An Update from Colin

It has been many months since I attempted to send any kind of blog or message to you and the whole group. If you have been a member of the Colin’s Wellness Journal Facebook group, you will have been receiving periodic updates on my cancering journey and will understand why I have focused all my communication efforts in this direction for the last couple of years.

For those of you who haven’t been following it, here is the short version. I was originally diagnosed with rectal cancer in May 2015. Using a combination of allopathic and alternative methods of healing, it was gone by November of the same year. However, it re-occurred in May of 2017 but with more serious complications.

I went in for surgery on May 15th to remove the tumor, but given the proximity to bones, it was not possible to remove it without leaving cancer cells behind, so the attempt was abandoned. Chemo was said to be the only option.

The Universe disagreed. Immediately after leaving the hospital information came my way about a technology that uses very high pulse pressure ultra-sound to destroy cancer cells with zero side effects or damage to ordinary cells. I read up on all the research and am seeing it as the best option for me. The machine is available in England, so I aim to get there within a week or so for the treatment. It looks very promising and an infinitely better option than chemo.

There is nothing like a life-threatening experience like a cancer diagnosis to make you think about your life and your future and what changes you might need to take – no matter if you are moving in the direction of imminent death or not. And who knows?

I have always said that cancer comes to us as a loving message from our Higher Self that invites us to change something in our life. It is always a healing message in that sense. What I have re-discovered during this year and what I have always taught is that the message is a mixture of forgiveness, surrender, and acceptance of what is – as is.

However, it has become very clear to me that as well as making personal changes in my life as a result of my cancer experience, I am, at the ripe old age of 76, at a major turning point in my professional life, as well. I’m not at all sure what that really means and how it will all shake out, but I am looking at a couple of options.

I could either retire completely and do something else with my life. Or I could continue doing Radical Forgiveness but in a different way.

I am an artist and have neglected this side of me for many years. I could definitely see myself taking up painting in a serious way as an alternative to being the prime mover behind Radical Forgiveness.

I have enough trained people around the world who could easily take on that mantle in a number of different countries, so the work would continue even if I was not personally involved. This will, anyway, be the case once I have left the planet, so I am already thinking about who those people might be and how that transition might be made.

I am also considering selling Global 13 Publications, Inc. This company covers all the digital products that we sell, including all the training programs, online programs and all things downloadable that do not require anything other than a website.

All those programs are now on automatic, thanks to the skill of Shari Claire, requiring very little in the way of administrative effort to service the distribution. Whoever buys it will take on the marketing aspect, something we have not had much in the way of expertise in.

These programs, including the professional training courses, will still be available to you in exactly the same way so there would be no downside to you. But it would give JoAnn and I some financial security to make up for me stopping doing workshops and traveling around the world trying to make a living for us both. (Bear in mind she is 10 years younger than me.)

If you know of anyone who might be interested in acquiring this company and putting some serious money into marketing the digital products because they believe in Radical Forgiveness, (most important), do let me know. But just to be clear, based on some valuations we have received, we would not be considering offers much below $500,000.

The alternative to actually retiring is to work differently and in a way that supports JoAnn and me physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is likely to mean doing fewer workshops while offering virtual events such as Group Coaching; Couples Coaching; Group VIP Days; Mastermind Groups; Online Courses and so on – all online. That way we can do more or less everything from our home.

But that’s for the future. First, I have to focus all my attention on restoring myself to full health and would ask you to keep sending my healing thoughts to that end. You have no idea how much I appreciate your love and support.


65 thoughts on “An Update from Colin

  1. Sheela Kalawar

    Hello Sir,
    I am Sheela Kalawar and am a grest fan of Radical Forgivenes and have subscribed to your newsletter. I practise a few energy healing modalities. I got the following message from one of my whatsapp groups and am sharing it with you here. Please have a look and pray for your quick recovery.
    How a Cow therapy saved Amit Vaidya from Cancer. :- Life was a dream for Amit Vaidya, who soared high financially and professionally till he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 27.
    Amit Vaidya lived the American dream. A Gujarati, born and brought up in the US, with a Ph.D. in economics, he worked in the entertainment industry’s business department. “It was an active but not a healthy lifestyle as I was an overachiever,” says Amit. His dreams “were shattered” when a few months after his father’s death he was diagnosed with first stage gastric cancer. “The fall was great as I had risen to great heights when I was 27.”

