might be appropriate to say something here about . . .

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