Radical Living Coach

The 2-Part Coach Training Program

Offered by The Institute for Radical Forgiveness
Therapy and Coaching, Inc.


Look! In just 90 days or less you can be certified as a Radical Forgiveness Coach making a big difference in people’s lives. Wow!

Your Investment: $997 or 4 payments of $249.25.


Two ways to become a Certified Radical Living Master Coach:

1. Take it as an Extended Online Training Program with 6 months Group Coaching
2. Take it as a 5-Day LIVE TRAINING with 6 months of group coaching.

Your Career Investment: $2,997, or 6 payments of $499.50 (See details)

Or, signup for both with the Combo priced at $3,644 or 12 payments of $303.67

The next 5-Day Live Training will be in the Spring of 2018 in Atlanta, GA.


  • Part One:

    Becoming a Certified Radical Forgiveness Coach

    A 90-day, stand-alone online course that qualifies you to coach people and teach groups how to use the tools of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Empowerment to create more happiness, peace and joy . . .

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  • Part Two:

    Becoming a Certified Radical Living MASTER Coach

    Besides increasing your skill as a Master coach and teacher, this program is as much about developing your own spiritual muscles and growing as a person as it about you acquiring . . .

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. . . Continued – Part One:

As such, it offers you a superb opportunity to create a flourishing Radical Forgiveness coaching practice, whether you’re starting from scratch or adding it to an existing modality – and whether you choose to do Part Two or not.

It is a modular course you do online, working at your own pace up to a limit of 6 months – though it is designed to be done very comfortably in 90 days or less. Click here to see the course content.

Your investment in your new career is just $997 or 4 payments of $249.25. Can you believe that? What price fulfillment and joy? You will love this program and you will adore being a Radical Forgiveness Coach. I just know you will.

So jump on it now and get going!


Register for the ONLINE Radical Forgiveness Coach Online Course – $997 USD

Payment Plans Available

. . . Continued – Part Two:

the skills and techniques of the Tipping Method and the Radical Living philosophy.

We expect our graduates to become not only great Radical Living Master Coaches but luminaries or way-showers for those who are ready to awaken to a different reality. We have every confidence that you will one of them.

In fact, our goal is to support you in developing a vision for your life and a sense of higher purpose that will come naturally from first adopting and then teaching the Radical Living Lifestyle.

For you it will be about fulfilling your mission of being of service, and being able to demonstrate the power of peace and love when all around you are losing theirs. Clients will look up to you, trust and respect you.

There a strong focus on happiness in this program. It reveals how Radical Living is an essential element in creating real happiness, joy and abundance. Your clients will love this, too.

At the practical level, Part Two builds on the content and experience gained in Part One and takes it to the next level. In exploring the two Radical Living Strategies that were not covered in Part One, the delivery of all four is completed. These other two are:

1. Radical Transformation. Applying the energy-based technology of Radical Forgiveness to the healing of situations, world events and problems that are outside of and beyond ourselves.

2. Radical Manifestation. Applying the Tipping Method to activate the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want to have in your life.

You will also learn a number of transformational processes and techniques that will help your clients heal, grow and prosper that were not covered in Part One. You will also be able to teach these processes in group settings like workshops

Your role as a Radical Living Master Coach will be to help clients truly forgive themselves and others using the tools provided, find their authentic power, discover their purpose, create a vision for their lives, set goals, create good relationships and more.

What could more fulfilling and transformational for you personally than this?

And look at this! You also have the luxury of choosing how you want to do Part Two. You can either do it as:

a) a 5-Day Intensive LIVE training (in lieu of approximately two thirds of the total online content), with all that this implies in terms of the benefits that comes from working directly with me in a classroom situation.  Two additional LIVE days are offered as options in specialized topics at the additional cost of $295 per day or $495 for both.


b) a 6-12 month modular, activity-based ONLINE Course which includes a total of three full hours of personal mentoring, spread over the time, from a Senior Radical Living Master Coach via telephone, Skype, or Zoom.

One or both of the two optional days can be taken directly following the scheduled 5-day training. The content of each these elements are:

1. How to run and lead the Radical Forgiveness Circle Ceremony, the Gender Healing Ceremony and the figure of 8 Ceremony.

2. How to market yourself as a Radical Living Master Coach and build a successful business in today’s environment.

Your investment in upgrading your expertise and certification from a Radical Forgiveness Coach to a Radical Living Master Coach is $2,997 or 6 payments of $499.50.

However if you know from the very beginning that you want to do both Part One and Part Two, or you decide before Module 5 in Part One that you want to do Part Two, you can save a whopping $450 if you purchase both together at the Combo price of $3,644 or 12 payments of $303.67. (Note: Certification is only conferred when you are fully paid up.)

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Payment Plans Available

  1. Radical Forgiveness Coach (ONLINE) – One payment of $997 or 4 monthly payments of $249.25.
    Register for the ONLINE Radical Forgiveness Coach Course – $997 USD
  2. Radical Forgiveness Master Coach (LIVE or ONLINE) – One payment of $2997 or 6 payments of $499.50 ((NOTE: Only for existing RF Coaches who wish to upgrade to Master Coach.)
  3. Radical Forgiveness Coach (ONLINE) + Radical Living Master Coach Packaged Deal (ONLINE) – One payment of $3,644 or 12 payments of $303.67.
    Register for ONLINE Radical Forgiveness Coach + Master Coach Training Package Deal – $3644 USD
  4. Radical Forgiveness Coach (ONLINE) + Radical Living Master Coach Training (LIVE) – One payment of $3644 or 12 monthly payments of $303.67.
    Register for Radical Forgiveness Coach ONLINE + 5-Day Master Coach Training LIVE – $3644 USD