About Radical Forgiveness

rfbook-largeThe seeds of Radical Forgiveness were sown in the early ‘90s when Colin found himself drawn to helping people who were challenged with cancer. He and his wife, JoAnn, formed Together-We-Heal, Inc., a non-profit corporation, and conducted cancer retreats in the North Georgia mountains dedicated to the spiritual and emotional healing of people with cancer.

Drawn to research the impact that emotional factors had on the emergence of the disease, Colin discovered a strong link between it and a resistance to forgiveness. In fact, the research showed that the typical cancer patient has expertly repressed the anger they’ve built up over their lifetime. Seeing this for himself in his retreats, Colin felt committed to developing a simple process that would lead to deep, permanent and profound forgiveness and release of pent up emotions. By combining principles from A Course in Miracles with successful methods from his own experience, Radical Forgiveness was born.

In 1997, Colin published his first book, Radical Forgiveness. The book has become a global phenomenon as thousands of people around the world use it to heal personal wounds, gain greater connection with their spirit and to help heal the planet. Radical Forgiveness workshops have been taught in the U.S., Canada, Peru, the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, and Panama. And there are hundreds of certified Radical Living Coaches in 18 countries throughout the world helping people forgive and lead a radical forgiveness lifestyle.

hands-worldGlobal Presence

Several registered organizations in countries outside the U.S. have teachers, coaches and classes that teach Radical Forgiveness in their native language.


Die Tipping-Methode
Founded in 2006
Office: Hessenstrasse 21, 35410 Hungen, Deutschland.
Directors: Hina Fruh and Thomas Kiehl-Fruh
Phone: (0 64 02) 51 92 03.
Email: info@tipping-methode.de
Web Site: http://www.tipping-methode.de/


Radical Forgiveness – Poland
Founded in 2004
Director: Ireneusz Rudnicki
Office: ul. Francuska 52 nr. Lok. 10, 03-905 Warsaw
Web Site: http://www.metoda-tippinga.pl


The Institute for Radical Forgiveness
Founded in 2013
Director: German Semenyuk
Phone: +7 917 578 68 88
Email: radikalnoe-p@yandex.ru
Website: www.radikalnoe-p.ru


Future locations include Ireland and Peru.