    Opting not to do surgery, he went in for “aggressive chemo radiation” in New York. Two years later he went into remission. Within two months of his recovery, his mother was diagnosed with grade three brain tumour. “Nothing worked and I lost her too. Away in a foreign land, being the only child, I felt lonely and a scan showed my cancer had returned after 18 months. This time it showed up in my liver. Nine months later, in 2011, reports showed I was not responding to treatment and the cancer had spread to my lungs too,” he says emotionally..

    Doctors told Amit that his life too was just a matter of time.

    An aunt also told me about an Ayurvedic hospital in Gujarat that claims to cure cancer in 11 days for just a rupee! Having nothing to lose I wanted to give it a shot.”

    So off he went and explains that the treatment was disciplined with yoga, meditation and he was made to drink a mix of “desi cow milk, curd, ghee and gobar, go-mutra. I was to drink it on an empty stomach. For years everything tasted like saw dust because of the chemo. It was easy to drink something that smelled and tasted as it should. Others there were traumatised by this. I kept faith and did it diligently. I saw no change but felt no worse either.”

    Scans showed that the cancer “had not spread”. Amit then went back to the hospital and lived there for another 40 days. Reports showed the cancer had decreased. “Wanting to continue the therapy,” Amit stayed with a farmer, who opened his house to Amit. “He offered me a tiny shack on his farm, a cot, a goshala with desi cows, a well and a toilet. I continued the therapy and after months was able to walk. Over time, walks became jogs, jogs became runs and I started finding joy in my mind. The villagers had time for me, which was the best gift I got, especially when I needed time to heal.”

    After 18 months Amit claims he is cancer free and decided “on planning to live his life instead of planning a funeral. I now talk to people about my journey and that healing is possible. I make time to spend with cancer patients. It is all free. I have started an NGO called Healing Vaidya.”

    He does not plan on going back to the US as “this country has given me much. I have learnt that people here don’t value what it can offer.”

    Amit has written Holy Cancer – How A Cow Saved My Life , (Aditya Prakashan, Rs. 495) which was launched in the city recently. The book is available in book stores. For more log on to

    Warm regards,
    Sheela Kalawsr

  2. Leah Cevoli

    Lovely to hear from you, Colin.

    Sounds like you have some solid options in front of you for the business and I trust it will work out.

    Best of luck in London on your journey back to wellness!
    Leah Cevoli
    LA, CA

  3. Wendy Erlick

    Sending You Angel Love & Angel Blessings Colin & Jo. With much gratitude for your work xxx
    Wendy Erlick

  4. Colleen McAllister

    Blessings for your openness to see all of this “differently “, for it truly is not just a medical diagnosis….. I will pray for you and your intentions….know that you have given us so much in a different way to see things “differently “ than stony hard heartedness, which gets none of us anywhere. Peace.

  5. Michael J. May-Devey

    Please call me to discuss the future of your brand. I am turning 64 in February of 2019. I hold you in High Admiration and might be a good one to carry your message forward! Cell is 626-840-0530. I will add you to the prayer petition book at St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Altadena, CA at mass on Sunday. We can all use as many prayers as possible to move forward in our lives.
    Thank you.
    Michael May-Devey

  6. Auline-Jean Melbourne

    Dear Colin, I love that you believe ” that cancer comes to us as a loving message from our Higher Self that invites us to change something in our life. It is always a healing message in that sense”. I guess I still see it as punishment in some way and even if it is s loving message it throws me when someone like you gets the message like this. I guess in my mind you live well and with so much love for yourself, your wife and the world. You do your best to live healthily and I have assumed forgiven everyone and everything in your life so why does the message from your Higher Self have to be so drastic? It scares me. But maybe precisely because of the incredible person you are your Higher Self knows that you will be able to handle this and maybe not being scared of this and learning to embrace stuff like this is the lesson I am to learn.

