A Wake for the Inner Child

Inner Child (c) 2012 Annette Wagner

One of the victim archetypes that trap us in the past and saps our life energy is the Inner Child. This metaphor for our woundedness dresses up victim consciousness in cute baby clothes, but it does not make it any more acceptable. I’m not talking here about the playful, creative inner child that we all should embrace. No, this whiny brat lives in the back of our mind as the unhappy victim who can be relied on to blame everyone else for our unhappiness.

We’ve all spent plenty of time pandering and appeasing this cranky kid inside. For the sake of our spiritual evolution we must bring the inner brat’s life lovingly to a close. Saying a final good-bye is the only way to fully release ourselves from the victim archetype.

Now, you probably will grieve the loss of your inner child. This little victim has brought you solace and comfort in your pain over the years. While it is okay to grieve, it is time to move on. Radical Forgiveness releases you from any obligation to hold onto this archetype. Holding your inner child only holds you back. You want to move on with your life… and your inner child wants to move on, too!

Radical Forgiveness Meditations
Radical Forgiveness Meditations

I propose you hold a funeral and pronounce him or her dead, and I would like to be your funeral director. I think you would benefit greatly from listening to this and other Radical Forgiveness meditations, so, while supplies last, I am making the RF Meditations CD available for you for a limited time at 50% off the original price. Not only will you free yourself with The Wake for the Inner Child, you will also find energy balance with The Rose Meditation, and my wife, JoAnn, will guide you through The ‘Satori’ Grounding Meditation to balance your chakras, a perfect morning meditation for the start of your day.

Say a proper goodbye to your inner child, and let me know how it goes.

11 thoughts on “A Wake for the Inner Child

  1. carol

    Hi Colin,
    I have a boyfriend of 8 years who was the youngest of 5 boys and was picked on, abused, by his older siblings. His Dad left with another woman when he was 4 and he’s caught up in hating them all and wishing them all bad things. I’m very positive and I have great energy, but as you know..trying to help a macho, tough, guy can be energy exhausting. How can I help him to let go of this anger and to forgive? I’m at the end of any ideas I’ve had. Anything ‘new age’ to him may not get his receptiveness. I love him and am up to the task of hanging in there, if at all possible.
    Thank you and I’m enjoying your book ‘Expanding the Love’.

    1. Colin

      Hi Coco,
      Instead of trying to change him, look at the reasons you feel you need to. It always comes back to you. What are your beliefs about yourself?

  2. Questioning

    why not radically forgive the inner child and support it, in using its’ strengths to support and integrate into the whole person?
    “killing” aspects of self seems to be a warrior mentality that is obviously not peace centred

    1. Frances Power

      I agree. In doing a Radical Forgiveness worksheet on this victim aspect of our inner child, it will be released from it’s contract and be free. I would rather do that than give it death.

  3. Danilie D. Howe

    about A Wake for the Inner Child email…..”.We’ve all spent plenty of time pandering and appeasing this cranky kid inside. For the sake of our spiritual evolution we must bring the inner brat’s life lovingly to a close. Saying a final good-bye is the only way to fully release ourselves from the victim archetype…….”

    There is a need to explain that the “inner child” is actually our Soul.
    The Soul needs to heal.
    The inner brat is the Dweller on the the Threshold that is the creation of all our negativity over lifetimes that s our arch enemy that tries to trip us up at every moment.
    We have a prayer to bind the Dweller on the Threshold.

    Thank you for all your work
    It is profoundly helpful
    I love your DVD where you explain all the parts of the Sub-Conscious and especially
    Projection .
    I would love to have my own copy but am unable at this time to purchase it
    God Bless you and your wife.

    I am the 17th cousin of Princess Diana on my father’s side.
    Does that mean that little Prince George is my 19th cousin ?

  4. pearl

    Does the 50% offer also apply to the downloadable version? I travel a lot and owning a CD is not as convenient for me as a download.
    Thank you

  5. Arthur Lee Land

    Hi Colin,
    I’ve been a big fan of Radical Forgiveness and I enjoy your newsletters. Your work has had a huge impact on my life.
    This last newsletter in particular inspired me to share with you the Official Music Video for my song “Good Enough” off my new album Cracked Open.
    This video features original 16mm footage from my childhood that my father took between 1960-1979.
    Especially after reading Coco’s post I think this song and video is so relevant to this conversation.
    Love to hear what you think!
    Thanks for who you are BEING in the world!

  6. Anthea Copleston

    I have been speaking to my inner child for years, and she used to look like I looked when I was about 2, very lost and needy. I did my own inner child work on her and discovered she had terrible fears. I continued to concentrate on helping to remove those fears with love and by having spiritual healing. Now the terrible fears have gone and my inner child always appears to me as almost my own age, always dressed the same as I dress, and provided I give her messages of love, approval, thanks and blessings every day, she appears happy.

    This attention is what I feel I needed to give in order to learn to love myself. I still have a way to go, but am infinitely better for doing this self-help.

    The inner child has not left, she has just grown up. Surely I don’t have to go through a funeral and wake for her. She aint dead, Colin, and neither am I! She is no brat, and I enjoy her company. Her earlier expressions of sadness and neediness were her messages to me to love myself by showing love to her. The happy response I get when I mentally give her a hug each morning and tell her that I love and approve or her, thank her and bless her is not an impediment to my spiritual and psychological progress, but an aid to it. Why then should I kill my inner child? She’s no burden to me at all!

    Is your inner child really a brat, Colin – and have you really buried him?

    Best wishes

    Anthea Copleston

  7. madhurima malladeb

    @ Questioning… I agree the idea of ‘killing’ is not very appropriate. How ’bout letting the victim inner child die its natural death?

    It’s so exhausted having held pain and grudges… for long. This energy needs to be transformed and death is a transformation process… for energy can never be destroyed, only transformed. Funeral in a situation as this is a happy farewell that respects that something served us this long and now needs to move a different way. However, since we are all largely in the old paradigm… we all have our own issues with death and dying.

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