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The more technology shrinks and connects our world, the more we are confronted with challenges that we have to deal with, almost on a daily basis. As I watch it all unfold, I will be inspired from time to time, to focus attention on and share with you how my Radical Living Strategies can help all of us meet our challenges with greater ease and compassion. My hope is that these offerings give you the insight you need to create the peaceful, fulfilling life you desire.


Assumptions about Life and Death

Last week I outlined the basic idea of Radical Grieving and how closely it relates to the Radical Forgiveness philosophy.  Let’s now look at the assumptions implicit in this way of looking at life and death.

Assumption #1.  Our souls are immortal.  When we incarnate we take on a body in order to . . .

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Radical Forgiveness and the Stages of Grief

You may be familiar with the most common five-stage approach to grieving. The stages vary somewhat, but basically they follow this format:

            1. Shock and denial   
            2. Anger         
            3. Depression 
            4. Bargaining  
            5. Acceptance

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross is the one everyone thinks of as . . .

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Take a “Sacred Journey of the Heart”

This month’s series on Radical Grieving will start next week, because I’ve received permission to share a powerful video with you—one that vividly illustrates the world-changing difference a personal shift can make.

The story begins with Ronna Prince, who invited me to participate as a featured expert in her transformational, new film SACRED JOURNEY OF THE . . .

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