    When you originally asked for healing prayers I prayed for you but I couldn’t write to you because I didn’t want to focus on you being ill as you get what you focus on. But having read your latest note I see now that it was me focusing on your illness and not on your wellness and also on the decisions you now need to make.

    Maybe only you can be a pioneer of this new treatment but whatever happens I pray for your wellness, for your recovery. But I also thank you for how you see death. I think I’m scared of that too and I think the western culture I live in sees death as punishment and maybe I need to change that view which is why you have affected me so.

    I’ve made this about me and my apologies. I hope you understand soon the message your Higher Self is sending you. I hope that you are not suffering and are not in too much pain. I pray for you to heal and make a full recovery but most of all I pray and accept whatever your Higher Self deems to be your next step.
    With much love from Auline-Jean x

  7. Dr Jim Turnage

    Thank you Colin for your dedication and persistence. Thank you for your Book. It has enhanced my life and my work with others. Radical Forgiveness has informed my life in ways that are only now being revealed- more than a decade on from my first encounter with a Worksheet. Thank You.

    And tonight I know for Colin that the perfect path forward is being revealed. Emerging out of the paradox of disorder and clarity. As Colin washes his hands of any knowledge of fear or limitation, he is cleansed and spiritual dissonance vanishes. Far beyond curing, Colin is healed.

    And so it is.

  8. Minh-Huyen

    Dear Colin, your little red book changed my life and I continue to consult it during challenging times. It is full of wisdom and clarity and I am grateful for your sharing of the eternal truths contained in it. The RF worksheet is an energy shifter! Thank you for all your work and many blessings to you!

  9. Danielle

    Dear Colin. Your books have been life changing for me and I wish you strength and wisdom at this challenging time in your life.

  10. Fay

    using “Radical forgiveness” changed my life for the better. i would like to wish you a complete recovery, lots of energy and a long life to do whatever the Universe has to offer.

  11. Trypheyna McShane

    Much love and light coming your way Colin. Thank you for all the wonderful work you have done and the changes you have engendered in so many others of us. Life is a constant case of re-assessing and change. May your changes be easy and life affirming

  12. Wolfgang A. Haas

    Hi Colin, again, thank you so much for sharing your story with us. This is extremely valuable. I have read/translated your message to Eva. As she is a gifted astrologer, she mentioned that a serious astrological reading could help you with your decision on retiring / working differently. I wanted to forward her message to you as I think to remember that you also have access to some astrologer in your community.
    Blessings, also from Eva,

  13. Isabelle Gravenstein

    Dear Colin, I wish you well on your journey to recovery! If you do make it to England, and you have a minute, give me a sign through a phone call or a face to face. (No obligation at all of course) Forgiveness is a huge theme in my life too and I speak about it a lot especially to my African adopted family in East Africa where the teachings are spreading, one human heart at a time.

    I have someone in mind who could possibly be interested in your digital products. Let me forward your email to them and let us see if there will be an interest. If I had that kind of money, I would buy it all myself! Saying that, I too am about to generate a lot of resources, and if I can buy it myself, we certainly will have to meet. ?
    Warmest regards, Isabelle Gravenstein.

  14. Cheryl

    Sending you prayers for the deepest healing Colin. Thank you for the work you and JoAnne have offered the world over these years, love and light and blessings to you both. With deep gratitude, Cheryl from Adelaide, South Australia.

  15. Tracey

    Enormous love and powerful, healing prayers are with you dearest Colin. May you follow your joy continually!

  16. Mary Andollina

    My prayer is that you will be lead to the greater good for you and your wife. God bless.

