Ceremony in a Box

Everything you need to lead an incredibly healing ceremony… in a box!

meditation-567593_640The Radical Forgiveness Ceremony in a Box includes training materials, videos, audio tracks, scripts, and more so that you can conduct an exceptionally meaningful ceremony that is based on the power of Radical Forgiveness. The ceremony works beautifully in communities and churches to gracefully help people find their way to forgiveness.

Colin based this ceremony on the healing circles found in indigenous populations around the world, where everyone is honored in their life journey. It works well with groups of up to 100 people and lasts about 2-3 hours. As the ceremony leader, you’ll guide people to forgive themselves and anyone else in their lives in a safe, non-threatening and healing environment. It is a life-changing experience! People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces.

Here’s how Colin describes it:

“After the Leader talks a little about Radical Forgiveness, everyone walks the circle to silently honor and witness their ‘story’ or trauma or significant events. As everyone continues walking the circle, guided by the Leader’s prompts, people begin to deeply know that they are not alone, and they honor each other’s pain. More inspiring guidance from Radical Forgiveness follows. Finally, everyone walks the circle again, asking inwardly to come to a new place of forgiveness and peace. It’s a fantastic experience and it works!”



The Ceremony in a Box includes:

  • The Ceremony Leader’s Manual
  • Introductory Script
  • Scripts for the four stages of the ceremony
  • A DVD video of Colin leading the Ceremony
  • Audio tracks of the ceremony
  • Audio tracks of Colin describing the Radical Forgiveness process

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