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The more technology shrinks and connects our world, the more we are confronted with challenges that we have to deal with, almost on a daily basis. As I watch it all unfold, I will be inspired from time to time, to focus attention on and share with you how my Radical Living Strategies can help all of us meet our challenges with greater ease and compassion. My hope is that these offerings give you the insight you need to create the peaceful, fulfilling life you desire.


Healing Angels

As expected, I received a lot of responses to the blog I posted prior to Oprah’s PR marathon ‘rehab interview’ with Lance Armstrong.  My thanks to you if you were one who bothered to write.  The comments split roughly 50/50.  They were either of the “Bravo for saying what you did,” variety or “Shame on . . .

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Too Big To Fail

I could care less that Lance Armstrong took drugs to enhance his performance. What I do find odious about him, as well as interesting from the broader perspective, is the extraordinary lengths he went to win all his races, destroying loads of people in the process.

The broader perspective is that the whole . . .

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New Year, Clean Slate

At this time of year, many people are setting new intentions. The top two seem to be spending more time with family and friends and losing some weight. Maybe you’ve realized that holding a grudge or some other form of anger is holding you back from those goals.

To clear the path, perhaps . . .

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