  17. Ricki Byrnes

    To the legacy of the forgiveness work surrender yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Let your work be your guide to oneness. No more doing it’s time for being The community is here to lift you. Many blessings to you Colin… it all one movement an onward & upward ONE.

  18. Davina

    Holding you in prayer for health and wholeness, clarity and peace. Blessing you on your path and journey.

  19. Marie Downer

    Hi Collins,
    Thank you for sharing. I have been in our of your radical forgiveness workshop at one of the low point of my life so
    it means a lot to me.
    I wanted to let know that there is something very simple you can add to the treatment you plan to do in England
    . Please take Graviola Annona Muricata or soursop in English, Guantanamo in Spanish, Corossol in French. If you can find the leaves 10- 15 leaves boiled as tea in one liter of water every day . Or you can buy capsules on Amazon. com or in any health food store in England. Some of my family members used it after one of their friends used it for prostate cancer and was healed. My sister used it for breast cancer. She did not know it before she had a surgery for it. But that was she used after the surgery. In April I had an uncle who was going for surgery for prostate hypertrophy not cancer. He could not urinate , and was in a lot of pain. My sister told him about making tea with the leaves, after one day using it he could urinate again. After one week the pain was gone, the size of the prostate decreased. After 3 weeks he started to take long trips on his motorbike. He is continuing for 3 months and will take a break from it. I had constant pain inside my abdomen like where the right ovary is. I had already my appendix taken out so there was no reason I should have pain there, plus I was bloated. After I heard the leaves worked for my uncle, I ordered the capsules on amazon. I started to take them 3 caps 2 x a day on May 11. After one week, the pain stopped. The bloating decreased and disappeared. I continue to use it as I want to continue for 3 months. Some websites advise to add artemisia when you have metastasis. You can read reviews of people using it when on chemotherapy, or without chemotherapy on amazon. Of course some sites are against it but based on individuals ‘ feedbacks it is worth trying. https://www. There is an article in French if you have someone who can read translate it for you. I hope you will try for 1 month before saying it is not working.
    I pray you get well with complete restoration of your health according to God’s will and in the name of Jesus. Marie

  20. Dean monroe

    Many blessings to you Colin and jo Ann.blessings come in many forms, and the message seems to be learning what is and helping me transition through the wilderness is Radicsl Forgieness to live in the moment and be aware of maybe what’s next. A hurricane smack dab in the middle of Rockport Texas did it for me by destroying pretty much everything I owned. It’s an overnight awakening. Truth is we don’t own anything, just using it, and no such thing as certainty except that we are going to leave it the transition if death.
    So I’m traveling , fishing, and playing my music and being involved with others ok a more peaceful level. You have blessed my life in many ways as I use worksheet processes every day and sometimes a few time a day and stay pain free most of the time, because I have learned to cry out the feeling no matter where I am or when I feel inclined no matter what people might think about me. So thanks again and many time over for you andJo Ann as your mission has help this redneck in hundreds of different ways. I love and appreciate you so much. Good luck on your journey. Dean

  21. Fiona Simpson

    Hey Colin – would love to meet when you’re here in UK – your work transformed the victim in me and was my first introduction to my spiritual connection to me – didn’t really have a clue what a chakra was when I attended your life changing course – I was too British! Could give you a chakra energy balancing too if you should wish – yep I became an energy healer – that’s the power of what you give and how important RF is to the world. Love to you and JoAnn. Xxxx

  22. Jean Jones

    HI Colin,
    May you be guided to do the best for your own highest good.
    You have helped me much, very grateful , and pass your name on when I can.
    Blessings to you both,
    Much love XX

  23. Sarah Hamilton

    You and your family are in my prayers. I lost my husband to cancer in September and am still dealing with the physical, mental, and spiritual effects. I send you and your wife my strength and love.

