A Sterling Vibration

donald-t-sterling-2011What emotions dominate your consciousness?  What beliefs and attitudes drive your actions?  Are they any better than those held by the likes of Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers basketball team who was banned from the league for his racist remarks?

If it is true that our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs determine our vibration, his must be in the toilet.  How about yours?

How much of your consciousness is habitually controlled by fear, anger, resentment, shame and guilt, rather than by peace, joy, forgiveness and love?

To what extent are your relationships about domination, control and demand, versus equality, respect and freedom?

This is how you can measure your own vibration.  Why is it important?  Because the lower your vibratory rate, the less healthy you become in mind, body and spirit.  (It is no surprise to me that Sterling has cancer.)

Also, like attracts like, so if your vibration is low, you will find yourself in low-vibration relationships. That makes for a whole lot of drama!

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.  If you hang out with low vibration people, they will drag your vibration down with them – that is, unless you apply the principles of Radical Acceptance to them.

That’s where you see beyond the person to that which is the divine essence in them.  (We have a worksheet for this in the Free Stuff section of the website. It does work.)

Doing that will immediately catapult your vibration out the roof!

In fact, if you habitually apply Radical Forgiveness, of which Radical Acceptance is a part, to all aspects of your life, your vibration will shoot way up and remain there.

It was that idea that gave me the impetus to write the book: 25 Practical Uses for Radical Forgiveness, A Handbook for Solving the Problems and Challenges of Everyday Life in a New Way.

The more you use tools like the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet, the more grounded you will become at the higher vibration.  You will become more attuned to receiving guidance from the Universe.

The higher your vibration, the more powerful, healthy and peaceful you will be.  Your contribution to the energy field of those around you, and even that of the planet, will be enormous.

Still not sure where to start? Well, first become more conscious by submitting all your ideas, beliefs and prejudices about race, gender, politics, and so on, to some rigorous scrutiny to see if they are of high or low vibration.

To tell the difference between high and low frequency, simply notice how you feel in your body when, in meditation or in conversation, you give expression to those things – especially those that are fed by greed, selfishness and meanness of spirit.

By paying close attention, you will literally feel your vibration go up or down in response to what you are saying or even thinking.

By the way, if Donald Sterling’s expression of his low vibration ideas upset you emotionally, it means he is a mirror for you.  Not just you, either.  Everyone.

We are all racist to some degree still.  We need to admit it before we can heal it.  By rubbing our nose in it, Sterling is a healing angel for all of us.

So, take this opportunity to do a Radical Forgiveness Worksheet on him, and heal that part of you that is being reflected.

Then make a conscious decision to release any toxic ideas and adopt new, peaceful, loving practices in their place. You can’t help but feel your vibration get higher, and you’ll contribute much to the overall rising of the vibration of the planet.



6 thoughts on “A Sterling Vibration

  1. Carole Martignacco

    Much of your post is helpful, but this was jarring:

    As offensive as one finds Sterling’s racist comments, can we really postulate that his prejudice, or the level of his emotional vibrations, are responsible for his cancer? My experience as a parish minister is that sadly, cancer – like death itself – strikes the most vibrant and loving people and their loved ones. As more and more people succumb to this 21st century disease, the current wisdom about cancer is that we are all living, eating, breathing – figuratively swimming – in an environment saturated with toxic chemicals.

    My anger at comments like Sterling’s would benefit from seeing perhaps in a future blog post some modelling on how one would work through the Radical Acceptance worksheet, using him as an example. Thank you for your good work.

  2. maire-ros

    As I understand it, hate thoughts are so low vibrationally that they cannot but have a detrimental effect on our bodies. However, if I am aware of these thoughts as portrayed by others – and particularly if they create a charge in me of anger or frustration, then this indicates that the hate thoughts are in me too. It doesn’t seem to be about whether we think some people are good (and therefore don’t deserve to be ill). It is more about accepting our humanity particularly those things we judge to be bad about ourselves.
    I hope it is ok for me to respond in this way and that I am not appearing like a know all – nothing could be further from the truth. I am learning too. Warm blessings

  3. Heidi

    Hi, I`m wondering, if it does something to my vibrational level, when I talk racist just because I`m bored or frustrated with something else to relieve my tension, however, inside I know that almost every Person in the world is loveable and I don`t really mean it . Which one counts, what I say (not to the person but about persons to a friend) or what I inside know to be true (that I don`t believe the racist thing I`m saying).
    Thanks for your answer

  4. Marilyn Ellis Mileham

    Every time some event happens that seems like
    A terrible thing, later I realize that what came after
    Was incredibly wonderful. ie. destructive earth quake leaving us
    Shattered and homeless to wonderful mountain community of love
    And life long friendships. Being held up at gun point caused
    A deep bonding between my boyfriend ,now husband of 32 years.
    Car accident caused me to take great care of myself and never take my gifts
    For granted.
    Life is interesting. I have never been bored . Good idea to have the
    Upside without pain and suffering!

  5. Marilyn Ellis Mileham

    To continue… The racist remarks made by Mr Sterling
    May just cause people to love each other more when the shock
    Wears off. In this era of instant communication, and multi media, thoughtless
    Words can Insite anger or spontaneous love can be contagious.
    I look for the latter. The pain caused is obvious and
    Crazy. I hope people, all if us will learn from all of our mistakes

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