Radical Living Coach

The Radical Living Coach Online Program

Share the power and profound benefits of Radical Forgiveness by becoming a certified Radical Living coach! Help others raise their self-esteem, heal age-old issues and create the life that they want. At the same time, you will build a career that makes a deep and meaningful difference on the planet.

A Rewarding Career

Now more than ever, people want to become more authentic in their world. Your service as a Radical Living Coach can help people transform their lives powerfully and meaningfully! You can:


Radical Living Coaches are in demand!

  • Only 19% of adults consider themselves satisfied with their lives
  • Just 21% report that their life has a clear sense of purpose
  • Only 30% usually feel a sense of accomplishment from their work
  • As few as 9% see their life as close to their ideal
  • Coach individuals
  • Teach the Radical Forgiveness strategies in regular group meetings
  • Lead Discussion groups and Support Groups
  • Host seminars, webinars and online video sessions

Getting started as a Radical Living Coach is easy and quick. You’ll learn simple, practical tools that get life-changing results extremely fast. All you have to do is familiarize your clients with the tools (one-on-one or in groups), and demonstrate how to get the most out of them. And they’ll love you for it because they really do work!

The world of a Radical Living Coach is, without a doubt, highly fulfilling. You will guide your clients to new levels of peace, and you will witness the profound stories from those who have healed a relationship or manifested a number of their most valued dreams. Whether it’s a new relationship, a new job, a new home, or a certain amount of money, you will watch lives transform before your eyes.

Getting Your Certification

Our easy, well-structured, and engaging online certification course will walk you through the philosophy, approach and techniques that are the cornerstone of Radical Living. You’ll learn how to share the four Radical Living Strategies and methods that will give them the keys to mastering a conscious, heart-centered, and spiritually connected lifestyle. These are:

Continuing Education Units

If you are a professional life coach or teacher you may be eligible to receive CEUs when you complete the Radical Living Coach Online Training. Let us know and we’ll send you a letter to submit to request CEUs. Such requests are usually granted.

  1. Seeing Life through the Lens of Radical Forgiveness
  2. Finding Love and Acceptance for Yourself through Radical Self-Forgiveness
  3. Creating the Life You Want through Radical Manifestation
  4. Healing the Planet through Radical Transformation of World Events.

The program is delivered in modules, so you can test yourself and receive feedback at the end of each section. In addition to the twelve modules, you will also complete two online programs: “21 Days for Forgiving Your Parents, Partners & More” and “Radical Manifestation”.

The course requires that you complete it within 12 months. This allows time for you to take a break, and it is realistic. Our experience shows that many people complete the program in about 45 study hours, typically over a period of about six months. Our incredibly supportive staff is always available to help you along the way should you have any questions or concerns.


Register for the Radical Living Coach Online Course – $1431 USD

Payment Plans Available

Become a Radical Living Master Coach

Upon certification as a Radical Living Coach, you are automatically qualified to up your game by taking the online Radical Living MASTER Coach Certification Program.

As a Radical Living Master Coach, you’ll be able to offer more services to your clients. You’ll receive training to:

  • lead the famous Radical Forgiveness Ceremony
  • conduct lectures, workshops and seminars on Radical Forgiveness
  • and facilitate the Radical Empowerment, and Radical Manifestation workshops.

This broad range of service, knowledge and experience will give you what you need to establish a successful practice and make a tremendous impact on the lives of many people.

You’ll receive advanced Radical Forgiveness coaching skills and sophisticated tools, and you’ll be trained in the Satori 7-Step Process, which has proven to be one of the most valuable tools a coach can use with a client, as well as the 3-Letters process and the full range of worksheets and audio processes associated with all four of the main strategies.


The LIVE Training Option

livetrainingFor those who prefer LIVE training to self-study, we offer the opportunity to dive in and get qualified as a Radical Living Coach and a Radical Living Master Coach both at that same time during one intensive, 10-day, Live Training with Colin Tipping.

He will personally provide you with insights, experiences, one-on-one coaching sessions and practical assignments, so you gain a profound facility with Radical Forgiveness and the other Radical Living Strategies.

Being personally trained by the creator of Radical Forgiveness is something you can take to the bank.

You will also have unlimited access to three online courses and the same vast wealth of online resources as those students doing the two separate online programs enjoy, any amount of which you are able to study prior to the 10-day training if you wish to get a head start.

Atlanta, GA: January 31 – February 9, 2017
Lima, Peru: May 2-11, 2017

Sign up now and receive these Bonus programs!

To support your ongoing personal work as a Radical Living Master Coach, we are now offering FREE attendance to the following scheduled workshop when you register for the LIVE Coaching Training! You must redeem this offer within five years of completing your Training:

  • The Radical Forgiveness Solutions 2 1/2-Day Workshop ~ A $497 true value for attending training in the UK or Atlanta (OR)
  • The Radical Manifestation 2-Day Workshop ~ A $347 true value for attending training in Lima, Peru
  • Who the **Bleep!?** Am I and Where the **Bleep!?** Am I Going Next? Online Program ~ A $97 true value
  • My Money, My Life Workbook ~ A $147 true value

We are here to support your ongoing evolution as a Master Coach and as a contribution to the healing of the planet. Let us know if you have any questions!


Register for LIVE 10-Day Radical Living Coach/Master Coach Training – $5976 USD


Register for ONLINE Radical Living Coach/Master Coach Training Package Deal – $3651 USD

Payment Plans Available

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Watch this video to see what the live training is really like and how it can benefit you.

Cancellation Policy:

We understand that circumstances can arise such that you feel the need to cancel your registration before the course begins. In such a situation our standard cancellation policy for such programs will apply:

a) If you cancel any time up to 10 days before the start of the course, you get all your money back minus 6% to cover the cost of processing your refund through a credit card.

b) If you cancel between 9 and 3 days, you get 1/2 your money back minus 6% to cover the cost of processing your refund through a credit card.

c) If you cancel within 3 days before the course begins, there shall be no refund.

The 2-Day FREE Trial Promise:
If after having the full price up front, and experienced 2 full days of the training, you truly feel the course is not for you having completely misunderstood the nature of it and what might be expected of you, you will be able to withdraw from the course and get all your money back, minus the cost of processing your refund through a credit card.


Want more information? View our FAQs

Payment Plans Available

  1. Radical Living Coach ONLINE – One payment of $1,431 or 6 monthly payments of $238.50 All inclusive
    Register for the ONLINE Radical Living Coach Course – $1431 USD
  2. Master Coach ONLINE – One payment of $3,344 or 10 payments of $334.40 (RL Coach Certification above is a prerequisite.) All inclusive
  3. Radical Living/Master Coach Packaged Deal ONLINE – One payment of $3,651 or 12 payments of $304.25
    All inclusive
    Register for ONLINE Radical Living Coach/Master Coach Training Package Deal – $3651 USD
  4. LIVE Radical Living/Master Coach Training with Colin – One payment of $5,976 or 7 monthly payments of $853.71. At the end of this course, you will be provisionally certified as a Radical Living Coach. Once you have completed additional assignments and assessments, you will be certified as a Radical Living Master Coach. All inclusive.
    Register for LIVE 10-Day Radical Living Coach/Master Coach Training – $5976 USD