  24. Liz Dacus

    Aloha Colin,
    I met you many years ago at a mini radical forgiveness workshop aboard a Holland America Ship on a cruise to the Caribbean on the “Spiritual Cinema at Sea.” I came with my Hawaiian Aunty Mahealani who is a practicing Hooponopono therapist. You asked me why she did not have anyone to forgive and I said “because she tells me she doesn’t hold onto any problems with others” and you said ohh I thought so.. now I live very close to Aunty and I can see the red glow of the lava eruption from my backyard here on the Big Island.. your work has helped so many..

  25. Daphne

    Hello Colin,
    You have asked us to send you healing thoughts. I would also like to do Reconnective Healing on you, by distant healing. You need not do anything and you need not pay me. I shall be happy to do it as you have done so much for us. I shall ask for it to go to you at the right time. If you prefer not to have it you just have to tell me and all is well. I trained under Dr. Eric Pearl ten years ago and I really enjoy doing it.

  26. Jeanette Bohnen

    I love you and all you have done and will do. I look forward to completing my Master coach program, which I have fallen a little behind due to my senior minister’s cancer diagnosis as well. However, Radical Forgiveness has become such a major part of my life, I shall now be catching up. You are an amazing person and I AM holding the High Watch for all you desire. Love and Blessings, Rev. Jeanette BOhnen

  27. Darci

    Your radical forgiveness tools were key in changing my life experience, along with many of my friends and family along the way. Thank you so much for this gift. Sending healing and loving energy your way!

  28. Steven Bhaerman

    Hi Colin:

    May you find actual physical healing in the new treatment, and use this turning point well. In his book Coyote Medicine, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona tracked hundreds of patients who underwent “spontaneous remission” … and he found what they had in common was what he called “a change of story”. This often meant a profound shift in life direction, and release of a job, a viewpoint, a relationship. It may be that you are up for a “spontaneous remissioning” in releasing the work you’ve done, and embracing a new phase of expression.

    Trudy and I wish you the best, and thank you for your transformative work all these years.
    Steve Bhaerman

  29. Liti DeMane

    I’m the Name of Jesus Christ I pray to the Father and Holy Spirit for healing for you
    Colin. I was not a student of yours, yet I always appreciated what you do. I believe in the power of Prayer. God Bless
    Liti DeMane

  30. Sabine

    Dear Colin, I send you my blessings and prayers for your treatment in England hoping that everything works out for the best of all concerned. Much Love from Germany! Sabine

  31. pat marrone

    Your loving and caring teaching is exactly what the world and specifically the USA needs right now. It isn’t easy, but we must do it. I know for you that your body is the body of the living Spirit, perfect, whole and complete. Ever atom and every cell resonates with the essence and energy of the One Perfect Life. Love and Blessings and sacred journey to you both…..Love, Pat

  32. Chris Putnam

    Dear Colin,
    Thank you for continuing to teach by sharing your process and journey with us.
    I lift both you and JoAnn with prayers of loving support — toward complete healing, toward wise guidance in business decisions, and toward many future experiences of sharing joy with one another. May you gain great benefit and peace of mind as you navigate the challenges presented to you.

  33. Nicholas Jouvanis

    Treating symptoms rarely heals. Address (and heal) root causes.
    An acidic body environment can cause cancer. Start eating food that makes the body alkaline. Google it.
    Also, detoxify your body. I recommend detox products.

  34. Deb Flaherty

    Dear Colin, Sending you healing thoughts now. With Divine help, you will beat this. Keep fighting.My dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 88.MRI shows it is still localized at the prostate.have you come across any natural cures or approaches for curing this type of cancer? He is not a candidate for radiation, or surgery and has understandably refused chemo. Would this machine in England that you mentioned work on prostate cancer? Please send info or suggestions, sites, etc that you deem helpful. peace, Deb Flaherty

  35. Gigi Langer

    Your heartfelt and honest note just reached me and I read it with such live and gratitude in my heart for all the contributions you are
    making to those of us who follow and put into practice Radical Forgiveness. I just mailed to you a copy of my book that contains an example of Radical Forgivesness in my life l. You had granted permission to use this example a couple of years ago. I thank you so much. I hope you will enjoy the copy of “50 Ways to Worry Less Now.” And my prayers &’loving thoughts are always with you.

  36. Hardy Hasenfuss

    Colin, I wish you full and speedy recovery, and I send you all my love and healing thoughts. Thousands of them.

  37. Karen

    What an amazing inspiration you are through all of this. Truly amazing. I hope with all my might this new fancy laser in England will work another miracle.

    I have been following you for about 9 years now. I have used your radical forgiveness worksheets to release painful experiences and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

    Your techniques are the absolute cutting edge of emotional, spiritual and physical healing.

    I have personally witnessed completely unexpected, immediate and undeniable results from doing Radical Forgiveness work. On several occasions I have had completely unexpected and stunning signs of healing responses within 24 hours of doing the worksheets. BIG energies are being moved through your work and teaching.

    It has been on my wish list to study and become a certified Radical Forgiveness Coach for several years now. I certainly hope it will still be possible to become a coach? If you do offer webinar classes in the future, I am interested.

    From the very bottom of my heart, thank you for being such an amazing teacher and healer on this planet by sharing your Radical Forgiveness work. Your work is truly life changing and I feel so very fortunate to have discovered your work.

    Sending love, healing, light, gratitude and positive energy from Colorado.

    Thank you!

  38. Loraine

    Hi Collin, so encouraged to read about your vast open mind and vast open heart to your current circumstances, and considering the various options that are available to you – thankfully there are a few and financial contentment seems very real. I send you so much love and the pure light of healing! Your own soul knows the way – be still and follow your own heart. Thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop…. XXX Many Blessings!

  39. Anna Grace

    Colin, I’m very sorry to hear of your health situation, but I’ll keep you in my prayers. Like you, I’ve also experienced a dire health situation, and it was thru meditation and your book that I’m able to see that it was lack of forgiveness that led me to this place on my spiritual path. As your messengers have said above, it’s not just about a “medical” diagnosis, but a spiritual one as well that leads us to greater Oneness and closeness to/with God. God bless you on your continued journey!

  40. Hana

    Dear Collin,
    I wish you a strong faith on your journey. Your book Radical forgiveness and on line seminars I did few years earlier helped me a lot when I needed it. For sure I will go through your book again. Thank you for who you are. It is so encouraging and inspiring to know there are so wonderful people like you.

    With best wishes to you and your family. Keep the faith!

    Hana, the Czech Republic

  41. cindy culpepper

    Hi Colin, we chatted awhile back and I have so enjoyed following your journey….it is so amazing….we have a private retreat in MS and I love your work as it goes along with my healing journey of forgiveness of a 9 year journey of fibromyalgia that i was healed from in 2001….i would love to have been a part of your workshops….if you do decide to host anymore in Atlanta, I would be interested in coming….I had also asked about hosting a workshop at our space as well….If any of your coaches do that I would love to connect with them as well……prayers for the perfect person to take over your online business….it is a great healing piece for so many people….blessings……cindy c

  42. Janis Lister

    Dear Colin
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you for your work. I am so grateful for having come across your book, Radical Forgiveness 18 years ago, and for the impact it has had on my life. It is only in the last few months, as I have been training to become a Radical Forgiveness Coach, that I have seen first hand the incredible power of this work in the lives of others. As I have walked friends through the worksheet as part of my training I have seen huge blocks shift in a matter of hours and a new, light, being emerge from the terrible burden of stories carried and nurtured for decades. I myself have experienced this more and more as Radical Forgiveness has become a central focus in my life. So, from the bottom of my heart I salute you for answering the call to do this work.
    Focusing on Radical Forgiveness has also given me a great burst of creative energy and I am all fired up painting and creating things. If Life leads you to paint again, and painting connects you to Source as it connects me, you will be filled with joy and excitement. So I wish this for you…..perhaps you will find a way to do that as well as stay doing RF work in a different way.
    I am so looking forward to completing my Coach training and going on to do the Master Coach Training. I do hope I get to meet you one day…I’d love to look into your eyes and give you a great big hug!!!
    Much love to you.
    Jan from South Africa

  43. Peter Archer

    All the best, Colin! I am eternally grateful to you and your wonderful Radical Forgiveness system, which has helped me greatly, including when I had “untreatable” lung cancer, which I healed myself, with help from your system, a ketogenic diet, and some powerful anti-cancer herlbal remedies.

    Details of my successful cancer protocol, along with some details of my masters degree research on this topic, are on my cancer researcher FB Page….

  44. Rivka Malka Perlman

    Colin, you have no idea of the ripple effect that you work is having every day. Whatever you think it is, it is more. I am practicing and teaching Radical Forgiveness everywhere I go and seeing miracles.
    May this be a huge merit for your soul and may you be blessed with clarity, healing and health.
    With prayers and admiration
    Rivka Malka

  45. Juan Del Valle

    Dear Colin,
    Your blessed work will not be forgotten. You have won a place in my heart and mind, and I will be grateful to God forever in finding out about your ideas/beliefs. You definitely are in my thoughts and prayers!

  46. Adrian Richie

    Hi Colin,

    Sending prayers for peace, comfort and miraculous healing. You remain in my thoughts and I am forever grateful for your radical work to help heal our world.

  47. Donnamarie

    Colin, you got this!
    “Radical Forgiveness” saved my sanity, no kidding! I loved it and talk about it every chance I get.
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  48. Sherry Pollock

    Dear Colin,

    As the Universe would have it, a major earthquake has occurred in my life, which led me to re-read Radical Forgiveness. This book, just keeps on giving…. deeper layers, revealed, at this stage, down the road of my evolutionary journey. I am so grateful – to and for you, and the Divine Guidance with which you wrote this.
    May your healing journey be the continuance of the love you have given to us all.
    In gratitude and love.

  49. Lorree Appleby

    Thank you Colin for sharing so openly of your journey so we can all learn and grow with you. Radical Forgiveness changed my life is so many ways and it still does. I wish you love and light on your trip, during your treatments and after so you can continue to create this incredible legacy you have built from your heart. You were sent here to help save many souls and we are all forever grateful for your work. Safe travels and big hugs to you and JoAnn. See you soon!

  50. Petr

    Hello Colin,
    I am sorry to read about the illness to keep on relapsing even after so much effort to heal. This makes me think that one of the reasons could be karmic in which case human efforts can be insufficient. There is a saying connected with this “An illness brought by God can only be cured by God”. Should this be the case with your cancer, then only God can help. In Germany lives a Holy woman known as Mother Meera – She is a living God/ess, one of the highest Beings ever incarnated in a human body. See Her powers are incomparably higher to those of any human, and as a Godess she even has the right and power to release parts of human karma. No matter how strange this suggestion could sound: You might choose to pray to Mother Meera for help and/or ask Her for help directly – write Her a letter, call Her up or see Her directly. When asked, Mother Meera helps as far as the the Universal laws allow Her.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for your healing.

  51. Anyaa McAndrew

    Hi Colin,
    I was thrilled to hear about the treatment alternative in England (for all of us, too!) and that your son has purchased the machine! How auspicious! And, I am also heartened to hear that you and Joanne are considering slowing down in important ways in the future. This all sounds like your soul moving you in the direction of life-fulfillment. Just wanted you to know I am here, holding space and so appreciate your updates!

  52. Frank O. Borsbach

    Dear brave Colin!
    whole heartedly I wish for you all that carries you best, easiest and lightest to even more light than you are yourselves already!
    Thank you Billionfold in the name of all of ‘us’.
    Frank from Germany

  53. Anne Hockett

    I’m so pleased that you’ll soon be receiving excellent care! And, that you’re both feeling so loved and appreciated!!! Keep us posted on your healing journey!! ?

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